The Young Riders

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The young riders TV series was a fantastic and exciting western adventure about young pony express riders in the Nebraska territory in the years leading up to the Civil War. The show depicted the adventures of these young inventors, mail carriers in a realistic yet fancifully exciting fast they consistently have run-ins with Indians and outlaws and almost every kind of danger that nature can throw their way and then there is also the drama brought on by the riders themselves trying to survive in this extremely harsh environment and hold onto friendships and their humanity. All of these individuals are outcasts in society. The pony express prefers young boys definitely unmarried, particularly orphan as that way if something bad does occur no one is likely to come grieving over the lost rider.

The cast of characters is also quite unique and entertaining, and may include such outstanding western figures. As William F. Cody, (Buffalo Bill) and James Butler Hickok (wild Bill) and even a young Jesse James take part in the adventures of the pony express riders but the vast majority of riders portrayed in the show are just your average young man looking for adventure and a way to put food in their stomachs. All the characters have a unique personality set of skills and background that makes each one of them extremely intriguing and leaves the viewer wanting to see more of their lives each week of the prominent individuals, who paid for his horse with his winnings from a boxing match to a girl that disguises herself as a boy just so she can become a pony express rider and prove that girls can do anything boys can do and usually better. There are characters like former Texas Rangers, one of which happened to be counted among the small number of survivors at the Alamo there is also the cursory Native American rider who knows everything there is to know about the woods and every inch of trails that crisscross is the map so that he can get anywhere as efficiently as possible, all without being seen by anyone if he wishes.

This show is typically aimed at young adults, but anyone that has a passion for the mythology of the old West is sure to find something enjoyable about this program and at least one or two characters that they will become invested in.

3 Seasons, 69 Episodes
September 20, 1989
Drama, Action & Adventure
Cast: Brett Cullen, Josh Brolin, Travis Fine, Christopher Pettiet, Melissa Leo
The Young Riders

The Young Riders Full Episode Guide

  • Hickok and the Kid brawl, and Lou and the Kid marry.

  • Jesse must decide between his brother and his friends in the Pony Express, while Noah tries to join the Army, but is turned down. Tragedy strikes when a disaster occurs with Frank's raiders.

  • With the Civil War looming, Cody enlists as a Union scout.

  • Lou and Kid prepare for their wedding. Meanwhile, the Army comes to town to recruit scouts. Teaspoon is especially upset when Cody agrees to join them.

  • Teaspoon hires a new rider to replace Lou when she gets married. After the new guy dissappears on his first ride, Lou and Jimmy head out to check on him -- but no one in the town is willing to talk about what happened.

  • One of Teaspoon's ex-wives, Polly, moves to town, and she's got love on the menu when she buys the saloon. Meanwhile, after the court overturns his conviction, a gunslinger goes after the men who put him in jail.

  • Kid and Lou's getaway weekend is interrupted when they must guard a prisoner in an unwelcoming town. Jimmy and Teaspoon meet an escaped slave who had been lynched, and they argue about their sides in the coming war.

  • The Riders discover that Cody has published a story about them -- and they aren't exactly thrilled. Meanwhile, Jimmy goes after a killer with Jesse hot on his trail.

  • A young woman who was once promised to Buck comes to town with her fiancé for a visit, but while she is there, she is taken over by an evil spirit. Buck turns to a mysterious Indian elder who insists he can drive the spirit from her.

  • A man returns to Rock Creek after serving time for murder. When Jesse's boss is killed, Jesse is quick to assume the new arrival is guilty.

  • Jimmy tries to track down the men who are responsible for a young boy's death.

  • The Riders become involved in a conspiracy to steal gold shipments. A woman holds the secret to locating the gold in a book of love poems. But when Kid gives the book to Lou, she becomes furious when she finds out who gave him the book.

  • Jimmy gets caught up with vigilante abolitionists when he goes to visit his sister.

  • Charlotte, Lou's cousin, has come to visit her relative after fleeing from a brothel.

  • Jesse sends Lou a love letter, but Lou thinks the letter was from Kid. Meanwhile, Cody and Noah have many adventures trying to transport a tiger all the way to St. Joseph, Mo.

  • Rachel falls for Mike Stadler, a man with a drinking problem. Yet, as Rachel falls off the wagon, it is revealed that she once had a drinking problem, too.

  • Kid's childhood sweetheart, Doritha, comes to town. Lou is a bit jealous, but she can see that Doritha's arrival has brought back some bad memories for Kid.

  • Jimmy captures Jesse's brother after a bank robbery. Jesse feels that he owes his brother his loyalty, so he breaks him out of jail -- forcing Teaspoon and Jimmy to track them.

  • Buck is still suffering over Ike's death when he runs into a pregnant woman whose husband has been killed by thieves. At the same time, Cody falls for a widow with a young son. Unfortunately, however, she has troubles of her own.

  • Ike meets and falls in love with Emily Metcalfe. But when her father is murdered by a card cheat and she seeks to avenge his killer, Ike goes after her to try and save her.

  • Noah meets Quinn and his sister, Casey, the only other black people in the town. At the same time, he fights with an Army recruiter, making him the prime suspect when that recruiter turns up dead.

  • Kid, Jimmy and Lou take someone to hang. On the way, Kid is hurt, leaving the others to go forward alone. Jimmy identifies with the man because of his own past and is tormented thinking of his own future.

  • The Riders befriend a young man named Jesse, who is seeking vengeance against the gang of outlaws that killed his guardian.

  • The Riders try to rebuild a way station in Rock Creek, a town torn apart.

  • When Teaspoon is given a prisoner to transport to the Army for hanging, Amanda is kidnapped. Lou sneaks onto the compound to help rescue Amanda, but she too is caught and captured.

  • The Army is having problems with the Indians, and Buck runs afowl of both Army and Indians alike. Can the Riders sort out the mess before Sweetwater ends up in the middle of the conflict?

  • Hickok and Jake Colter are after the same thing -- or rather, the same person: Lon Chase is a wanted man, and the trick is to keep him in your custody.

  • Father Riley sends one of the young men to Teaspoon to call in an old favor. While Teaspoon and the other boys are gone, Buck is left to help out as a deputy. Meanwhile, a mysterious man is stalking a lone woman outside of town.

  • Ike recognizes one of the men responsible for his family's death -- but it turns out the man has a family of his own. Meanwhile, the Riders attempt to find a mysterious beast.

  • A new schoolteacher arrives in town on the heels of Kid and Lou's breakup. Ever a man in search of a fair maiden in distress, Kid takes a liking to the schoolteacher -- but Lou takes the news hard.

  • An old friend of Rachel's arrives with his daughter. Meanwhile, Kid asks Lou to marry him (again), but the proposal causes some friction.

  • Hickok falls for Alice, a woman from an ostracized religious group, and settles an old score with a gunfighter named Tyler.

  • Noah is taken into slavery when he tries to free his former teacher, Calvin Roundtree.

  • Still affected by the passing of Hezekiah Horn, Cody seeks guidance from a preacher-vigilante.

  • Cody considers joining a theater troupe, and unknowingly enters a plot to assassinate a United States general.

  • At Christmastime, the Riders are led to believe that they own half a gold mine as repayment for Hickok's kindness to old prospector Cyrus.

  • Hickok leaves to become sheriff of the lawless town of Regrets, hoping to meet death quickly as retribution for accidentally killing a young woman during a gunfight.

  • Cody meets and learns from his doomed Old West hero, Hezekiah Horn. Lou and Kid take their relationship to a new level on a trip away from home.

  • The Kid catches Dyson, a would-be horse thief, who apparently hangs himself while in the custody of a corrupt marshal.

  • Bitter after being beaten by men who take advantage of his handicap, Ike befriends Arthur, a terminally ill boy.

  • Buck finds Tompkins's long-missing wife and child assimilated into the Sioux tribe that abducted them.

  • Fear of a cholera outbreak turns the citizens of Sweetwater into a mob that's intent on lynching a deaf-mute boy suspected of being the carrier.

  • Hickok sets out to catch a vicious gunman who's impersonating him.

  • The "ghost" of one of Teaspoon's victims returns for revenge, while the Riders' new friend, Rachel, finds her past coming back to haunt her.

  • The Riders try to recapture gold stolen from Stagecoach Sally, a woman spearheading a venture to send escaped slaves to Africa.