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  • TV-MA
  • 2009
  • 2 Seasons
  • 6.4  (642)

Life on Top was a provocative television series from CineMax that aired from 2009 to 2011. The show followed the lives of a group of young and beautiful women living in New York City who were striving to make it in different careers, from art and fashion to advertising and publishing. The women were all friends, and their lives intersected as they navigated the challenges of their jobs, relationships, and sexuality.

The main character of the series was Sophie (played by Heather Vandeven), a successful book editor who was determined to make it to the top of her profession. She was also a sexually adventurous young woman who was never afraid to explore her desires and fantasies. Her best friend was Maya (played by Brandin Rackley), a free-spirited artist who had a string of unsuccessful relationships and was struggling to make it in the competitive art world. Maya was also bisexual and had a complicated love life both with men and women.

The show also featured other main characters, including Cassie (played by Krista Ayne), a rising fashion designer who was also a party girl and had a complicated history with Maya; and Bella (played by Mia Presley), a young copywriter at an advertising agency who was trying to prove herself in the cutthroat world of advertising while also dealing with her own sexual hangups.

In addition to the main cast, Life on Top also featured a range of guest stars, including well-known adult film actors and actresses. The show was known for its explicit sexuality and provocative storylines, and it pushed the boundaries of what was acceptable on mainstream television.

Despite its risqué content, Life on Top had an overarching theme of female empowerment and the idea that women could be sexual beings who were also successful in their careers and personal lives. The show portrayed its female characters as strong and independent, and it celebrated their sexual desires and fantasies rather than shaming or suppressing them. It also tackled issues of gender inequality, sexual orientation, and sexual consent in nuanced and thought-provoking ways.

The show was visually stunning, with sleek and stylish cinematography that captured the glamour and beauty of New York City. It also had a fantastic soundtrack with a mix of pop, rock, and electronic music that set the tone for each episode.

Overall, Life on Top was an edgy and boundary-pushing show that explored the complexities of modern female sexuality and the challenges of balancing professional and personal goals. It was a unique and exciting addition to the world of television drama, and it left a lasting impact on audiences who were drawn to its bold storytelling and fearless approach to taboo subjects.

Life on Top
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Life on Top Feature 07
16. Life on Top Feature 07
July 1, 2011
HD. A compilation of episodes_4-18 from Season Two of this erotic series that follows the sexy adventures of Bella, Melissa, Regina and Tippi.
Life on Top Feature 05
14. Life on Top Feature 05
June 1, 2011
HD. A compilation of episodes_4-18 from Season Two of this erotic series that follows the sexy adventures of Bella, Melissa, Regina and Tippi.
13. Exhibitionist
March 31, 2011
[Cinemax] HD. 'Exhibitionist.' In the Season Two finale, Tippi makes a decision about Peter. At Club 80, a surprising mutual attraction develops.
The Angelina Effect
12. The Angelina Effect
March 24, 2011
HD. 'The Angelina Effect.' (Season Two) Sexy new bartender Nikki sparks erotic fantasies in men and women alike...but who will win her heart?
Bad Luck Chuck
11. Bad Luck Chuck
March 17, 2011
[Cinemax] HD. 'Bad Luck Chuck.' (Season Two) Regina learns she is dating a 'good luck Chuck'--a guy whose exes all marry the next guy they date.
10. Blackout
March 10, 2011
[Cinemax] HD. 'Blackout.' (Season Two) A power outage brings the truth to light; secrets about hook-ups, cheating and desires are revealed at Club 80.
The Ex-Files
9. The Ex-Files
March 3, 2011
[Cinemax] HD. 'The Ex-Files.' (Season Two) Avi's ex-wife becomes a Venticap client leading to some passionate 'ex-sex.'
The Phucket List
8. The Phucket List
February 24, 2011
[Cinemax] HD. 'The Phucket List.' (Season Two) Regina gets creative in an effort to complete her sexual bucket list before her 30th birthday.
Farmer and the Bella
7. Farmer and the Bella
February 17, 2011
[Cinemax] HD. 'Farmer and the Bella.' (Season Two) Doug takes a chance with a sexy guest DJ; Bella and Vincent enjoy a wild weekend in the country.
Wedding Sex
6. Wedding Sex
February 10, 2011
[Cinemax] HD. 'Wedding Sex.' (Season Two) Melissa helps a college friend plan her wedding with help from the gang; Bella and Vincent grow closer.
Ladies Night
5. Ladies Night
February 3, 2011
[Cinemax] HD. 'Ladies Night.' (Season Two) Melissa's 'Ladies Night' plan for the club backfires thanks to a printer error on the flyer.
4. Sextacular
January 27, 2011
[Cinemax] HD. 'Sextacular.' (Season Two) Lena's effort to find an angle for her cookbook takes a stimulating turn.
3. Vajazzled
January 20, 2011
[Cinemax] HD. 'Vajazzled.' (Season Two) Bella, Melissa, Regina and Parisian visitor Lena bet on who can maintain their 'vajazzle' the longest.
Inner Animal
2. Inner Animal
January 13, 2011
[Cinemax] HD. 'Inner Animal.' (Season Two) Melissa becomes curious about her "inner animal"; Bella's world collides with a cute guy.
Ready to Rock
1. Ready to Rock
January 6, 2011
[Cinemax] HD. 'Ready to Rock.' In the Season Two premiere, Bella explores her options for her career and her love life.
  • Premiere Date
    October 2, 2009
  • IMDB Rating
    6.4  (642)