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  • 2008
  • 1 Season
  • 6.4  (1,502)

Samurai Girl is a TV mini-series that aired on FreeForm in 2008, based on the popular young adult novel series by Carrie Asai. The show stars Jamie Chung as Heaven, a young woman who discovers she is the daughter of a powerful and wealthy Japanese businessman, Ishikawa, played by Anthony Wong. Heaven is devastated when her father is murdered, and she sets out on a journey to uncover the truth behind his death and claim her rightful inheritance.

Heaven is not your typical heiress, though; she has been trained in the martial arts and is an expert swordswoman. She is accompanied on her journey by her loyal and handsome bodyguard, Jake, played by Brendan Fehr, as well as her father's former employee and family friend, Gwen, played by Stacy Keibler. Together, the three of them must navigate a world of danger and intrigue as they search for the truth about Ishikawa's death.

The show is set in a world of wealth and privilege, with lavish locations and high fashion playing a prominent role. However, there is also a darker side to this world, with secrets and betrayals lurking around every corner. As Heaven begins to uncover the truth about her father's death, she realizes that there is more at stake than just her inheritance. She must also confront the demons of her family's past and learn to trust those around her, even when they may have been part of the conspiracy that led to her father's demise.

One of the standout elements of Samurai Girl is the action-packed fight scenes. Jamie Chung shines as Heaven, and her martial arts training is clearly on display as she takes on a variety of bad guys throughout the series. The fight choreography is well-executed, and the battles are intense and exciting to watch.

The show also has a strong emotional core, with themes of family and loyalty running throughout. As Heaven delves deeper into her father's past, she must come to terms with the truth of who he was and what he stood for. Along the way, she also learns more about herself and what she is capable of, both as a warrior and as a person.

Overall, Samurai Girl is an enjoyable and engaging TV mini-series that combines elements of action, drama, and mystery. The cast is strong, and the story is compelling, with plenty of twists and turns to keep viewers guessing. While the show only ran for one season, it has become a cult favorite among fans who appreciate its unique blend of Japanese culture, martial arts, and coming-of-age themes.

Samurai Girl is a series that is currently running and has 1 seasons (12 episodes). The series first aired on September 5, 2008.

Samurai Girl
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Samurai Girls - 12 - The Goodbye Kiss
12. Samurai Girls - 12 - The Goodbye Kiss
July 2, 1905
Samurai Girls - 12 - The Goodbye Kiss
Samurai Girls - 11 - The Samurai From France
11. Samurai Girls - 11 - The Samurai From France
January 1, 2010
While the larger picture becomes clearer, Yoshihiko and and his army of genetic freaks go from looming shadow to possible savior of Japan. Meanwhile, Muneakira finds a new power within himself, and along with his trusted Samurai, they steel themselves for the fight ahead.
Samurai Girls - 10 - The Prison of the Evil Eye
10. Samurai Girls - 10 - The Prison of the Evil Eye
January 1, 2010
While Gisen has Muneakira trapped in the depths of his own mind, Yoshihiko's return has thrown the girls for a loop...what are his true intentions, and how will the group rescue Muneakira from Gisen's grasp?
Samurai Girls - 09 - The Return of the General
9. Samurai Girls - 09 - The Return of the General
January 1, 2010
Yoshihiko makes his long awaited (dreaded?) return. Gisen lets her true colors be known, much to Jubei's dismay. A new threat arises, and the shadow looming over Great Japan begins to take shape!
Samurai Girls - 08 - The Slave of the Kiss
8. Samurai Girls - 08 - The Slave of the Kiss
January 1, 2010
In order to fill out their ranks, Yukimura and Sen urge Matabei and Hanzo to kiss Muneakira to become Master Samurai, even though the two girls are hesitant to do so. All of that is shoved to the background, however, when a mysterious girl falls from the sky, in the same way that Jubei did.
Samurai Girls - 07 - The Shadow Over Great Japan
7. Samurai Girls - 07 - The Shadow Over Great Japan
January 1, 2010
Hanzo, after realizing how much Sen has changed, wonders if she is still needed. When an invisible enemy attacks, their bond is put to the test, and Hanzo decides she must protect the princess at all costs!
Book of the Shadow
6. Book of the Shadow
September 7, 2008
Karen kidnaps Cheryl in hopes Heaven will follow which will set the wheels in motion to fulfill Heaven's prophesized powers.
Book of the Shadow (1)
5. Book of the Shadow (1)
September 7, 2008
Heaven begins to suspect Karen's loyalty, and tries to warn Jake, but arrives too late.
Book of the Heart
4. Book of the Heart
September 6, 2008
Heaven needs to reunite with her family to get some important information, so she hatches a plan to get Cheryl and Otto invited to a family dinner so they can distract her father while she gets the information she needs.
Book of the Heart (1)
3. Book of the Heart (1)
September 6, 2008
Someone from Jake's past reappears and causes friction between Heaven and Jake, while Heaven must make a decision between Jake and Severin.
The Book of the Sword (2)
2. The Book of the Sword (2)
September 5, 2008
With the help of Jake, Heaven continues her samurai traing and also discovers secrets about herself and her family.
The Book of the Sword (1)
1. The Book of the Sword (1)
September 5, 2008
Heaven and her family prepare for her arranged marriage, which is interupted by a brutal attack ending in her brother's death. Heaven escapes and searches out her late brother's friend, Jake, and begins her samurai training.
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  • Premiere Date
    September 5, 2008
  • IMDB Rating
    6.4  (1,502)