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This comedy series gathers together viewer-submitted home videos of spontaneous, funny events. Having debuted on ABC in 1990 during era of VHS home videos, the series has remained popular even through the era of YouTube and ubiquitous funny videos online. Originally hosted by Bob Saget, the series has had several different hosts over the years; it is currently hosted by Alfonso Ribeiro.

America's Funniest Home Videos is a series that is currently running and has 31 seasons (704 episodes). The series first aired on January 21, 1990.

Where do I stream America's Funniest Home Videos online? America's Funniest Home Videos is available for streaming on ABC, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch America's Funniest Home Videos on demand at Disney+, Amazon, Hulu, Vudu, FuboTV, Microsoft Movies & TV, Google Play, Apple TV, ABC online.

Sunday 7:00 PM et/pt on ABC
31 Seasons, 704 Episodes
January 21, 1990
Cast: Tom Bergeron
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America's Funniest Home Videos Full Episode Guide

  • A little boy blames a ghost for ripping upholstery; snoring dogs; a birthday boy gets pranked by biting into a chocolate covered raw egg; families failing at the Whipped Cream Challenge.

  • Kids and animals making messes, including a little boy who covers the dog in parmesan cheese, twin toddlers who don't like the face filter that turned them into old men, and the outrageous things people say in the recovery room.

  • Ten finalists go head-to-head for the season's first $100,000 prize; hijinks during distance learning and unlikely mishaps.

  • A son gets his arm stuck in a vase.

  • Kids and animals sneaking food, featuring a little boy who eats an entire block of cheese, cats causing chaos and a man who tries to repair his bad haircut unsuccessfully.

  • Hilarity at drive-through safaris, featuring a camel who uses a side-view mirror to relieve an itch, a man trying to chase a muskrat out of his garage and mishaps resulting from people being distracted by their smart phones.

  • A holiday-themed episode featuring a little girl's hilarious reaction to getting a new puppy for Christmas; a dog has wrapping paper stuck to its mouth; funny prank videos.

  • A long-running series showcasing funny (or odd) home videos, often featuring kids or pets doing weird things (with the studio audience voting cash prizes to the best clips).

  • Tune in to see hilarious moments including a little girl who emphatically denies eating ice cream despite the evidence on her face, a donkey who manages to lock a man in a barn and a salute to seniors.

  • Kitchen catastrophes, featuring a little boy who gets pancake mix everywhere; a teen pranks her father into thinking she broke their new television; birthday party mishaps.

  • Home science experiments going awry; a dog ruins a little girl's air pressure hold test; influence flubs; people scared by birds.

  • Catch a special Halloween episode of "America's Funniest Home Videos," with highlights including a dog who is scared of a giant inflatable cat on the neighbor's lawn, a grandma pranked when her grandbaby is replaced with a zombie doll and animals in funny costumes.

  • Don't miss the hazards of working from home, including teachers being interrupted in funny ways while trying to teach virtually, parents attempting the "Toddler Temptation Challenge" and the funny things kids imitate after watching their parents.

  • The two $100,000 winners of season 30 go head-to-head to compete for the grand prize; a dad who discovers his toddler has thrown his money and credit cards in the toilet; a toddler handcuffs his baby brother's legs together.

  • Basketball blunders; curious cats.

  • Birthday blunders, including a little girl who wishes her birthday occurred every year; dogs with human hands; a little boy with bubbles coming out of his mouth denies taking a taste of shampoo.

  • Kids are featured who are excited for dumb reasons, like a little boy who is thrilled by online vacuum shopping; a little girl who has a unique approach to making cookies; and a musical tribute to pets.

  • Sink-sprayer gags.

  • A little girl wants to be a “mommy” so she can boss everyone around, kids stink at hide-and-seek, and an influencer’s toddler runs off with her camera in the middle of her video recording.

  • Wedding mishaps, including a ring bearer who becomes upset with the flower girl, a dog who's afraid of bananas, and a chicken who shows its displeasure for a man repairing the coop.

  • A scuba diver is pranked with a rubber snake; a cat attacks its owner every time she sings a lullaby; and a little girl has a surprising reaction to getting her ears pierced.

  • Watch kids getting upset for dumb reasons, including a girl who steps on a marshmallow and thinks it’s a slug, birthday mishaps, and “Literal Kids” featuring a little girl who tries to buy an app by putting money on her tablet.

  • Don't miss donkeys giving chase, a teen who thinks her face has been removed after dental surgery, and two little girls saying a traumatic goodbye to their tablet.

  • Pregnancy announcement reactions.

  • 10 finalists go head-to-head for a $100,000 prize. This week's videos also include a musical tribute to golf gaffes and a woman who walks while texting falls through a hole in the floor.

  • Don't miss a woman who finds a plastic cockroach in her bowl of chips; videos featuring twins; and Recovery Room Ramblers, including a teen who thinks her tongue has fallen out of her mouth after dental surgery. Plus, a little girl hides under the table to prevent her mom from seeing her eat ice cream; and a little girl that doesn't want to grow up because she doesn't want to eat salad.

  • Alfonso Ribeiro puts the spotlight on some hilarious videos and clips.

  • Gender reveal mishaps, kids astonished by magic tricks, and a grown man who is very excited when he hears the neighborhood ice cream truck.

  • It's a Thanksgiving celebration on "America's Funniest Home Videos," including a woman who is grossed out by having to prepare a turkey for dinner and a little boy who is thankful for dinosaurs; plus, selfies gone wrong and people getting scared.

  • People who are baffled by simple riddles and hair problems, including a woman who loses her wig on an amusement park ride, and people getting stuck in things.

  • A little girl is tricked into cracking a raw egg on her head; kids have imaginative excuses for their misbehavior, and parents lip-sync to their kids' tantrums.

  • Dogs get spooked by costumes.

  • Gender reveals go upside down. Funny cats get a musical tribute.

  • Magic tricks go awry; a dog delivers a beer to his owner and then steals his pizza; kids get upset for dumb reasons, including a little boy who cries over his mom's haircut; and birthday parties reveal mishaps.

  • A dad discovers his toddler has covered himself and the backseat with Nutella; a couple locked out of their house encourages their dog to unlock the door from the inside; parents trick their daughters into thinking they're taking a limo to school.

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