My Love From Another Star

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It's 1609 when Do Min Joon has crash landed on Earth. With no way back to his home planet, he stays on Earth observing the human race for centuries. Because Min Joon is equipped with mouth-drooling looks, super speed, vision and hearing, he has an egotistical opinion when it comes to human beings. This world is not what he thought when he meets the famous and gorgeous actress Cheon Song Yi.

During his stay on planet Earth, he falls in love with young, troubled girl until she suffers an untimely death. Min Joon continues his life in solitude, changing his identity and staging his death every decade.

400 years after his abrupt landing, he lands a job as a college professor. It's the modern, present day where he meets Cheon Song Yi who not only is famous and beautiful and lacks discipline and a structured life but she reminds him of the young girl he once loved. Min Joon soon learns that he has a limited time on Earth and he tries to deny his growing feelings for Cheon Song Yi. Troubled, with many dysfunctional issues, Cheon Song Yi also tries to fight the urges to fall for Min Joon.

1 Season, 21 Episodes
December 18, 2013
Cast: Ji-Hyun Jun, Soo-hyun Kim, Hae-Jin Park, In-Na Yoo
My Love From Another Star

My Love From Another Star Full Episode Guide

  • Do Min Joon's departure is too difficult to bear for Song Yi, even three years later.

  • With one week left before he leaves, Song Yi and Min Joon spend each day as if they had seventy more years left together.

  • Hee Kyung must find a way to stop Jae Kyung before he himself ends up on his brother's hit list. Song Yi discovers the price Min Joon must pay if he stays with her.

  • In Joon's powers are weakening the longer he stays on Earth. Hee Kyung learns his brother's true self but it will be more tricky than it seems to have him pay for his crimes

  • Hee Kyung won't stop until he finds his sister-in-law and uncovers his brother's dark secrets. Song Yi and Min Joon can't deal with the fact that he'll need to leave in a month.

  • The Honnouji Academy Cultural & Sports Grand Festival comes to a very unexpected end! Battle lines are drawn and Ryuko must decide who is friend and who is foe. But will she have the power to resist the power of the Life Fiber?

  • Song Yi recovers from her injuries but Hee Kyung is still in a coma. Min Joon can't stay away from protecting Song Yi.

  • It's a game to the death between Min Joon and Jae Kyung.

  • Min Joon is doing his best to distance himself from Song Yi and hold up his end of the deal with Jae Kyung.

  • Song Yi refuses to hear what Se Mi has to say about her savior from 12 years ago. Min Joon recovers from his injuries but realizes that his heart is now broken.

  • Jae Kyung will go at any lengths to get Song Yi and Min Joon. Jae Kyung begins to view his brother in a different light.

  • Min Joon gets ill after he shares a kiss with Song Yi. Se Mi chooses to finally meet Min Joon for herself.

  • Song Yi thinks stress is contributing to her "hallucinations" of Min Joon saving her. The investigation intensifies as witnesses to Jae Kyung and Yoo Ra's relationship begin to disappear.

  • As the threats build up, Song Yi turns to Min Joon for help. He slowly becomes more human-like by being around her so often, and consents to be her temporary manager.

  • Following the Han Yoo Ra scandal, Song Yi postpones renewing her contract with her management.

  • When an actress dies from an accident, Song Yi is immediately the target for blame. She seeks refuge in Min Joon's apartment, uncovering secrets that he'd like to keep buried.

  • Song Yi suffers from appendicitis forcing Min Joon to take her to the hospital. He takes the opportunity to protect her from his premonition.

  • Min Joon embarrasses Song Yi in public while she films for a documentary special about her daily life.

  • Do Min Joon is an alien who landed in Korea 400 years ago who just discovers that he has only three months left on Earth. However that is when he meets Cheon Song Yi, the biggest Hallyu star in Korea.