Watch TV Shows on Beta Film

Beta Film is a production and media company that specializes in offering independent and student films. Started by two film students at the University of Kansas in 2009, Beta Film has grown from a small niche channel into a large entity that offers a variety of films and television shows.

There are a variety of genres to choose from on the platform. Viewers can select from comedy, drama, horror, action, suspense, romance, science fiction genres and more. Short films (between 5 and 20 minutes) are available in most of the genres. Full length films are the most numerous on the channel, with everything from indie films to feature productions with large budgets. There are also television shows that are produced by amateur casts and crews available in digital form.

Beta Film focuses on providing a platform for up and coming artists to share their work. While traditional channels and media companies focus on experienced personnel when hiring for projects, this service offers a unique glimpse into the world of independent artists who want to share their work. Everything on the site is free, though you can donate to their cause to continue to allow the unique content to circulate without any charge.