How to Meet a Perfect Neighbor

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How to Meet a Perfect Neighbor is a South Korean romantic comedy series that was released in 2007. The series follows a playboy who ends up seducing a woman while on vacation only to find out that she is his neighbor, and that she actually works for his father

1 Season, 20 Episodes
December 14, 2009
Cast: Bae Doona, Kim Seung-woo, Wang Ji-hye, Park Shi Hoo
How to Meet a Perfect Neighbor

How to Meet a Perfect Neighbor Full Episode Guide

  • Mr. Byun confesses he killed Soo Yun as a way of finding Go Ni's location. As he leaves for the United States, Soo Chan learns how much he means to Yoon Hee.

  • Joon Suk’s fiance tells him that they have to marry soon or there will be consequences. A police investigator is surprised as he discovers Soo Yun's connection to the twins.

  • Yoon Hee lets Joon Suk know that any problems they encounter must be solved as a couple. Mi Hee announces that she is going to marry Go Ni’s father.

  • Yoon Hee and Mi Hee fight about the way their lives are going. Duk Sil and Soo Chan discuss the fact that Yoon Hee is currently dating the project manager.

  • An upset Duk Gil finds himself in bed with Mi Hee. One of the employees is attacked after revealing that he saw something in the safe that he should have no knowledge about.

  • Yoon Hee will receive an apartment if she agrees to become Joon Suk’s mistress but the entire situation bothers her. An employee overhears custodians discussing a secret safe in the CEO’s office.

  • Soo Chan and Yoon Hee are attacked but the criminals know Yoon Hee’s name. Information reveals that Joon Suk is Soo Yun's brother and Gu Ni is her son.

  • Mr.Byun angrily blames an employee for finding information that brings authorities to the company. Joon Suk reveals his love for Yoon Hee as he asks her to be with him.

  • Soo Chan is warned to be more conservative with his spending since money is low. Joon Suk has a hard time imaging a marriage like the one his parents have.

  • Duk Gil asks the investigator of Soo Yun’s murder about the current status of his case. Yoon Hee faces accusations that she is trying to steal Mi Hee's boyfriend.

  • Yoon Hee passes her test but receives the lowest grade among the employees. Baek Soo Chan applies for a job with Yoon Hee’s company in order to qualify for company housing.

  • Facing the prospect of eviction, Duk Gil wants to know if Baek saved any money from his time as gigolo. Yoon Hee goes out to dinner with the president of the company.

  • Authorities question Baek after pictures connect him to the murdered girl. One of the neighbors goes to live with his parents and the change causes many people in the neighborhood to talk.

  • Yoon Hee tells her neighbors which of their husbands got promoted at the company. As the Chairman’s condition continues to grow worse, his son reveals personal information to Yoon Hee.

  • A woman who works in the payroll department faces serious inquiries about her connection to the murder victim. Joon Suk questions his arranged marriage after events occur at a party.

  • Yoon Hee takes over as the secretary for a company's president but there are questions about her abilities. Authorities search for information on the murder victim using phone numbers listed in her cell phone.

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