A Divorce Lawyer in Love

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A divorce lawyer in love is a South Korean television series about an ambitious divorce lawyer, Go Cheok-hee, who ill-treats her office manager So Jung-woo, who is always pointing out her mistakes and calls her "chucky" behind her back until an incident causes her license to be suspended. So Jung-woo studies and gets his law degree and gets a job at a legal firm. As fate would have it, Go Cheok-hee also gets a job at the same firm but this time, she is the office manager and Jung-woo can't wait to have his revenge.

Sunday & Saturday 8:45 PM et/pt on SBS
1 Season, 18 Episodes
April 18, 2015
Cast: Hyung Tak Shim, Ji-hye Kwak
A Divorce Lawyer in Love

A Divorce Lawyer in Love Full Episode Guide

  • The series finale. Go Cheok Hee faces off against Jo Yoo Sang. Jung Woo finds a compromise between his big marriage plans and Cheok Hee's reluctance.

  • Han Mi Ree, Go Cheok Hee's sworn enemy, must ask Cheok Hee for help in saving her son.

  • When Jung Woo's proposal is turned down, he sets to work on demonstrating to Cheok Hee how marriage doesn't have to be something that ends up with lawyers.

  • When an old enemy comes into Cheok Hee's new office asking for help, Jung Woo turns out to be the opposing attorney.

  • After Go Cheok Hee is framed for committing a crime, So Jung Woo must figure out a way to free her as Min Kyu keeps trying to win her affections.

  • Go Cheok Hee breaks up with So Jung Woo out of respect for his mother. Meanwhile, the two accept a case from a woman looking to divorce her husband over domestic abuse.

  • So Jung Woo's mother confronts Go Cheok Hee and tries to convince her to call off their relationship.

  • Go Cheok Hee tries to win over So Jung Woo's mother, who still holds a grudge against the woman who fired her son three years ago.

  • So Jung Woo and Go Cheok Hee build a case against a man accused of sexual harassment together, but face more difficulty trying to make their relationship public.

  • After winning a case, So Jung Woo confesses his feelings for Go Cheok Hee, but things get complicated when they must work together on a divorce case for a serial philanderer.

  • So Jung Woo prepares for his most difficult case ever as he squares off in the courtroom with the father of his boss, Bong Min Kyu.

  • So Jung Woo gets ready to present his first ever divorce case in front of a judge, and Go Cheok Hee struggles with the fake relationship she's found herself trapped in.

  • Go Cheok Hee begins a fake relationship with her boss Min Kyu after embarrassing herself in from of So Jung Woo, but the two realize their feelings are more complicated than they think.

  • Go Cheok Hee hears that So Jung Woo might have feelings for her, and when she gets drunk at a work outing, embarrasses herself by asking him out.

  • Lawyer So is torn when he has the deciding vote to determine if Manager Go should be removed. His decision causes multiple people around him to question his judgement and his intentions.

  • Three years after the events of the first episode, Go Cheok Hee is now a disgraced attorney with a suspended license. The only place she can find work is as an office manager at a firm with one lawyer... So Jung Woo.

  • Go Cheok Hee is a hotshot divorce lawyer who will win her cases with no regards to methodology. So Jung Woo is Cheok Hee's idealistic office manager.

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