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  • TV-14
  • 2013
  • 4 Seasons
  • 7.7  (17,022)

Mr. Selfridge is a period drama television series that aired on PBS from 2013 to 2016, inspired by the life of the founder of the London department store Selfridges, Harry Gordon Selfridge. The show stars Jeremy Piven in the lead role as the eponymous Mr. Selfridge, with a supporting cast including Frances O'Connor, Katherine Kelly, and Oliver Jackson-Cohen.

Set in London in the early 1900s, the show follows the rise and fall of Harry Selfridge as he fulfills his dream of creating a department store that caters to the desires of the modern consumer. The show explores the intricacies of retail and the captivating style and elegance of the era.

Harry Gordon Selfridge is an American-born businessman who brings his innovative retail ideas to London with the opening of Selfridges on Oxford Street in 1909. He revolutionizes shopping in Britain by introducing elements of American-style retail such as window displays and in-store cafes. He sets out to make his shop a cultural center – a place where people can enjoy music, art and even vaudeville acts – and succeeds beyond his wildest dreams. However, his personal life is complicated as he seeks to balance his work life with issues such as his troubled marriage and various romantic dalliances.

Mr. Selfridge is not simply about the mogul, but also about the store’s employees, from the head of fashion, Miss Mardle (played by Kelly), to the ambitious and handsome window dresser, Victor Colleano (Jackson-Cohen), who becomes a love interest of Harry’s eldest daughter. Characters from all walks of life, including aristocrats, socialites and working-class people, frequent the store, and their interactions often play out like mini-dramas.

One of the show's biggest strengths is its attention to detail, particularly in its costumes and set design, which perfectly capture the look and feel of the era. The show also manages to weave in historical events such as the suffragette movement and the onset of World War I. Overall, the show provides a fascinating look at a pivotal time in history, as retail and modern consumer culture began to take shape in the early 20th century.

Jeremy Piven's performance as Harry Gordon Selfridge is particularly noteworthy, capturing both the ambition and charisma of the character as well as his darker side. Piven portrays Selfridge as a man who is magnetic but also deeply flawed, prone to bouts of impulsiveness and poor decision-making. Frances O'Connor, as his long-suffering wife Rose, also gives a skilled performance, conveying the pain and frustration of a woman so devoted to her husband that she turns a blind eye to his infidelities.

Throughout its four seasons, Mr. Selfridge manages to keep viewers engaged with a mix of drama, romance, and intrigue. The show explores important themes such as class, gender roles, and consumerism, making it a thought-provoking viewing experience. At its core, however, Mr. Selfridge is a story about a man with a vision and the determination to make it a reality, no matter the personal cost.

Mr. Selfridge is a series that is currently running and has 4 seasons (42 episodes). The series first aired on March 31, 2013.

Mr. Selfridge
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Episode 10
10. Episode 10
May 22, 2016
Return of the period drama series about the owner of the iconic London department store. It is now 1928 and Harry Selfridge is at the pinnacle of his power and public celebrity - a retail giant at the heart of the roaring twenties.
Episode Nine (Original UK Edition)
9. Episode Nine (Original UK Edition)
May 15, 2016
Josie takes on a new role and an old one. Whiteleys' troubles lead Jimmy and Mr. Crabb to take a big risk. Found out, Jimmy takes desperate measures.
Episode Eight (Original UK Edition)
8. Episode Eight (Original UK Edition)
May 8, 2016
The Whiteleys deal starts to look bad. A reporter confronts Jimmy. Grove undertakes a good deed and a new project before retiring. Harry and Mae also retire.
Episode Seven (Original UK Edition)
7. Episode Seven (Original UK Edition)
May 1, 2016
A former employee is laid to rest. Kitty and Frank reach an understanding. Grove confronts Tilly. Jimmy thinks he's a hunted man, even as he makes the deal of his life.
Episode Six (Original UK Edition)
6. Episode Six (Original UK Edition)
April 24, 2016
Jimmy comes up with a plan to save Harry??s bacon. Gordon gives in. One couple breaks up, and another ties the knot. Plus, a love triangle meets an unfortunate end.
Episode Five (Original UK Edition)
5. Episode Five (Original UK Edition)
April 17, 2016
Grove and Josie make a new start. Frank is in the doghouse. Movie mogul Harry courts trouble with a mob boss and a press lord.
Episode Four (Original UK Edition)
4. Episode Four (Original UK Edition)
April 10, 2016
Frank turns into prey at a swank junket for the press. Josie arrives to console Grove. Harry faces a choice: either settle a gambling debt or bankroll the Dolly twins�۪ dream job.
Episode Three (Original UK Edition)
3. Episode Three (Original UK Edition)
April 3, 2016
To Gordon�۪s horror, Harry and Jimmy make a high-risk deal. Meanwhile, Harry courts one of the Dolly twins, Jimmy courts Mae, and Elizabeth Arden courts Kitty.
Episode Two (Original UK Edition)
2. Episode Two (Original UK Edition)
March 27, 2016
The newspapers report Gordon will take over the store, stoking tension between father and son. The Dolly sisters mar Mae's fashion show. Kitty comes to terms with the news from her sister Connie.
Episode One (Original UK Edition)
1. Episode One (Original UK Edition)
March 27, 2016
Wheeler-dealer Jimmy Dillon makes his cocky entrance. The Groves are at loose ends. Harry has a run-in with the Queen of Time. The Dolly sisters mar Mae??s fashion show.
The Making of The Final Season
101. The Making of The Final Season
March 14, 2016
Take an exclusive peek behind the scenes of the final season of Mr. Selfridge. Featuring set, costume and hair and make-up design with cast and crew. Interviews include Jeremy Piven (Harry Selfridge), Katherine Kelly (Mae Rennard), Ron Cook (Mr. Crabb) and Amanda Abingdon (Miss Mardle).
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Mr. Selfridge is available for streaming on the PBS website, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Mr. Selfridge on demand at Amazon Prime, Amazon, Vudu, Google Play, Apple TV and PBS.
  • Premiere Date
    March 31, 2013
  • IMDB Rating
    7.7  (17,022)