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KPOP Star 5 is the fifth season of the Korean-language reality show KPOP, where contestants compete to be declared the KPOP (Korean Pop) star of the year, winning 300 million South Korean won, two vehicles, several other prizes, and a job with the company of their choice. This season drew contestants from all over the world. It aired between November 2015 and April 2016 on the SBS network.

5 Seasons, 21 Episodes
November 22, 2015
International, Music, Reality

KPOP STAR 5 Full Episode Guide

  • A 10-month journey to find the new Kpop star made it all the way here through all the competitions! Who will be the winner of Kpop star season 5?

  • Survival audition K-pop star season 5. Top 4 contestants: Lee Si-eun, Lee So-jung, Ahn Ye-eun, MazingerS are now headed towards the finals!

  • The 4 teams that receive the highest score will forward to next week's live shows. Who will be the TOP 4 that will continue onto next week out of the TOP 6?

  • There are only 6 tickets to perform on the live stage! Repechage round performances began. Which of the 2 contestants will receive the votes from the viewer judges?

  • Last gateway into the live stages! The first part of TOP 8 1-on-1 competition finally begins. Which contestants will be able to perform on the live stage?

  • Group A's contest began! Two contestants must leave KPOP STAR today. Who will be the contestants that'll go up to top 8?

  • It is finally the day of TOP10 competition. It will be decided on this stage who'll continue to the live stages!

  • Time to decide the rankings! This round had unexpected regrettable performances due to vocal conditions. Their fate will soon be revealed.

  • Remaining contestants will compete their way into top 10. Who will be the contestants that'll go up to top 10?

  • Total 18 contestants will advance to the battle audition. On the other side of this barrier is TOP TEN! Who will take the place in the glorious top ten list?

  • Last week, despite throat problems , Si-eun & Mi-yeon showed an amazing performance. The incredible match, which team will be the winner?!

  • Finally, the day of the 3rd round. What kind of shocking, fierce matches await us? At least one person from the team has to go home.

  • Amazing collaboration of two artists with perfect vocal harmonies. And, surprising performances by teams made of unexpected combinations of contestants.

  • The team mission showcase is finally here! Surprising performance by teams made up of contestants unlikely to be together.

  • The group "sensibility" consists the most competitive contestants. What would happen to the remaining contestants?

  • Continuation of the reversal! Everyone would be eliminated or passed on Second Advanced-Round Ranking Audition!

  • It's now time for the Second Advanced-Round Ranking Audition! Who will be the last great singer in this competition?

  • Season 5 begins! Who will be the next K-pop star?

  • Season 5 begins! Who will be the next K-pop star?