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Danger 5 is an Australian-based television series that revolves around comedy. The show depicts the 1960s during the World War II era. Danger 5 revolves around 5 international spies and their ploys to destroy Adolph Hitler. Hilarity ensues as the antics of these spies draw out throughout the series. The spies plan multiple ways to get in the throes of Adolph's destruction and ultimately end his rule of terror.

Danger 5 is a series that is currently running and has 2 seasons (13 episodes). The series first aired on February 26, 2012.

Where do I stream Danger 5 online? Danger 5 is available for streaming on SBS, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Danger 5 on demand at Amazon Prime, Amazon, Tubi TV online.

2 Seasons, 13 Episodes
February 26, 2012
Action & Adventure, Comedy
Cast: David Ashby, Sean James Murphy, Natasa Ristic, Amanda Simons
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Danger 5 Full Episode Guide

  • Traveling back to the future, in an alternate reality controlled by Hitler, Danger 5 battle the Führer to return the world to normal.

  • Danger 5 travel back in time during World War II where they encounter their past selves on the never-ending quest to kill Hitler.

  • Hitler comes back to life as a zombie and raises an army of Nazi zombies invading USSR-Land while Jackson tries to win Ilsa over.

  • The Nazis attempt to take over the Catholic Church and Danger 5 must save Christmas.

  • The police are after Danger 5, suspecting them of sympathizing with the communists, as the Nazi Dinosaurs make a comeback turning those they infect into lizard-men.

  • Hitler, moving past Claire, poses as the popular high school student Johnny Hitler seeking a new love interest on his quest for power.

  • Danger 5 seek to avenge the death of a close friend.

  • As World War II reaches boiling point, the World is under attack from giant Nazi monsters.

  • Allied troops all over Europe are spontaneously transforming into blonde haired, blue eyed, blood-thirsty Nazis with sex on their minds.

  • Many gamblers enter but few come out of Hitler and Erwin Rommel casino.

  • Hitler and Emperor Hirohito have joined forces to create a legion of unstoppable Nazi Japanese robot super-soldiers.

  • Nazi dinosaurs are turning up all over the European front, devouring their way through the Allied war effort.

  • The Nazis are plundering the world of its national monuments in history's greatest act of mass vandalism.

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