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The Wallander series is a fantastic dramatization over the Wallander detective novels by Swedish novelist Henning Mankell Kurt Wallander is portrayed in this television series by the renowned Scottish actor Kenneth Branagh. Kurt Wallander is a very unique character to watch in action, because he seems to care and become just a little too invested in each case, he undertakes. Maybe this is because he happens to wind up the lead detective on some of the most unusual and horrific murder cases that occurred in Sweden this particular crime drama not only shows the seedier side of the world but also shows the darker side of the psychology involved with the killers, as well as the detective. Each episode of the series is a unique looking to the psychology of Kurt Wallander and the unique effect that each case has on him but also on his life. As his devotion to his job has cost him a wife a relationship with his daughter and several girlfriends, because as said previously for Kurt Wallander be detective is not only what he does, but in two years, and he cannot separate his duties as a police officer from his personal life.

Each episode will keep the viewer on the edge of their seat for the entire hour and 30 minute (typically) runtime. As each criminal that Wallander tries to stop is entirely unique from anything seen in any other detective drama available the motivations of the criminals portrayed in the series are entirely unique (and often disturbing) and they always add a unique dimension to the drama.

The character of Kurt Wallander is unique in the world of detective dramas, simply because by the end of every episode. The viewer is more likely to pity Detective Wallander because he seems to lose a little piece of his soul with every case he undertakes, and it doesn't appear that he will be able to get it back. He is not an action hero were one of those detectives that will do anything to get the case so as it is typically seen in most of the other dramas of this type. He is one of the most human characters ever to be betrayed on television, and Kenneth Branagh does a fantastically excellent job of breathing life into the character of detective Wallander he catches every ounce of emotion that the character experiences and makes the viewer feel as though they are partners with detective Wallander rather than watching on a screen.

Any fan of detective dramas surely will not be disappointed with the Wallander series as it is something entirely unique to television.

BBC America
4 Seasons, 29 Episodes
May 10, 2009
Drama, Crime
Cast: Krister Henriksson, Fredrik Gunnarsson, Mats Bergman, Douglas Johansson
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Wallander Full Episode Guide

  • Wallander and his colleagues discover a middle-aged woman's body half buried in the forest swamp. As they search the victim's home, it becomes clear there has been an intruder and, more disturbingly, that the victim's teenage daughter is missing_

  • In Swedish with English subtitles. A restaurateur is kidnapped, and Kurt is paired with a female colleague in Malmö to solve the case. He suspects that the police themselves are involved, and deteriorating health forces him to consider retirement.

  • In Swedish with English subtitles. A convicted arsonist returns to his town after he's served his prison term and is shunned by the locals. He's suspected when a kiosk in Ystad burns down and the owner is killed. Unconvinced, Kurt keeps investigating.

  • In Swedish with English subtitles. A young Moldovan woman is found dead at a construction site. When Wallander questions a person of interest too vigorously, he gets thrown off the case. Undeterred, he goes to Moldova for more information from her family.

  • In Swedish with English subtitles. A woman is found brutally murdered inside the family home. Her estranged husband is the primary suspect, a motivational speaker with whom she was in the middle of a nasty divorce.

  • Wallander is concerned when Anna Westin, a troubled childhood friend of Wallander's daughter, shows up late one night seeking help. After her disappearance, it appears she's involved with a religious fanatic.

  • In Swedish with English subtitles. The mystery of a missing girl draws the entire Ystad police force into a frantic search. Kurt sees frightening similarities to a case he had worked on ten years earlier, which still hits him hard personally.

  • The bodies of two Latvian men are discovered aboard a life raft in Ystad harbor. Wallander must determine who is responsible for their torture and murder.

  • In Swedish with English subtitles. Wallander has found a place in Linda's family through his new role as a grandfather. When Linda's father-in-law disappears, he's drawn into a case that has its roots deep in the Cold War past.

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