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CSI: NY follows the New York City Forensic Unit, lead by lead detective Mac Taylor, as they uncover the truth behind strange and sometimes sinister homicide cases. With a different twist around each corner it's hard to know what's going to happen next, but Mac and his expert team are always just one step behind the criminals they're after.

Consisting of Detectives Danny and Lindsay Messer, along with Dr.Sheldon Hawkes, Mac's team of brilliant detectives work together to help piece together the puzzle behind every crime. Collecting evidence and working with lab analyst Adam Ross and medical examiner Sid Hammerback, the team of CSI's gathers the evidence needed to bring their criminals to justice.

In the streets of New York City, it's hard to know what you're going to find around every corner. With multiple gang killings, on top of serial murders and other cases, the forensic team is always busy trying to catch the next criminal. With Mac's guidance, along with the help of his Assistant Detective Jo Danville, they never stop until they get to the bottom of every case and get justice for all the victims involved, even if it means sacrificing a part of themselves to do it.

CSI:NY keeps you guessing until the very end, never knowing who committed what crime or why, until the brilliant members of the New York City Forensics Team unravel the truth for you. Based in one of the world's largest and most popular cities, CSI:NY gives you a glimpse into the life of the people trying to protect the citizens of that very city we're all so familiar with.

9 Seasons, 197 Episodes
September 22, 2004
Cast: Gary Sinise, Carmine Giovinazzo, Hill Harper, Eddie Cahill
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CSI: NY Full Episode Guide

  • A community is shaken up after an unarmed man was shot by police.

  • On Valentine's Day, Mac and the team investigate three cases of bad romance.

  • Mac and the team collaborate with CSI D.B. Russell in their effort to outwit Christine's kidnappers before they run out of time to save her life.

  • When a young pizza maker is carjacked, the CSIs must determine the reason.

  • An off-duty NYPD officer is killed during a robbery. The CSIs interrogate the suspects to find out the truth.

  • The CSIs investigate the puzzling mystery of two different victims linked by the same unusual weapon.

  • The co-owner of a popular bar is found dead. Meanwhile, Mac heeds Christine's advice and foregoes his to-do-list to relax on his day off.

  • Detective Lovato's past as an undercover officer tangles with her present duties when a gang member she had developed feelings for is murdered.

  • The team dives into the world of performance enhancing drugs. Meanwhile, Lindsay travels to Montana to witness the execution of Daniel Kadence.

  • The CSIs begin a real life game of Clue to figure out the killer as a psychiatrist's patients are methodically being murdered.

  • A woman wearing a ball gown is found at the bottom of a lake.

  • The lead suspect in a 20-year-old case of a missing boy is found dead on the anniversary of the boy's disappearance.

  • The team is desperate to catch a shooter when Lindsay is injured during the attempted murder of a political candidate. A child is killed in the events following.

  • Evidence at a crime scene on the Brooklyn Bridge lead Mac and Jo on an investigation across the country to San Francisco in search of a missing teenage girl.

  • The CSI team try to stop a serial arsonist who uses fire against people from his past.

  • In the season premiere, the CSI team investigates a fire chief who is killed in a fire that was started with the same technique from a paroled arsonist.

  • Mac is between life and death after he is shot.

  • A successful businessman goes back to his roots in a Brooklyn housing project and is murdered.

  • A small New York City community is stunned when a body is found dismembered and strategically left out on four street corners.

  • The CSIs investigate a murder that involves competitive video gaming.

  • When a lab tech is murdered in a case that has alarming details to a 1950's cold case, the CSIs get a glimpse into what goes on in the shadows of the lab.

  • When the CSIs take on two seemingly unrelated deaths, further investigation ultimately connects them.

  • The CSIs investigate a role-playing game that becomes reality when one player falling victim to a bona fide killer and the other is kidnapped and held for ransom.

  • Mixed Martial Arts Champion Tito Ortiz Guest Stars as Derek Petrov, the Cage Fighter's Opponent.

  • When an important witness turns up dead, Jo is caught up in the dangerous investigation of the suspected rapist who was freed on her watch in D.C..

  • As the CSIs investigate the murder of a judge, Jo comes face-to-face with a criminal from her past.

  • The CSI's use the media to help them learn the truth in a teenage girl's death.

  • A fraternity prank goes wrong on Halloween causing a pledge master to be left for dead in an open grave.

  • The CSIs investigate the case of a basketball prodigy's brother who is involved in a murder.

  • Danny and his rookie cops go out for a night of friendly drinks and somehow end up in a shooting.

  • When the body of a beautiful young woman is found in a stolen Ferrari, the investigation leads to a family of car thieves. But the CSIs are running out of time and must find the murderer before the rest of the family meets the same fate.

  • An awkward teen's efforts to win the heart of a girl goes too far when he is found dead.

  • On the 10th anniversary of 9/11, Mac and the team remember specific moments from that day that were burned into their mind forever.

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