The Girl's Guide To Depravity

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  • TV-MA
  • 2012
  • 2 Seasons
  • 6.5  (825)

The Girl's Guide to Depravity was an American comedy-drama series that aired on Cinemax from 2012 to 2013. The show was based on a book by Heather Rutman and featured Sally Golan and Rebecca Blumhagen in the lead roles. The show follows the lives of two best friends, Sam (Sally Golan) and Lizzie (Rebecca Blumhagen), as they navigate their way through the world of dating, sex, and relationships. The show is focused mainly on their romantic escapades, and how they deal with the various challenges that arise in their love lives.

Sam and Lizzie are both confident and sexually liberated women, who are not afraid to take charge of their own lives. They have a set of rules, aka "The Girl's Guide to Depravity," that they follow, which helps them navigate their way through the dating world. These rules include things like "don't sleep with your friends' exes," "don't let a guy see you vulnerable," and "always have a backup plan."

Despite their seemingly carefree and liberated lifestyles, both Sam and Lizzie struggle with their own insecurities and doubts. Sam is a commitment-phobe, who is afraid of getting too close to anyone, while Lizzie is a romantic at heart, who is looking for true love.

Throughout the two seasons of the show, Sam and Lizzie go through a series of ups and downs in their love lives. They date a range of different men, from the good-looking and charming to the downright creepy and weird. They also face various challenges, including jealous exes, embarrassing moments, and difficult breakups.

While the show is primarily focused on Sam and Lizzie's love lives, it also explores some deeper themes around sex, relationships, and gender roles. For example, one episode deals with the topic of sexual harassment in the workplace, while another explores the dynamics of a polyamorous relationship.

Despite the show's often racy and explicit content, it is also surprisingly relatable and humorous. Both Sam and Lizzie are likable and funny characters, who viewers can't help but root for. The show is full of witty one-liners and comedic moments, which make it a fun and enjoyable watch.

Overall, The Girl's Guide to Depravity is a lighthearted and entertaining show that is perfect for a night in with friends. While it may not be everyone's cup of tea, those who are looking for a fun and cheeky rom-com with a bit of an edge will definitely enjoy it.

The Girl's Guide To Depravity
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The Coming Together Rule
13. The Coming Together Rule
December 14, 2013
[Cinemax] HD. 'The Coming Together Rule.' (Season Two Finale) Dean gives Megan some tips to boost her confidence. Ryan responds to Sam's love letter.
The Breaking and Entering Rule
12. The Breaking and Entering Rule
December 7, 2013
[Cinemax] HD. 'The Breaking and Entering Rule.' (Season Two) Sam goes all out to pursue Ryan. Jason gets his ice queen to melt.
The Back Door Rule
11. The Back Door Rule
November 23, 2013
[Cinemax] HD. 'The Back Door Rule.' (Season Two) Sam enlists Ryan's help in spying on Jason. Jason and Rachel celebrate a merger with a merger.
The Breakup Sex Rule
10. The Breakup Sex Rule
November 16, 2013
[Cinemax] HD. 'The Breakup Sex Rule.' (Season Two) Sam wants closure through breakup sex with Jason; Rachel and Jason bond over closing a big deal.
The Wingwoman Rule
9. The Wingwoman Rule
November 9, 2013
[Cinemax] HD. 'The Wingwoman Rule.' (Season Two) Megan has an amazing dream about Charlie; Sam meets a new friend at a meeting for sex addicts.
The Basic Instincts Rule
8. The Basic Instincts Rule
November 2, 2013
[Cinemax] HD. 'The Basic Instincts Rule.' (Season Two) Megan feels some guilt over her hot new guy...who isn't Charlie; Tyler faces deportation.
The Hos Before Bros Rule
7. The Hos Before Bros Rule
October 24, 2013
[Cinemax] HD. 'The Hos Before Bros Rule.' (Season Two) Megan and Charlie finally give in to their attraction, to Sam's dismay.
The F**k Yes Rule
6. The F**k Yes Rule
October 17, 2013
[Cinemax] HD. 'The F**k Yes Rule.' (Season Two) Amy takes Sam out to a local lesbian girl to give her a taste of something she's never had.
The Get Under Another Rule
5. The Get Under Another Rule
October 10, 2013
[Cinemax] HD. 'The Get Under Another Rule.' (Season Two) Ben takes romance to another level for his and Jenna's 5th anniversary.
The Morning After Rule
4. The Morning After Rule
October 3, 2013
[Cinemax] HD. 'The Morning After Rule.' (Season Two) Sam and Jason adjust to their new status; Megan tries to stick to The Rules; Sam tries a new hobby.
The Bar Sex Rule
3. The Bar Sex Rule
September 26, 2013
[Cinemax] HD. 'The Bar Sex Rule.' (Season Two) Sam makes a crazy bet with her womanizine co-worker; Jenna uncovers evidence of sexting on Ben's phone.
The Do Me Rule
2. The Do Me Rule
September 19, 2013
[Cinemax] HD. 'The Do Me Rule.' (Season Two) Jason tries to get Sam out of her Lizzie-less funk. Megan becomes a 'bad girl' to snag a 'bad boy.'
The Girl on Girl Rule
1. The Girl on Girl Rule
September 12, 2013
[Cinemax] HD. 'The Girl on Girl Rule.' In the Season Two Premiere, Lizzie and Sam face a major crossroad in their friendship.
  • Premiere Date
    February 23, 2012
  • IMDB Rating
    6.5  (825)