The Girl's Guide To Depravity

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This comedy series follows the sexual exploits of two young women as they try to have as much fun as they can without getting emotionally involved. The series aired in 2012 and 2013 as part of Cinemax's After Dark erotic programming block. It was based on a blog that was, at least somewhat, popular at the time.

2 Seasons, 26 Episodes
Cast: Rebecca Blumhagen, Joe Komara, Jesse Liebman, Sally Golan
The Girl's Guide To Depravity

The Girl's Guide To Depravity Full Episode Guide

  • [Cinemax] HD. 'The Coming Together Rule.' (Season Two Finale) Dean gives Megan some tips to boost her confidence. Ryan responds to Sam's love letter.

  • [Cinemax] HD. 'The Breaking and Entering Rule.' (Season Two) Sam goes all out to pursue Ryan. Jason gets his ice queen to melt.

  • [Cinemax] HD. 'The Back Door Rule.' (Season Two) Sam enlists Ryan's help in spying on Jason. Jason and Rachel celebrate a merger with a merger.

  • [Cinemax] HD. 'The Breakup Sex Rule.' (Season Two) Sam wants closure through breakup sex with Jason; Rachel and Jason bond over closing a big deal.

  • [Cinemax] HD. 'The Wingwoman Rule.' (Season Two) Megan has an amazing dream about Charlie; Sam meets a new friend at a meeting for sex addicts.

  • [Cinemax] HD. 'The Basic Instincts Rule.' (Season Two) Megan feels some guilt over her hot new guy...who isn't Charlie; Tyler faces deportation.

  • [Cinemax] HD. 'The Hos Before Bros Rule.' (Season Two) Megan and Charlie finally give in to their attraction, to Sam's dismay.

  • [Cinemax] HD. 'The F**k Yes Rule.' (Season Two) Amy takes Sam out to a local lesbian girl to give her a taste of something she's never had.

  • [Cinemax] HD. 'The Morning After Rule.' (Season Two) Sam and Jason adjust to their new status; Megan tries to stick to The Rules; Sam tries a new hobby.

  • [Cinemax] HD. 'The Bar Sex Rule.' (Season Two) Sam makes a crazy bet with her womanizine co-worker; Jenna uncovers evidence of sexting on Ben's phone.

  • [Cinemax] HD. 'The Do Me Rule.' (Season Two) Jason tries to get Sam out of her Lizzie-less funk. Megan becomes a 'bad girl' to snag a 'bad boy.'

  • [Cinemax] HD. 'The Girl on Girl Rule.' In the Season Two Premiere, Lizzie and Sam face a major crossroad in their friendship.

  • HD. 'The Revenge Rule.' In the Season One finale, the girls find themselves at a crossroads after an argument.

  • HD. 'The Getting His Attention Rule.' (Season One) Sam begins to question 'the rules' after they land a visiting Sienna behind bars.

  • HD. 'The Pill Rule.' (Season One) Sam's first foray into mood-enhancing drugs leads to a bizarre night with Richard.

  • HD. 'The Cheating Rule.' (Season One) The girls decide to get even after witnessing what appears to be Kaylie's boyfriend hooking up.

  • HD. 'The F**k Buddy Rule.' (Season One) Sam pays the price for violating the 'depraved girl' rule of falling for a 'friend with benefits.'

  • HD. 'The Magic P***y Rule.' (Season One) The sight of a hot guy with a plain older woman prompts Lizzie and Sam to uncover a 'magical' secret.

  • HD. 'The B*tch Rule.' (Season One) Mariposa teaches Lizzie and Sam a new way to get what they want from men--which leads to a competition.

  • HD. 'The Vibrator Rule.' (Season One) Sam breaks out the 'heavy artillery' when her neighbor's noisy antics interfere with her play time.

  • HD. 'The Puma Rule.' (Season One) In an effort to avoid 'the games' for one night, Lizzie and Sam head to a Mexican joint on college night.

  • HD. 'The Last Woman Standing Rule.' (Season One) Sam deals with some tough competition for Richard; Lizzie conducts some undercover work.

  • HD. 'The Break-Up Rule.' (Season One) Best friends Lizzie and Sam, both disappointed in love, prowl the nightclub scene.