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The American television series Alias Smith and Jones is concerned about the activities of two guys Hannibal Heyes and Jedediah Curry who after living outside the law, were attempting to bring about a reform, they wanted to change from living with lies to one of honesty and respect for the law.

They wanted to break away from the gang and live new and clean lives. Their plea was endorsed by the governor who gave them his conditional support.

However, he told them he could not pardon their past offenses immediately and so easily but that they needed to work hard and earn it. In the course of that process, they were still to be under the law as wanted men. The governor made this agreement with them in private and wanted it to be kept confidential for political concerns.

Hannibal Heyes and Jedediah Curry were well known cousins. Hannibal was also known as Smith was the crafty one who was always capable of figuring the way out of every situation while Jedediah also known as Jones was not as smart as Smith and was always slow but could handle the gun better than Smith and so was the gunman between the two. The two guys did all they could in their operations to avoid killing people. They always came across detectives and men of the law who were closely monitoring their activities.

The show comprised a mixture of gunplay, fun and humor, some drama and a series of chases.

The title of the series stemmed from their names Smith and Jones, by which they were most known and referred to.

The idea behind the show stemmed from two other movies and a TV series. It was aimed at portraying the lives of fugitives on the run and the impacts they had on the lives of other people they came across. The show was created by Roy Hoggins who was also the producer and director. It aired on ABC and was distributed by Studios USA-TV.

Alias Smith and Jones was shown on ABC and the complete show is available on DVD.

3 Seasons, 51 Episodes
January 5, 1971
Action & Adventure
Cast: Pete Duel
Alias Smith And Jones

Alias Smith And Jones Full Episode Guide

  • The boys accept the offer of a vacation - but doesn't realize that the activities during this vacation involves catching and taming wild horses.They and their friend, Bronc, check into a boarding house near where the horses are, and meet some people whose coach has broken down. Among them is Beegee, a woman on the look-out for a husband, and who takes a good look at both Heyes and the Kid. And then there's the very religious man with a sister who has a crush on the Kid.But the boys must also battle wits with a ranch owner who thinks that the horses walk on his land. Prhaps the only solution is to shoot him to stop him from stealing "their" horses?

  • A travelling potion salesman and his daughter come into the boys' protection after they become the only witnesses to a lynching. But the company is soon found by the lynch mob, and they have to start to run if they're to survive.They try to find refuge at a nearby sheriff office, but when the opposing side make the witnesses a phony offer of buying their silence, it's up to Heyes and the Kid to talk them out of it. They will have to run again.But they can't run forever, and the mob catches up with them. It's time to take a stand. Can they withstand the attacks until Heyes comes back with reinforcements?

  • Confusion reigns after Smith and Jones stop to help a wounded man who calls himself McGuffin and asks them to deliver a package of perfect counterfeit $20 plates for him.

  • After nearly three years of staying out of trouble, for the sake of the amnesty, it's finally time. But when Heyes and the Kid meet sheriff Trevors, they find out that the governor has been removed from office.The new governor, however, seems nicer. He promises them amnesty, as soon as they do this one job for him. It seems that his daughter has fallen in love with an outlaw, and Heyes and the Kid must bring her back.The Kid takes it upon him to charm the daughter, and thus make it easier for them to take her with them. But the Kid hadn't counted on her boyfriend's jealous nature and fast gun...

  • The boys are waiting for an old friend who wants a favour, in a small town called Buffalo. But while they wait they cross paths with two deputies who don't seem to want them there. That is, until Heyes and the Kid discovers that it's all on the sheriff's orders. The reason he doesn't want them there is that they can blow his cover, being an ex-criminal gone good.Heyes and the Kid meet with their old friend, who has a tempting offer - 80.000 dollars from a robbery, with the statute of limitation run out, buried in a safe place. The problem is, it's buried in too safe a place: the middle of a new ranch. As usual, Heyes comes up with a plan to vacate the ranch, but they didn't count on two greedy men watching their every move...

  • Heyes and Curry are set up as witnesses for a man who kills two bushwhackers for his own reasons.

  • With McCreedy's $5000 and ready to go to Santa Marta, the boys turn back to Texas, to get their friend Clementine. When they get there, they decide that it would arouse less suspicion if one of them were married. A game of poker seals the Kid's fate, but before they can leave, they are shot at.The house is surrounded by a group of men bent on taking Heyes and the Kid. Through some quick thinking on Heyes' part, and the involvement of an alleged buried treasure, they can eventually get out of there and go to Santa Marta.There Clementine falls in love with the alcalde, which is a problem for the Kid, who's supposed to be her husband. At the same time, Heyes and the Kid has their minds on the only photograph of them, which Clementine has and sometimes uses to blackmailing them into doing things for her.But things turn from bad to worse, when one of the men from the posse earlier in the episode finds them again, and makes the alcalde arrest them.

  • Heyes and the Kid have been promised $500 if they arrange a meeting between "Big Mac" MacCreedy and his longtime competitor, Armendariz, in order to end the feud. Instead they are captured by Armendariz' men and driven off his land.But Heyes has gotten the brilliant idea of trying to use the sister to get to Armendariz, so he and the Kid tells Big Mac of all her beauty. Big Mac falls for their story and is prepared to give them $5000 if they settle the whole business.They return to Armendariz' ranch and try to sell her on the idea as well, but she doesn't seem to buy it. They're once again driven off Armendariz' land. Heyes encourages the Kid to have some faith, but when they sneak back in to talk to the sister, they are captured - to be brought to the border the next day. However, they manage to convince the sister that Big Mac is catholic, and that he desperately wants to meet her.The Kid fears that it won't be so easy to make Big Mac pretend that he's catholic - but when they tel

  • The boys are hired by a ranch owner as trappers, but when they meet his wife, she recognizes the Kid. The ranch owner and his wife tries to act natural, and sends Heyes and the Kid out into the hills trapping. But they also send a professional hunter after them.Heyes and the Kid are attacked by the hunter, and Heyes is wounded. The Kid manages to out-maneuver the hunter by himself, and they tie him up, leaving him in the woods for the ranch owner to pick up. Before they leave, the hunter tells them that he was sent by the rancher.This makes Heyes and the Kid go visit the ranch, where they decide to take the rancher and his wife as human shields while they ride to the nearest rail road. But on the way there, they are ambushed and pinned down behind a rock in the middle of nowhere by the hunter and his sharpshooting rifle. It's only a matter of time before he shifts position and makes the kill...

  • Heyes and Curry lose a borrowed necklace valued at $50,000.

  • While trying to avoid a bounty hunter, Heyes and Curry are conned into helping their old friend Georgette...

  • Mia Bronson is a swindler who has located her next victim, a man named George Austin.

  • Hayes believes a plan poker game which he lost money in was rigged, so he plans to retrieve it somehow.

  • Heyes and Curry are hired by a rich rancher to prove him innocent of a murder charge.

  • Heyes deposits $200,000 in counterfeit money in the bank to assure his invitation to a high-stakes poker game.

  • Heyes and Curry are charged with a new bank roberry after meeting Chester E. Powers, a bank owner. After he saved them from bounty hunter Winford Fletcher, the two retired outlaws agreed to help Powers in what they thought was a legitimate scheme. It eventuates that he used them to rob his own bank, and has endangered their amnesty.

  • Heyes and Curry are charged with a new bank roberry after meeting Chester E. Powers, a bank owner. After he saved them from bounty hunter Winford Fletcher, the two retired outlaws agreed to help Powers in what they thought was a legitimate scheme. It eventuates that he used them to rob his own bank, and has endangered their amnesty.

  • Heyes and Curry are approached by McCreedy who now knows their true identities and threatens to tell the sheriff if they don't do what he wants.

  • Heyes and Curry join a cattle drive that evolves into a murder spree.

  • Heyes and Curry join a cattle drive that evolves into a murder spree.

  • Curry is charged with the murder of a wealthy Easterner.

  • When two young men posing as Heyes and Curry get involved in a bank robbery, the real Heyes and Curry hurry to the town where the event happened in order to clear their names.

  • Heyes and the Kid are captured by a black bounty hunter who is determined to claim the $20,000 reward on their heads.

  • Heyes and Curry are on their way by stagecoach to see Sheriff Lom Trevors about the state of their amnesty. The stagecoach pulls into Diablo Station so that the horses can be rested, and the passengers can get cups of coffee.

  • Clementine Hale, a loveable con artist, tries to blackmail the boys into helping her in a $50,000 swindle.

  • Heyes and Curry help two nuns whose wagon has broken down.

  • Heyes and Curry meet an old prospector who, thinking that he hasn't long to live, gives them a map to a gold mine. The boys decide to mine it in company with some other men from the town.Things go well for a while, with each man gathering his gold dust, and sizeable fortunes build up. However, one day Heyes and Curry discover that their precious cache of gold dust has been stolen, presumably by one of the men who is working on the site.Meanwhile the old prospector has turned up - he hadn't been dying, but was simply weighed down by all that gold dust and was suffering from a hernia. He joins the rest of the boys working the mine, and although Heyes and Curry are extremely annoyed at the loss of their gold, things carry on until one day winter arrives with a rush and the men discover that they are snowed in for the winter in a cabin high up in the mountains.The only way for Heyes and Curry to recoup their missing gold is to win it back at cards. They suspect that the thief is a dodgy Doctor of Medicine calling himself Dr. Chauncy Beauregard. When Heyes and Curry introduce a new card game called Montana Red Dog the Doctor suddenly finds himself on a losing streak.

  • A prospector's tough-talking widow hires Heyes and Curry to bring a hidden cache of gold down from the hills.

  • Heyes and Curry have been hired by a man who wants Heyes to use his powers of persuasion to get his runaway wife to return to him.Eventually Heyes succeeds, but when the man is murdered suspicion falls in the wrong place.

  • Heyes and Curry are being pursued by a posse of lawmen which contains an apache with remarkable tracking abilities.They end up hiding out with a temporarily laid up farmer, his wife and two tomboy daughters. While working around the ranch every day, a close friendship forms between the boys and the family.Then one day the posse turns up.

  • Heyes and Curry work with a man named Danny Bilson on a goldmine owned by an old man called Seth, the profits to be shared equally between the four men.When Danny Bilson steals all the gold and leaves Heyes, Curry and Seth with no water and no transport in the middle of the desert, the lives of the three men are at stake.

  • Harry Wagoner is a small time criminal who decides to use Heyes' expertise at safe breaking in order to rob a bank.Harry enlists the aid of two women who manage to abduct both outlaws. Heyes is forced to help Harry blow a safe while Curry endures the attentions of the erratic Lorraine.

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