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America's Funniest Home Videos is a classic TV show that aired throughout the 90's and into the 2000's. This was the beginning of the "home video" craze that now exists on YouTube and all throughout the internet. The show was hosted by Bob Saget and was always able to bring on the laughs. He was a professional actor/comedian and was arguably the perfect host for the show. After a few new hosts, the show is now hosted by Tom Bergeron and continues to be a big hit.

What Are The Videos About?

The show has a very simple concept of airing videos that people send in and only the funniest videos are showed. There are several segments of the show that continue to be played even though they are considered old. However, the videos are always new and people still send in their home videos to hopefully win the grand prize.

What Did The Owners Of The Videos Get?

In some selected episodes, certain videos were chosen as $10,000 winners. This was great incentive for those that had a camera and wanted to win some extra money. People were now always looking to catch something on camera and this was something that changed the generation. Parents would constantly keep taking video and would often catch a few funny accidents. In return, the video owners would have the chance to even win the $100,000 grand prize that went to one winner a year.

How Are The Videos Decided?

The videos were chosen as the winner by voting. The general public would either vote through the phone or the internet and this helped make the interaction with the viewers. There were other special contests during the series and they would have different names like "Battle Of The Best" and "Dancing Machine." These contests were very enjoyable and the audiences just chose which one they liked the most.

America's Funniest Home Videos started in 1990 and it slowly became everyone's favorite show. After being on air for more than 20 years, the show is still going strong and is one of the most influential shows of this generation. Though the show's concept is found on other platforms like the internet, there is still nothing like watching home videos on ABC and just sitting back and having a good laugh.

Sunday 7:00 PM et/pt on ABC
28 Seasons, 643 Episodes
November 26, 1989
Cast: Jess Harnell, Tom Bergeron, Bob Saget, Ernie Anderson
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America's Funniest Home Videos Full Episode Guide

  • It's parents lip-synching to their kids' tantrums, sisters who get emotional when they discover their new puppy and a mother discovering her twins covered the house in flour.

  • It's a winter-themed episode full of blunders involving snow skiing, sledding and snow angel mishaps, basketball tricks, and a bear walking into a house to steal a bottle of ammonia.

  • Children afraid of the Easter Bunny, egg hunts and birthday mishaps including a dog who makes off with a mouthful of cash his owner just received.

  • An excited dog tackles a kid when he gets home from school, a stubborn bird refuses to budge from a car hood even while driving, and parents lip-synching to their kid's tantrums.

  • Don't miss hilarious football follies, adorable hamsters and curious bears.

  • Annoyed siblings; dogs in slo-mo; and a girl who believes her dad's laser pointer is Tinkerbell.

  • This week's videos include a little girl who thinks a photo of George Washington is her Aunt Marsha, a little boy ordering "Alexa" to play music until his mom informs him he doesn't own an "Alexa," a baby accidentally orders $900 concert tickets from his aunt's phone, and hilarious goats caught on camera.

  • Kids say the darndest things, don't they? This week's funny clips include a little boy who describes his girlfriend as being a bit prehistoric; a dog who leaps from a boat to join a dolphin for a swim; and a squirrel who has its eye on a birdfeeder but has a difficult time making it up the slippery pole.

  • Holiday-themed clips include an ugly Christmas sweater that lights up and shorts the electricity in the house, and a toddler who tries to jump on the photo of the mini-trampoline she got for Christmas. Also, a little boy obliviously walks around his Christmas gift without realizing it's right in front of him, a little girl is afraid of a face filter that turns her into a witch, and a dog's collar gets entangled in the dishwasher causing a kitchen calamity.

  • This week's video highlights feature holiday-themed clips

  • Clips include folks with bad luck, such as a runaway tire and a leaky sunroof in a car wash. Also: kids impressed by magic tricks; a macho guy confronted by bats in his attic.

  • Clips include a "Kids Say" package, which features a birthday girl whose wishes for a better cake; and a brother whose piano practice is interrupted by his sisters with their funny dance interpretation. Also: mishaps between dads and their daughters.

  • Halloween-themed clips include kids' reactions to scary decorations; pets in funny costumes; a battle between a trick-or-treater and an animatronic hand; and a musical tribute to people getting scared. Also: Funny Face Swaps; a jealous monkey at the zoo.

  • Clips include snow-themed blunders and talented cats. Also: a boy who thinks he got his dimples at the library; a little girl who prefers the local drug store over an amusement park; and mishaps occurring while people wear virtual-reality goggles.

  • Mishaps in the Great Outdoors.

  • The season's two $100,000 winners vie for the grand prize; videos include a girl crying that she wants a new dad, a boy trying to pull out a tooth with a drone and a cat trying to swipe a woman's food.

  • Nine finalists go head to head for a $100,000 prize and the opportunity to contend against the season’s first $100,000 prize winner for the grand prize.

  • Clips feature a hilarious series of Face Swaps; snow-related mishaps, including a girl who makes a snow angel only to realize a moment too late that a dog had just been in the same spot; a little girl who is devastated when she learns that Pluto is no longer a planet; a driver who attempts to get cows to move out of the road, much to the cows' amusement; and a toddler who is left with a very wet face after being overcome by 14 puppies.

  • Clips include "Dad Fails" featuring one dad with a toy train stuck in his hair.

  • Clips feature workforce practical jokes, including one played on a woman in a medical office who is confronted by a hanging skeleton, a big bucket of curry stew overturns in the trunk of a man's car and he tries to spoon it out with a ladle, an ostrich at a safari park grabs and swallows an air freshener from a car, and a grandma faces her fear of sharks in the most hilarious way during a virtual reality experience.

  • Clips highlight hilarious wedding occasions including a best man who passes out and takes the entire wedding arch down with him, and uncommon fails for people trying the "Mannequin Challenge."

  • Clips include people surprised in funny ways; entertaining statements from children; a wife tapes her husband laughing hysterically in his sleep; and "Animals Stealing Hats Versus Stilts."

  • Clips feature an entertaining package of dogs in slow motion; a lady catches a bird in her house then releases it outside, only to see it fly immediately back into her home; a music montage including silly things involving teeth, as well as inventive ways children pull out loose teeth.

  • Clips feature funny face filters, a very brave but small puppy attempting to keep a much bigger Great Dane dog away from his food, a video package of silly cats causing trouble, etc.

  • Clips show ladies in a car understandably terrified when buffaloes attempt to get their food, a little boy's sticky face off with a llama, a brother who can't conceal his disappointment at his sister's first music recital, a little one lying about eating any candy despite the trail of chocolate covering his face, and a toddler who gets very worried when his father borrows the corn cob he is eating.

  • Clips fighting for the first $100,000 prize of the season.

  • Clips feature babies who resemble emojis, a little boy who is found hiding beneath a chair devouring chocolate treats, a dad who learns his toddler has made a snowstorm in her room with baby powder, and more.

  • Christmas-themed snippets feature a lady who is really disappointed when she gets bacon-scented dryer sheets for Christmas, a little girl who is excited to receive an onion, staples and tape for Christmas, a resourceful toddler who sneakily uses a broom handle to remove a candy cane from the Christmas tree and then hides it for later, a section named "Kids Breaking Christmas Ornaments Versus Santas Falling Down Stairs."

  • Clips include a cat who is scared by a rubber snake, a dog who is frightened of a laundry basket, a boy who uses a remote controlled helicopter to extract his loose tooth, a package involving silly sneezes including twin infants who sneeze repeatedly as if choreographed, a wild snapping turtle who takes a ball from a dog and flees into a river, and "Name That Sound."

  • Clips include a lady who attempts to order hotel room service from a lamp, a teen who receives a new phone for her birthday and instantly drops it, a grouping of funny faces in slo-mo, an oblivious lady vacuums but doesn't know the hose isn't attached, and a remote-controlled car that make a cat leap sky high when it moves.

  • Clips include a hesitant skier who gets a helpful push from his sister, a guy who attempts to kill a bug on a window with a baseball bat, funny face swaps, a small outfielder who can't stop dancing during baseball practice, and a segment known as "Great Moments in Bad Ideas."

  • Clips include children who break open a pinata at a party only to find it is full of vegetables and get very upset, a very picky bulldog who will only eat nacho cheese-flavored chips, a music montage showing very funny goats, and a bridesmaid's hilarious reaction when she discovers that she forgot to bring the rings to the ceremony.

  • Halloween videos include two children whose top-heavy costumes cause them to fall over; a kid who has a hard time keeping up with his buddies, because his costume is too bulky; a boy who invents a creative way to eat supper while wearing a big mask; and other themed videos such as "Dog Park"; showing a dog who decides he wants to catch a ride with a random passerby.

  • Clips include a cat nipping its owner in the backside during a game of leap frog, a segment showing kids giving hilarious commentary, people reacting to silly social media filters, and a workplace evacuation generated by a guy who burned his bagel in the toaster.

  • Clips include a series of pranks, including a mom who gives her kids special lollipops made out of broccoli, a music montage starring cats causing chaos, a package of slo-mo mishaps, a man who loses his pants while being chased by a goose, and a little girl who denies eating cotton candy even though she has pieces of it in her hair.

  • Clips include a teenager recovering from dental surgery who is convinced her nurse was Hilary Clinton, a woman in labor trying to distract herself by dancing hip hop in the delivery room, a boy trying to return his neighbor's wind-blown garbage can, a hover board music montage, and some face-swapping videos.

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