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The television series Incarnation of Money is a Korean drama. This show is about the love of money, passion, and drama between lovers. Bok Jae is the daughter of a powerful loan shark. She pretends she does not know what her father does and does not know how to make money in this manner. She works hard and goes on to be the president of a national bank. Lee Cha Don is a fellow associate of Jae. He knows all about her father and her past. She has helped him change his life around.

Don is now indebted to her. Don is accused of wrong doing and taken to a remote island. He is locked away in a psychiatric hospital. Jae is now on a mission to save Don. Each week will show a little bit more about how she plans to get him out and the events that lead to Don being locked away.

Incarnation of Money is a series that is currently running and has 1 seasons (24 episodes). The series first aired on February 2, 2013.

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1 Season, 24 Episodes
February 2, 2013
Cast: Kang Ji-hwan, Kang Ji-hwan, Park Ji-bin, Park Sang-min, Hwang Jung-eum
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Incarnation of Money Full Episode Guide

  • Ji Se Gwang is being prosecuted for murder. However, Kwon Jae Gyoo wants personal revenge, so he tries to kill him.

  • Kwon Jae Gyoo wants revenge for his son's death. He is furious that Cha Don is released from prison.

  • Cha Don turns himself in, and he goes to the same prison where Yoo Jae Gook is.

  • Cha Don and Ji Se Gwang struggle to find Yoo Jae Gook, who can either save or destroy Cha Don's life.

  • Cha Don survives the murder attempt on his life. So Ji Se Gwang frames him for the embezzlement of funds in a bank.

  • Cha Don wants Kwon Jae Gyoo and Ji Se Gwang to tear each other apart.

  • Ji Se Gwang and Kwon Jae Gyoo tell each other to back down from the political race.

  • Cha Don expects to Eun Bi Ryeong to confess the truth about the murder of Lee Joong Man in court.

  • Jae In shows her true colors at work as she exposes Eun Bi Ryeong's dirty business transactions.

  • Cha Don slowly wins Eun Bi Ryeong to his side and causes her to have bitter feelings toward Ji Se Gwang.

  • War breaks out between Lee Kang Seok and Ji Se Gwang. Cha Don tries to create strife among Ji Se Gwang, Kwon Jae Gyoo, Eun Bi Ryeong, and Go Ho.

  • Cha Don finds out that Ji Se Gwang and his friends are the ones who destroyed his family.

  • Cha Don takes even further drastic measures to get in contact with Park Ki Soon.

  • Cha Don puts up two facades. He pretends to be dating Jae In in order to appease Madam Bok, whom he owes a chunk of money.

  • Cha Don finds out key information that can break the alibi of a murder suspect.

  • Cha Don meets the new Jae In. But instead of falling in love with her, he is impressed with modern medical technology.

  • Cha Don goes to great lengths to solve a murder case that can stir great waves in the political arena.

  • Cha Don is a prosecutor-in-training and has to prove himself.

  • Bok Jae In thanks providence for giving her a good-looking dummy. She decides to teach the good-looking dummy how to speak.

  • Kang Seok tries to find the truth about the disaster his family is in. His mother is sentenced to prison for the death of his father.

  • Lee Joong Man is believes money can buy everything.