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  • 2009
  • 1 Season
  • 7.6  (54)

Money War is a 20-episode Korean drama series that aired on SBS in 2007. The show stars Park Shin-yang as President Kim Gyu-pyeong, who is the CEO of a large corporation called One Network. The series is an intense look at the competitive world of corporate finance, as President Kim tries to ensure the survival of his company by taking on his rival, Chairman Jin of the W Group.

The story begins when President Kim learns that the W Group is planning a hostile takeover of One Network. The W Group, run by the ruthless Chairman Jin, is the largest conglomerate in Korea, and President Kim knows that he must fight back if he wants to protect his company from being taken over. The series then follows President Kim and his team as they use every tactic at their disposal to prevent the takeover, ranging from buying up shares, to planting spies within the W Group.

Throughout the series, President Kim faces a number of obstacles, including a potential scandal involving a factory worker who was killed due to poor working conditions, and the discovery that his own right-hand man may be secretly working for the W Group. He also has to deal with his own complicated personal life, including a strained relationship with his wife and a growing attraction to his new assistant. As President Kim navigates the complex world of corporate finance, he begins to realize that the stakes are much higher than he ever could have imagined, with not just his company, but his entire life on the line.

One of the standout features of Money War is its intense focus on the intricate world of corporate finance. The series takes an in-depth look at the tactics used by large corporations to gain control and manipulate the market, including insider trading, share buybacks, and media manipulation. The show is a fascinating look at the cutthroat world of Korean business, with political power struggles and alliances forming between powerful figures as they try to gain the upper hand in the corporate war.

At the heart of the series is Park Shin-yang's powerful portrayal of President Kim. The actor brings a gravitas and intensity to the role, perfectly capturing the character's steely determination and unwavering commitment to his company. President Kim is not a hero in the traditional sense, and throughout the series he makes some questionable moral choices in his quest to gain the upper hand. However, his strong convictions and fierce loyalty to his company make him an engaging protagonist, and viewers will find themselves rooting for him even as he crosses ethical lines.

Alongside Park Shin-yang, the rest of the cast of Money War delivers strong performances throughout the series. Lee Wan, who plays President Kim's assistant, brings a charming energy to the role, while Han Ji-hye's portrayal of President Kim's wife, Lee Soo-jin, is nuanced and complex. The show also features a number of impressive supporting actors, including Ryu Seung-soo as President Kim's rival Choi Sung-joon, and Lee Won-jong as his loyal bodyguard, Kang Man-soo.

Overall, Money War is an intense and engrossing drama that offers a unique glimpse into the world of Korean finance. The series' focus on corporate tactics may not be for everyone, but viewers who enjoy political thrillers and stories of ambitious power struggles will find much to enjoy here. Park Shin-yang's powerful performance as President Kim, combined with a strong supporting cast and an excellent script, make Money War a must-watch for fans of Korean drama.

Money War
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Money War 20
20. Money War 20
October 29, 2009
Geum Na Ra comes home to find that is apartment has been ransacked. However, he is not alone. After entering his apartment, Geum Na Ra is attacked by three debt collectors. Lee Cha Yeon arrives and notices that the apartment as been torn apart. Na Ra is nowhere to be found.
Money War 19
19. Money War 19
October 29, 2009
Lee Cha Yeon hits a man while driving with Na Ra. Na Ra insists that she tells everyone that he was the driver. At the hospital, the victims girlfriend demands settlement money. However, Na Ra knows that he does not have the money to pay. He has to turn to Lee Cha Yeon.
Money War 18
18. Money War 18
October 29, 2009
Geum Na Ra goes to pay off his debts. However, the debt collector is curious as to where he got his money. Geum Na Ra refuses to tell him where the money comes from. Lee Cha Yeon interrupts the conversion and begins asking Na Ra who the strange man is.
Money War 17
17. Money War 17
October 29, 2009
To protect Lee Cha Yeon, Geum Na Ra tells her that he no longer loves her. She is heartbroken and feels that she has been taken advantage of. While trying to get over Geum Na Ra, she finds herself a new job and possible new love interest. Geum Na Ra must win her back.
Money War 16
16. Money War 16
October 29, 2009
Geum Na Ra debates whether to take the bribe money from Lee Cha Yeon's father. After careful consideration, he decides to pass on the offer. He tells him that he will find another way to cover his debts. In the end, he must turn to Lee Cha Yeon for help.
Money War 15
15. Money War 15
October 29, 2009
Geum Na Ra goes to Lee Cha Yeon's grandmother for help. Instead of handing him over the money, she want him to help her bring down Blue Angel. In the mist of their conversation, Lee Cha Yeon bursts in and demands answers. She knows that he broke off their relationship because of money.
Money War 14
14. Money War 14
October 29, 2009
Geum Na Ra is attached by a loan shark while walking the streets. Lucky for him, Geum Na Ra is able to fight him off. However, the loan shark demands that Na Ra pays him back the money that he owes. Na Ra must not only pay back his debts, but his fathers as well.
Money War 13
13. Money War 13
October 29, 2009
Geum Na Ra arrives at the loan sharks home only to find him in a state of shock. However, Na Ra soon discovers that three other men have came to collect their money. When Na Ra explains that he does not have the money, they threaten to kill both him and his girlfriend.
Money War 12
12. Money War 12
October 29, 2009
When Na Ra arrives at the debt collectors home, he threatens to burn all of his money unless Lee Cha Yeon is released. During a heated argument. Na Ra discovers that his father killed himself because of the debt owed to the loan shark. This is information that Na Ra will not take lightly.
Money War 11
11. Money War 11
October 29, 2009
Lee Cha Yeon is accused of stealing money from a shady debt collector. He tells her that she and Geum Na Ra are planning to steal everything that he owns. After failing to tell the man were Na Ra is, the man attacks her with a stun gun. Na Ra saves the day.
Money War 10
10. Money War 10
October 29, 2009
Mr. Ma discovers the stamp that Na-Ra dropped in his office so he installed a CCTV to monitor the office when he is not there. While threatening Joo-Hee in the office, Na-Ra jumps out with the money and a lighter.
Money War 9
9. Money War 9
October 29, 2009
Cha-Yun finds out that her grandma, Ms. Lee, forced Na-Ra to break up with her and go into the illegal loan business. Na-Ra finally breaks the code to Mr. Ma's safe but he is almost caught.
Money War 8
8. Money War 8
October 29, 2009
Na-Ra decides not to kill Mr. Ma and leaves Seoul for a while but when he returns, he asks Mr. Ma for his job back. Na-Ra wants the job back as Mr. Ma hides all his money in his office and Na-Ra wants to find it.
Money War 7
7. Money War 7
October 29, 2009
Even though Eun-Jae is mad at her brother Na-Ra for entering the illegal loan business, she forgives him when he rescues her from working as a karaoke mistress. Na-Ra discovers that the man he is working for, Mr. Ma, is the man responsible for his father's death.
Money War 6
6. Money War 6
October 29, 2009
Cha-Yun enters the illegal loan business in an effort to help others in need rather than out of greed. Na-Ra pays Mr. Ma for Joo-Hee's debt so that she is now free from Mr. Ma.
Money War 5
5. Money War 5
October 29, 2009
In an effort to pay his own debts and the debts of Joo-Hee, Na Ra decides to take a job for Mr. Ma to collect a debt from gangster Kim Dong-Goo. Kim Dong-Goo kidnaps and beats Na-Ra for trying to collect the debt.
Money War 4
4. Money War 4
October 29, 2009
Joo-Hee does not go through with the wedding and instead, she steals a customer list from her employer and sells it to Ms. Lee so Ms. Lee can start her own corporation. Joo-Hee regrets her decision and asks Na-Ra to help her get back the money but he says no.
Money War 3
3. Money War 3
October 29, 2009
Na-Ra begins working for Ma-Dong-Po to collect debts for him without knowing Mr. Ma is the same man his parents borrowed money from. Na-Ra's friend Joo-Hee agrees to marry a man she does not love just to save her father from debt.
Money War 2
2. Money War 2
October 29, 2009
By now, Na-Ra is living on the streets as he spent all the money he borrowed on his mother's surgery. In order to rescue his sister from her own debt, Na-Ra agrees to work for the loan shark Dok Go-Chul.
Money War 1
1. Money War 1
October 29, 2009
Na-Ra's life falls apart when his father commits suicide over being in debt and Na-Ra has to find the money to pay for his mother's surgery. Na-Ra becomes greedy for money and breaks up with his girlfriend, Cha-Yun in his pursuit for riches.
  • Premiere Date
    October 29, 2009
  • IMDB Rating
    7.6  (54)