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In this crime drama, an FBI agent recruits his math genius younger brother to help him solve crimes that involve all kinds of complicated number stuff. Their sibling relationship spices up the investigations, as does their meddling father. Rob Morrow, David Krumholtz, and Judd Hirsch star.

Numb3rs is a series that is currently running and has 6 seasons (119 episodes). The series first aired on January 23, 2005.

Where do I stream Numb3rs online? Numb3rs is available for streaming on CBS, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Numb3rs on demand at Amazon, Hulu, Vudu, Microsoft Movies & TV, Apple TV online.

6 Seasons, 119 Episodes
January 23, 2005
Cast: Rob Morrow, David Krumholtz, Judd Hirsch, Alimi Ballard, Sabrina Lloyd
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Numb3rs Full Episode Guide

  • Don and the team investigate when his lost gun is used to commit a series of crimes.

  • The murder of two men takes the team to investigate a group of friends that had been sexually assaulted by a teacher at a younger age. Meanwhile, the perfect job opportunity pops up for Charlie and Amita, that may also put a wrinkle on their wedding plans.

  • The FBI investigates a number of jewelry thefts at awards shows, but are thwarted in their attempts by uncooperative witnesses, celebrity has-beens and fake gems.

  • The team hunts down a serial killer who is targeting men who use prostitutes. Meanwhile, Colby and Nikki are involved in a car accident during the investigation.

  • The team searches for a lost shipment of high-caliber firearms when one of the weapons is responsible for random killings throughout the city.

  • Don and the team try their luck at investigating the theft of scratch-off lottery tickets, but the stakes are raised when one of the culprits killed at a botched robbery turns out to be a former lottery winner.

  • When the team foils a robbery of an armored car full of Federal Reserve money and recover bills that trace back to the infamous D.B. Cooper heist, they call on retired Agent Roger Bloom for help.

  • Don and the team needs help from convict John Buckley when robbers hit a diamond exchange and take hostages. They believe the robbers are copying Buckley's criminal strategies.

  • In the middle of a case where Agent Ian Edgerton is tracking down a criminal in charge of a heroin ring inside a prison, his informant is found dead. Agent Edgerton unexpectedly turns into the murder suspect, which sends him over the edge.

  • A shrewd computer hacker cuts the ground from up under an undercover sting operation to bag a cyber crime lord. His actions trigger a turf war putting his life in peril.

  • The FBI team investigates a decommissioned air base that has recently observed mysterious paranormal activity. While looking into a woman's death, spooky occurrences change the tone of the investigation.

  • The team attempts to find the daughter of a geneticist who they suspect was kidnapped by the unstable mother. However, they become concerned about the case when they find evidence that suggests the young girl was a clone. Meanwhile, Charlie and Amita discuss having kids and Liz reveals a dark secret.

  • As Larry prepares to embark on his adventure, the team must investigate a string of murders. The case takes an interesting turn when it is discovered that the murders mimic scenes from a movie that hasn't even been released yet.

  • When men across the country turn up dead, the team investigates a deadly gambling ring that is running a high-stakes Russian roulette tournament. Also, Don and Charlie become concerned about Alan's financial health.

  • Don's team is called in to investigate when several FBI agents are killed in a firefight with bank robbers. Meanwhile, Larry makes a decision that worries Charlie and Amita.

  • While Charlie waits for an answer to the question he popped to Amita, Don and his team try to hunt down a sniper intent on killing someone under FBI protection.

  • When Amita is abducted, Don and the team's frantic search for her leads them to the delusional head of a cult, but it is up to a distraught Charlie to discover what the suspect's bizarre plans for her are.

  • Don and the team are sent to look into a series of bank robberies and soon name former FBI Agent Roger Bloom as their lead suspect.

  • Still reeling from Don's brush with death, Charlie aims to redeem himself by tracking down a serial killer.

  • There are dire consequences when Charlie messes up some calculations during a case and his brother is injured due to Charlie's mistake.

  • The investigation into a professor's death takes a dangerous turn when the team finds their lead suspect has ties to a radical animal rights group.

  • The team is in a race against time to look into a last minute tip that would clear a mob boss on the night of his execution. Meanwhile, Charlie tries to help the CalSci basketball team break their losing streak.

  • When a super computer is to blame for the death of a scientist, the team goes to new lengths to solve the case. Meanwhile, Charlie contemplates a job offer.

  • Charlie puts together a plan to stop a dangerous drug from hitting the streets of LA. Will his plan work? Or will it cost the life of one of Don's agents?

  • When one of Robin's "slam dunk" cases ends in acquittal, the team investigates, thinking it may be jury tampering.

  • The team finds themselves in the world of sneaker collecting after a foreign ambassador's vault is broken into and a limited edition pair of sneakers is found missing.

  • The team goes into Chinatown's black market to find a missing undercover agent.

  • The team has only four hours to stop a group of hijackers who take a bus full of Hollywood tourists hostage.

  • Don looks toward his newly found religious beliefs to help him contend with a escaped criminal bent on revenge.

  • Charlie must team up with his arch rival-Marshall Penfield to solve a case. Meanwhile, Don is still struggling to decide whether his religion holds the answers he's been looking for.

  • The headquarters of a popular charity organization is bombed. However, what seems like an act of terror may turn out to be something else, when Don, Charlie, and the team begin to unravel mysteries behind the organization itself.

  • David gets caught up in the drama of a missing persons case when the victim, a magician, disappears while David is watching her show.

  • There's a bad egg in a shipping business, and it's up to the team to find him. Also, when one of Don's agents is killed, Don begins to question his job as a leader.

  • The team hunts a crew stealing high-end goods from a shipping service and looks to an employee with savant-like abilities to lead them to those behind the scheme. Also, when one of Don's men is killed on duty, he questions his faith in the FBI.

  • Don and his team are called in to help a veteran FBI agent track down a con man who has eluded him for years. Also, Agent McGowan hands down his decision on Charlie's security clearance and Don's future with the FBI.

  • When eight people, including two police officers, are executed in a coffee shop, an LAPD detective gets the team on the case, and they uncover a trail of blackmail, romance and corruption. Also, McGowan's investigation of Charlie and Don deepens.

  • Don investigates when someone is murdered at an ATM after a series of kidnappings had occurred there. Charlie meets with an FBI investigator who can grant or deny him a security clearance within the bureau.

  • Don and his team search for the people responsible for the deaths of two rock climbers who had a large diamond in their possession. Meanwhile, Charlie debates getting his FBI clearance reinstated as a new agent joins the team.

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