• 2014
  • 4 Seasons

KPOP STAR 4 is a television series from the South Korean television network SBS. It is a singing competition program that first aired on November 23, 2014. The show features talented singers who compete against each other to earn the title of KPOP Star. The show is the fourth season of the KPOP Star series, and it features contestants from all over the world. The contestants are judged on their singing ability, as well as their stage presence, vocal skill, and overall performance. The judges of the show are YG Entertainment's founder and CEO, Yang Hyun-suk, former 2NE1 member, Park Bom, and JYP Entertainment's founder and producer, Park Jin-young.

The show is hosted by Jung Joon-young, a singer and television personality, and Yoo Hee-yeol, a musician and producer. Both hosts are praised for their skills as interviewers and for their ability to make the contestants feel comfortable on stage.

The show begins with auditions, where contestants from all over the world come to showcase their talent. The auditions are held in various cities across South Korea, as well as in other countries such as the United States and China. The contestants face a panel of judges who assess their singing ability, and those who make it through the initial round move on to the next stage of the competition.

Throughout the competition, the contestants are given training from the judges and other industry professionals to help them improve their skills. The contestants are also given challenges, such as singing in groups and performing on stage with other contestants.

The competition is structured in a way that allows the judges to save some of the contestants who might have been eliminated by other judges. The contestants are also given the opportunity to compete in a 'comeback stage' where they can earn a second chance to remain on the show.

The final stage of the competition sees the remaining contestants performing on stage, with the winner earning the title of KPOP Star. The winner is awarded a cash prize and a recording contract with a major Korean record label. The show has launched the careers of many successful Korean artists, including Lee Hi, Akdong Musician, and Jung Seung-hwan.

The show has gained considerable popularity in South Korea and has also gained a following in other countries, particularly in Southeast Asia. It has been praised for its ability to showcase the diverse talents of aspiring singers and for providing an opportunity for individuals from different backgrounds to pursue their dreams.

In conclusion, KPOP STAR 4 is a must-watch for any fan of Korean music or for anyone who enjoys watching talented singers compete on a global stage. The series provides an excellent platform for aspiring singers to showcase their skills and kickstart their careers in the music industry. With a talented team of judges, talented hosts, and an exceptional production crew, KPOP STAR 4 is a show that should not be missed.

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Sun, Apr 12, 2015
21. Sun, Apr 12, 2015
April 12, 2015
It's now the season finale! Jung Seung-Hwan and Katie Kim will contend for victory! Who will become the fourth K-pop star and which agency will the winner choose? Tune in to find out! Special performances by past winners from Seasons 1-3!
Sun, Apr 5, 2015
20. Sun, Apr 5, 2015
April 5, 2015
It's now the Top 3 semifinal! It's a battle between Jung Seung-Hwan, Katie Kim, and Lee Jin-Ah! Who will be eliminated and who will be in the season finale? Tune in to find out!
Sun Mar 29 2015
19. Sun Mar 29 2015
March 29, 2015
It's now the Top 4 competition! Lily M., Jung Seung-Hwan, Katie Kim, and Lee Jin-Ah remain! One will be eliminated! Who will be the Top 3 finalists going to the semifinal? Tune in to find out!
Sun, Mar 22, 2015
18. Sun, Mar 22, 2015
March 22, 2015
It's now the Top 6 competition! Esther Kim, Lily M., Jung Seung-Hwan, Park Yoon-Ha, Katie Kim, and Lee Jin-Ah remain! Two will be eliminated again! Who will be the Top 4 finalists? Tune in to find out!
Sun, Mar 15, 2015
17. Sun, Mar 15, 2015
March 15, 2015
The long-awaited live show begins after ten long months and will proceed as 1:1 battles! Two will be eliminated from this show! Who will be the Top 6 finalists? Tune in to find out!
Sun, Mar 8, 2015
16. Sun, Mar 8, 2015
March 8, 2015
The Top 10 competition continues! Park Yoon-Ha and Lily from Group B became candidates for elimination! Who will advance to Top 8 and who will become candidates for elimination from Group A? Tune in to find out!
Sun, Mar 1, 2015
15. Sun, Mar 1, 2015
March 1, 2015
It's finally the TOP10! The finalists will also be judged by a 100-member audience panel! For the first time ever on KPOP STAR in 4 years, JYP gives a standing ovation! Who will be the 8 teams to make it to the live stage next week? Tune in to find out.
Sun Feb 22 2015
14. Sun Feb 22 2015
February 22, 2015
This is the final episode of the Battle Audition and those who placed second are having a rematch! Who will be the TOP10 finalists going to the live show next week? Tune in to find out!
Sun, Feb 15, 2015
13. Sun, Feb 15, 2015
February 15, 2015
This is the second episode of the Battle Audition! Seo Ye-An and Sparkling Girls advanced to TOP10 last week and only 8 seats remain! Who will advance this week? Some memorable contestants are Lily, Park Yoon-Ha, and Lee Jin-Ah.
Sun, Feb 8, 2015
12. Sun, Feb 8, 2015
February 8, 2015
It's finally the Battle Audition! First place advances to TOP10, second place gets a rematch, and third place is eliminated! Out of the 18 teams battling, who will advance to TOP10?
Sun Feb 1 2015
11. Sun Feb 1 2015
February 1, 2015
This is the final episode of the Casting Audition and the results are out! YG and JYP visit Antenna Music for the first time and the warm-up match for the Battle Audition begins!
Sun Jan 25 2015
10. Sun Jan 25 2015
January 25, 2015
This is the second episode of the Casting Audition! It is an intense round where one can only survive by getting casted! Some memorable contestants are Sparkling Girls and Lee Jin-Ah.
Sun Jan 18 2015
9. Sun Jan 18 2015
January 18, 2015
The Casting Audition begins! Only 18 out of 36 will get casted! Who will get the honor of getting casted to the three agencies? Some memorable contestants are Lee Bong-Yeon, Lily M., Seo Ye-An, Jung Seung-Hwan, and Park Yoon-Ha.
Sun, Jan 11, 2015
8. Sun, Jan 11, 2015
January 11, 2015
This is the final episode for the team survival match! The judges are in a panic and recording had been interrupted for the first time ever, and the place became a sea of tears! Just what happened? Tune in to find out!
Sun, Jan 4, 2015
7. Sun, Jan 4, 2015
January 4, 2015
Round 3 is a team survival match! Everyone on the winning team passes and one or more is eliminated from the losing team! The teams battling in this episode are Gamja vs Ensemble, Puppies vs Hot Cocoa, and Black Hole vs Triple A!
Sun, Dec 28, 2014
6. Sun, Dec 28, 2014
December 28, 2014
This is the final episode for the Ranking Audition! The average age of the potential group is 13 with contestants who is a former SM trainee and one who was complimented as not being able to find another one like her in 10 years!
Sun, Dec 21, 2014
5. Sun, Dec 21, 2014
December 21, 2014
Only Lee Seol-Ah and Hong Chanmi are left in the keyboard group! Who will advance and who will get eliminated? Another sentimental vocalist group appears in this episode. Notable contestants are Ada Wong and Chun So-Hyun.
Sun, Dec 14, 2014
4. Sun, Dec 14, 2014
December 14, 2014
A new dark horse appears in this episode for the sentimental vocalist group! The next group is the keyboard group, the group of death! Notable contestants in this group are Lee Jin-Ah, Lee Seol-Ah, and Grace Shin. Who will survive in this group?
Sun, Dec 7, 2014
3. Sun, Dec 7, 2014
December 7, 2014
Round 1 wraps up and Round 2 the Ranking Audition begins! Those praised for singing sentimental ballads go first! Who among this group will pass?
Sun, Nov 30, 2014
2. Sun, Nov 30, 2014
November 30, 2014
There's another singer-songwriter this week that turned the studio into a sea of tears! Who's the 13-year-old YG said he would like to take to YGE? Who's the 18-year-old who dropped out for music?
Sun, Nov 23, 2014
1. Sun, Nov 23, 2014
November 23, 2014
Season 4 has finally begun! There's something new this season and it's the guest panelists composed of artists and casting experts from each agency. Who will succeed Park Jimin, AKMU, and Bernard Park and become the next K-pop star?
  • Premiere Date
    November 23, 2014