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  • TV-14
  • 2001
  • 3 Seasons
  • 7.4  (5,948)

The Guardian is a legal drama series that aired on CBS from 2001 to 2004. The show stars Simon Baker as Nick Fallin, a hotshot lawyer who is forced to do community service after getting caught with drugs. The show explores the struggles and challenges faced by Nick as he tries to balance his career and personal life.

Dabney Coleman plays Burton Fallin, Nick's father and the head of the law firm where Nick works. Despite their strained relationship, Burton sees potential in his son and pushes him to become a better lawyer. Raphael Sbarge plays Jake Straka, Nick's best friend and colleague at the law firm. Jake is the voice of reason in Nick's life and tries to keep him grounded.

AJ Michalka plays Shannon Gressler, a troubled teenager who Nick is assigned to help as part of his community service. Shannon is a talented musician who is struggling in school and dealing with personal issues. Nick takes Shannon under his wing and becomes a mentor figure in her life.

Alan Rosenberg plays Alvin Masterson, the social worker who oversees Nick's community service. Alvin is a tough but fair character who helps Nick navigate the challenges of his service. Erica Leerhsen plays Amanda Bowles, a fellow lawyer at the law firm where Nick works. Amanda is ambitious and competitive, and often clashes with Nick over their different approaches to the law.

Wendy Moniz plays Louisa "Lulu" Archer, a judge who presides over some of Nick's cases. Kathleen Chalfant plays Judge Margaret Barth, another judge who appears in the show. Denise Dowse plays Carla Walicki, a social worker who becomes Nick's supervisor during his community service. Angela Featherstone plays Amanda's sister, who has a romantic history with Nick.

The show also features a number of guest appearances from well-known actors. Farrah Fawcett plays Mary Gressler, Shannon's mother who is struggling with addiction. Tom Amandes plays Jimmy, a man who hires Nick to help him regain custody of his son. Erik Knudsen plays Charlie, a teenager who is falsely accused of murder. Katherine LaNasa plays Rebecca, a woman who hires Nick to handle her divorce.

The Guardian tackles a range of issues, including child abuse, drug addiction, domestic violence, and mental illness. The show is known for its powerful performances and its ability to tackle difficult topics with sensitivity and nuance. The Guardian was critically acclaimed during its run and remains a beloved show among fans of legal dramas.

The Guardian is a series that is currently running and has 3 seasons (67 episodes). The series first aired on September 25, 2001.

The Guardian
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22. Antarctica
May 4, 2004
Nick takes a job at the law firm of Walter and McNeil. Lulu gives birth to a baby girl.
Blood In, Blood Out
21. Blood In, Blood Out
April 27, 2004
Nick 's future at the firm is about to be voted on, as Nick awaits the verdict on his future he takes on two cases that involve two boys.
The Vote
20. The Vote
April 20, 2004
Nick 's future at the firm is in question because of a lawyer Burton thinks quite highly of but he doesn't feel she is ready to be a partner.
19. Remember
April 6, 2004
At a court hearing Alvin is asked to turn over his files involving past clients at LSP. Alvin isn't ready to turn over the yet just yet.
The Bachelor Party
18. The Bachelor Party
March 9, 2004
Alvin Masterson has a lot to do in so little time he is getting married to Victoria Little and has ALS. Nick decides to Los Angles.
The Watchers
17. The Watchers
March 2, 2004
Nick sees a change in his dad that worries him, Burton keeps getting dizzy due to Vertigo. Burton wonders if he will be a good dad to Shannon.
Sparkle (aka: Glow)
16. Sparkle (aka: Glow)
February 24, 2004
Nick tries to find an unwanted foster child a home Philip may have hurt the baby.
Without Consent
15. Without Consent
February 17, 2004
Jake lies to everyone about how he got hurt soon Burton & Maureen find out the secret.
All Is Mended
14. All Is Mended
February 10, 2004
Nick learns his unborn baby has Down Syndrome to learn more about it Nick helps Mark set up a trust fund so he won't lose his Social Security.
13. Amends
January 27, 2004
Nick finds out how hard it is to get the trust of the people he hurt back. Burton feels Nick isn't ready for a heavy caseload.
Beautiful Blue Mystic
12. Beautiful Blue Mystic
January 13, 2004
Nick begins taking a drug called Beautiful Blue Mystic, not realizing how it hurt Fallin & Fallin and LSP. Nick goes to get help to kick the habit.
11. Legacy
January 6, 2004
Ted's dad goes on a shooting spree killing himself & co-workers leaving Nick and Suzanne to tell Ted his dad has committed murder.
10. Swimming
December 16, 2003
Nick learns that his dad will need surgery to fix his heart, also Nick must keep the firm from losing a merger.
Let God Sort 'Em Out
9. Let God Sort 'Em Out
November 25, 2003
Nick tries to find a place for Donny Longo & his Grandfather to live together, but Donny has a hard time with Rebecca's ruling.
8. Believe
November 11, 2003
LSP teams up with Victoria Little to form AIDS Relief Alliance, meanwhile Nick becomes a medical guardian to two kids who may have AIDS.
Hazel Park
7. Hazel Park
November 4, 2003
Nick runs into a former client while helping in a cleanup project for his Community Service.
Let's Spend the Night Together
6. Let's Spend the Night Together
October 28, 2003
Nick & Lulu move into his place and find out how hard it is keep their love life out of the office. Jake learns his mom and dad want to divorce.
5. Shame
October 21, 2003
When the bank insists that the firm pay off its loan immediately, Nick is forced to try to collect unpaid fees from delinquent clients.
The Father-Daughter Dance
4. The Father-Daughter Dance
October 14, 2003
Lulu starts her job as Director of LSP, leaving Alvin to wonder if he is needed at LSP.
The Line
3. The Line
October 7, 2003
Nick and Burton represent a clothing company in a discrimination lawsuit. Meanwhile, Lulu and Alvin square off over Lulu's new job in Berkeley.
Big Coal
2. Big Coal
September 30, 2003
Nick tries to help a young lady who has cancer but get can't the insurance company to help her out, this puts Nick in a bind.
1. Carnival
September 23, 2003
The first episode begins with scenes from the season finale, leading up to Burton and Nick heading for the concert that was to start at 7:30 PM
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  • Premiere Date
    September 25, 2001
  • IMDB Rating
    7.4  (5,948)