Lovers in Paris

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The story of Lovers in Paris focuses on a young woman named Tae Young who is currently working on her latest screenplay for an upcoming movie. While in Paris, she meets Gi Ju and Soo Hyuk in a restaurant her friend is working at. Later on, both Tae Young and Soo Hyuk become good friend. One day, things take a turn for the worst when her friend Gi Ju asks Tae Young to pretend to be his fiance, due to unknown work reasons. While this happens, all three friends are forced to return to Korea.

While in Korea, both Gi Ju and Soo Hyuk start to develop a close relationshio with Tae Young, to the point where they develop serious feelings for her. Surprisingly, Gi Ju later reveals that he is really the uncle of Soo Hyuk and they have grown up just like best friends over the years.

Unfortunately, their feelings for Tae Young intensify so much that it begins to harm most of the people around them.

1 Season, 20 Episodes
December 14, 2009
Cast: Kim Jung-eun
Lovers in Paris

Lovers in Paris Full Episode Guide

  • Tae Young leaves Ki Joo behind and moves to Paris, but Ki Joo eventually follows her there after two years. They reunite in front of a fountain after Ki Joo makes a wish to see her again and agree that they would have ended up together no matter what.

  • GD Motor's President, Han Ki-Joo lives in Paris after his marrige fails. His house keeper, Kang Tae-young is also a directors daugther and attending school in Paris. Han Ki-Joo's nephew, Yoon Soo-hyuk also moves in after her drops out of school in the US.

  • Yoon Ah threatens Tae Young with blackmail if she doesn't break off her engagement to Ki Joo. Tae Young discovers that Ki Joo was born out of wedlock and that his father is actually his grandfather, his sister is actually his mother and his nephew is actually his brother.

  • Yoon Soo Hyuk confronts Kang Tae Young, and she follows him when he leaves in an attempt to finish the conversation. Gossip regarding Kang Tae Young causes Yoon Soo Hyuk to reprimand girls in the office, and Kang Tae Young finds him at her home when she returns.

  • Tae Young is invited to Ki Joo's house by his parents but only as a way to let her know that she's too different from their family and unwanted in their household. Soo Hyug traps Tae Young and tells her that he won't ever let her go.

  • Han Ki Joo and Kang Tae Young go on their honeymoon. Han’s secretary, Choi, is ordered to follow Kang Tae Young and report her every move. Han Ki Joo confronts Yoon Soo Hyuk, and Kang Tae Young prepares to attend a dinner at the Han residence.

  • Yoon Soo Hyuk and Han Ki Joo argue over Han Ki Joo’s intentions. Yoon Soo Hyuk confronts Kang Tae Young and the argument leads him to get drunk. Ronian and Yoon Soo Hyuk discuss how love causes pain as Han Ki Joo arrives to drop off Kang Tae Young.

  • President Han embarrasses Kang Tae Young in front of Han Ki Joo and Yoon Soo Hyuk. Han Ki Joo decides it is time to change his relationship with Kang Tae Young and is quite demanding. Yoon Soo Hyuk confronts Han Ki Joo in the middle of a meeting.

  • A lovesick Yoon Soo Hyuk confronts Han Ki Joo about his feelings for Kang Tae Young, and Han Ki Joo’s shocking reply sends Yoon Soo Hyuk reeling. Kang Tae Young receives a call from President Han, and Yang-mi suspects that he may offer Kang Tae Young a bribe.

  • Yoon Ah tricks Tae Young into coming to a club where Ki Joo is attending with a few other people. Ki Joo kisses an upset Tae Young after she tearfully admits that she didn't want to be an embarrassment to him because of her looks.

  • Han Ki Joo introduces Kang Tae Young to his father, but Yoon Soo Hyuk is listening nearby. Yoon Soo Hyuk makes a request of Han Ki Joo. Han Ki Joo and Kang Tae Young discuss their relationship, and Yoon Soo Hyuk and Han Ki Joo discuss her over drinks.

  • Han Ki Joo runs away from his obligations and asks Kang Tae Young to hide him from his father. Surrounded by Kang Tae Young’s family, Han Ki Joo attempts to be friendly. Yoon Soo Hyuk discovers Han Ki Joo’s car at Kang Tae Young’s home.

  • Yoon Soo Hyuk surprises Kang Tae Young with a package at work. Han Ki Joo whisks Kang Tae Young away for a quiet moment alone, but they are interrupted by Yoon Soo Hyuk. At Yoon Soo Hyuk’s insistence, the trio have lunch, causing Kang Tae Young to feel uncomfortable.

  • Ki Joo finally apologizes to Tae Young, and defends her when she gets into trouble with a customer while working as a waitress. Ki Joo later offers Tae Young a job at GD Motors.

  • Tae Young is fired by Ki Joo because of a misunderstanding, he soon hires her back as long as she pretends to be his girlfriend at a company party. The two dance at the party. It turns out to be Ki Joo's birthday and they later talk over cake at his house.

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