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The drama series entitled Kingdom of the Winds was centered on the life, experiences and challenges of King Muhyul. He was also known by the people as the god of wars. King Muhyul had an inborn desire to murder all his relatives including his parents, brothers and sisters and even his own children. In addition to that he also had to completely ruin his country. This was believed to be a supernatural curse on him even before he was born.

King Muhyul was raised out of the palace as per the instructions of his father who instructed one of his sons Haemyung to take Muhyul out of the palace. Muhyul was taken to Hae-ap with whom he lived till he was twenty years old. Many people including himself didn't know who he truly was.

Muhyul grew up learning many things in one of the caves of Jumomg where Hae his host was working. Muhyul however did not enjoy this lifestyle. A very old man in the locality known as Dae-so became interested in stealing and owning a sword known as the Sword of Jumomg. It was believed at the time that anyone in possession of the sword would become the leader of the locality.

Dae-so in his attempts to possess the sword trained some men whom he later on sent to the cave to get it. The men were upon their arrival at the cave met Muhyul and his friend Maro who got into a serious fight with them to stop them from getting the sword. However at the end of it all Muhyul in his interest to save the life of his teacher went and got the sword and gave it to the men. Everyone was surprised that he was able to do so especially Hae who wanted to know how Muhyul managed to get the sword.

The characters in the drama comprised well known and talented actors and actresses including Song Gook starring as Prince Muhyul, Choi Jung-won starring as Princess Yeon, Kim Jung Hwa starring as Princess Lee, Park Geon-hyeong starring as Prince Dojin, Jeong Jin-yeong.

The 36 episode drama was written by the joint efforts of Kim Jin, Choi Wan, Park Jin and Jung Jin. It was directed by Kang Soo.

The Kingdom of the Winds is a series that is currently running and has 1 seasons (36 episodes). The series first aired on September 10, 2008.

The Kingdom of the Winds is available for streaming on the website, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch The Kingdom of the Winds on demand at, Viki online.

1 Season, 36 Episodes
September 10, 2008
Cast: Song Il-guk
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The Kingdom of the Winds Full Episode Guide

  • Goguryeo's military burn with combativeness following the gruesome death of Maro.

  • The detached force led by Goeyu and Maro dominating Buyeo's border guards signals the start of the last war.

  • Dojin falters as he intuitively knows Muhyul came to Buyeo to reclaim his wife and son. Muhyul is also distressed.

  • Muhyul is devastated after finding out that Yeon and Hodong are living with Dojin in Buyeo.

  • Instead of killing Baegeuk, Muhyul makes Baegeuk his slave.

  • As his predecessors, king Yuri with only his last minutes remaining, heads to Oesindang to conceal his death from his subjects.

  • Baegeuk succeeds in driving king Daeso out.

  • Finally Baegeuk gains control of Guknae castle.

  • King Yuri leaves the palace to meet Sanga who lies sick in bed.

  • In the heat of preparations for conquest, Dojin and Baegeuk's plan to rebel is in progress.

  • Muhyul and Yeoni who meet again as Goguryeo's crown prince and Buyeo's princess gaze at each other with sorrowful eyes.

  • Dojin informs king Daeso of his plans to overthrow Goguryeo, and king Daeso grants royal permission.

  • Muhyul goes to Dojin and begs Dojin to help him find Yeon.

  • Owing to Muhyul's miserable defeat, the chance of victory is handed over to Buyeo.

  • Muhyul who was returning to Guknae castle comes face to face with his assassin.

  • Muhyul purposely provokes king Daeso.

  • Muhyul who has become a prince advise Yeoni to enter the royal palace to guard her from the Heukyoung.

  • As the outbreak of the mysterious unidentified epidemic spreads further, king Yuri also is poisoned and his life hangs by a thread.

  • King Yuri is terrified after hearing about the ghost of the dead prince on top along with the disasters happening around the country.

  • King Yuri saves Muyul's life by taking all risks.

  • Princess Seryu begin to follow Dojin who holds the necklace she gave to her deceased brother.

  • King Yuri incurs conflict with Jaegahoei by changing the frontier guards to the Gisan tribe.

  • Yeoni treats Muhyul's badly hurt leg, and feels there is an unbreakable thread between herself and Muhyul.

  • Muhyul howls at King Yuri.

  • Muhyul falls in reminisce as he stops by Pyeongcheonbeol on his way to Goguryeo to assassinate king Yuri.

  • As Sagu closes in to remove Takrok, Dojin is tested by king Daeso.

  • Yeon comes to the rescue of Muhyul.

  • The subjects of Goguryeo are brutally massacred by king Daeso and his army as they march toward Goguryeo.

  • In the prison Takrok's soldiers put him in; Muhyul is asked by a Sejak from Hwangryong-Guk who is nearing the end of his life to deliver an encrypted letter.

  • Muhyul and his men are tortured after being taken to Buyeo's frontier guards.

  • Muhyul heads for Jumong's grave to save Hyeap from the Heukyoung.

  • King Yuri has inner conflicts.

  • In 4 A.D. Goguryeo's second king King Yuri has been subjugating the Gisan tribe as the finishing stage of a long war of conquest.