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Indian Summers is a British drama that centers on a group of socialites who spend at least part of their summers in the Himalayas during the Raj. The British Raj was in place between 1858 and 1947 when Britain was still ruling over most of the subcontinents as well as the British Crown in India. Indian Summers is set beginning in the early 1930's during the final decades of the Raj.

The city where the socialites in Indian Summers are spending their time is called Simla, which is located in Northern India and in 1864 was dubbed British India's summer capital. A summer capital is a location that is used primarily for administrative political purposes during extended periods of hot weather. Simla is also fertile ground for tourism as it's located just beneath the Himalayas, has numerous temples, palaces, research institutions and colleges.

One thing that makes Indian Summers stand out as a British television show is that they give an almost equal amount of screen time to both women and those of diverse races that they do to the primary roles. Up to this point, British television has been notorious for honing the spotlight mainly onto the primary roles without giving much sense of truly humanizing the subordinate characters. And since it takes place during the last of the Raj, it also shows the country's residents beginning to sense that independence and freedom are now well on their way.

Another thing that makes Indian Summers stand out is the fact that there aren't any obvious heroes or villains. However, there is Julie Walters' character, Cynthia Coffin who is the matriarch of Simla and a conniving racist.

Indian Summers is a series that is currently running and has 2 seasons (20 episodes). The series first aired on September 27, 2015.

Where do I stream Indian Summers online? Indian Summers is available for streaming on PBS, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Indian Summers on demand at Amazon Prime, Amazon, Vudu, Google Play, iTunes online.

2 Seasons, 20 Episodes
September 27, 2015
Drama, Romance
Cast: Henry Lloyd-Hughes, Jemima West, Julie Walters, Rick Warden
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Indian Summers Full Episode Guide

  • Alice and Charlie prepare to leave India. Ralph and Aafrin make momentous decisions about their careers. Cynthia and the Soods bid for Chotipool. Violence erupts down in the plains, putting the lives of several of our residents in terrible danger.

  • As the announcement of the new Viceroy leaves his ambitions in tatters, Ralph realises those closest to him have been conspiring behind his back. Having discovered the truth about his wife's affair, a ruthless Charlie orchestrates Aafrin's downfall.

  • After a sinister tiger hunt, the Maharajah and Sirene spend a night at Chotipool, pushing Ralph and Madeleine's marriage to breaking point. Sooni finds herself having to choose between three suitors. The Raworths make a sorrowful return to Simla.

  • The King's Silver Jubilee celebrations get underway in Simla. Aafrin's role as a double agent reaches its bloody climax as he tries to stop Naresh's plan to strike at the heart of British rule. The Viceroy struggles over his address to the nation.

  • An earthquake rocks Simla, leaving Aafrin and Alice dangerously exposed. As Ralph tries to minimise the fallout from the recent attack, Adam decides to take his future into his own hands. Meanwhile, Ralph grows suspicious about his past.

  • As the Club plays host to a decadent fashion show, Ralph is desperate to get the Maharajah onside. Lord Hawthorne's interest in Leena takes a dangerous turn. Sooni is left with a terrible dilemma as her investigation into Kaira's death intensifies.

  • As the slippery Maharajah of Amritpur visits Simla with his mysterious mistress Sirene, Ralph hosts a cricket match in an effort to unite India's feuding political factions. Sooni makes a shocking discovery while investigating Kaira's murder.

  • Simla prepares for a visit from Lord Hawthorne, a high-ranking figure at the India Office, throwing Ralph's ambitions to become Viceroy into doubt. Meanwhile, Naresh threatens the life of Aafrin's family unless he can find the spy who betrayed him.

  • Three years on, Aafrin plots an attack on the Viceroy with his nationalist comrades. Events spiral out of control and a game of cat and mouse ensues between Ralph and Aafrin. Ralph has a choice to make about the ailing Viceroy and his own future.

  • Ramu Sood's fate is left in Ralph's hands, and Alice and Aafrin prepare to go public.

  • Madeleine is dealt some devastating news and Alice is terrified by Sarah's threats.

  • Leena and Ian defend Ramu when he faces trial for killing Jaya.

  • The town is buzzing with excitement for the annual amateur dramatic production.

  • Aafrin and Alice fight their growing attraction. Ralph's covert mission is thwarted.

  • Ralph plays politics at his engagement bash and Eugene tells Cynthia a shocking secret.

  • There's much excitement in Simla as the Viceroy arrives for the first of his summer visits.

  • It's the Sipi Fair in Simla, when the Indian community are allowed at the British Club.

  • Sarah becomes suspicious of Alice's past and begins some detective work.

  • Ralph Whelan and the rest of the Indian Civil Service begin the annual move to Simla.