Garth Marenghi's Darkplace

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Horror author Garth Marenghi hosts and presents this spoof comedy, which is presented as a lost classic from the 1980s. The show revolves around the mysterious occurrences that transpire at Darkplace Hospital. Dr. Rick Dagless, hospital administrator Thornton Reed, Dr. Lucien Sanchez and Dr. Liz Asher work together to fight against the evil spirits and entities that plague Darkplace Hospital. This parody of vintage horror television series also features interviews from the actors reflecting on their experiences of filming the show.

Channel 4
1 Season, 6 Episodes
January 29, 2004
Science Fiction, Comedy
Cast: Richard Ayoade, Matt Berry, Matthew Holness, Alice Lowe

Garth Marenghi's Darkplace Full Episode Guide

  • Dr. Sanchez falls in love with a patient infected with cosmic broccoli. Can Dagless save his buddy and the world?

  • A strange killer mist surrounds Darkplace, tartanning the hides of unwary travellers while phantom bagpipes play on regardless. Dr. Rick Dagless M.D. must face more than the music as he unravels the secret behind the mist's sudden appearance.

  • A terrible sickness is spreading from ward to ward as humans regress to a primal state. Dr. Rick Dagless M.D. must find out what's releasing the beast within us, and fast i.e., before it's too late. Or else.

  • The past is stirring in the halls of Darkplace, and that means Trouble. With a capital T. Something long dead has been reborn on B Wing. Is it a macabre sign, a terrible warning, or a sacred gift from the gods? The only thing that's certain is that it is a giant eye.

  • When the hospital chef is savagely attacked by a ladle, all clues point to an unknown attacker loose in the wards. But why are objects flying around of their own accord, attacking innocent civilians and disrupting hospital business?

  • Liz applies for a job at the hospital, and has a paranormal experience when she meets Dr. Sanchez.

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