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  • TV-14
  • 2007
  • 11 Seasons
  • 7.0  (1,303)

Flipping Out was a popular reality television show that aired on Bravo from 2007-2018. The show revolved around the daily life and business ventures of real estate speculator, Jeff Lewis. Lewis was known for his impeccable design taste, ruthless business tactics and his unapologetic personality that made him a fan-favorite among reality television viewers.

The show followed the day-to-day operations of Jeff Lewis Design, a company that specialized in house flipping, interior design and home renovation services. Viewers were given an exclusive look into the workings of the company, watching as Lewis led his team of designers, contractors and assistants through various projects. We saw the team turn rundown properties into luxurious homes, and we watched as they navigated the often rocky terrain of the Los Angeles real estate market.

Throughout its eleven seasons, Flipping Out was a hit with fans, who tuned in week after week to follow the exploits of Jeff Lewis and his team. And while the show was primarily focused on the business side of things, it was also a glimpse into the personal life of the often controversial Lewis. We saw him navigate romantic relationships, familial drama and the struggles of running a successful business. These personal storylines helped to add depth to the show, making it more than just a simple home renovation program.

One of the hallmarks of Flipping Out was Jeff Lewis’ no-nonsense approach to business. He was known for his strict guidelines and high expectations, and we often saw him clash with members of his team as he tried to get the job done. This made for some intense and often entertaining scenes, as viewers watched the drama unfold. But despite his sometimes harsh demeanor, it was clear that Lewis had a deep affection for his team and genuinely cared about their success. This was evident in the many moments of support and encouragement that he offered throughout the show’s run.

Of course, any show with such a strong personality at its center is going to face criticism, and Flipping Out was no exception. Lewis was known for his controversial behavior and tendency to push people’s buttons. This often led to conflicts both on and off the screen, with Lewis frequently making headlines for his outspoken statements and his public feuds with other reality stars. But despite the criticism, there was no denying the popularity of the show, which continued to entertain fans for over a decade.

Throughout its run, Flipping Out was praised for its innovative approach to home renovation and design. Each episode showcased unique and interesting design concepts, and viewers were given an inside look at the creative process behind each project. From the early stages of design to the final reveal, we watched as the team worked tirelessly to execute the vision of Lewis and his clients. This attention to detail and dedication to the craft of design helped to set Flipping Out apart from other home renovation shows.

In addition to showcasing interesting designs, Flipping Out was also known for its extravagant properties. From multimillion-dollar mansions to chic downtown lofts, the show featured some of the most beautiful and luxurious homes in Southern California. And while we watched these properties being transformed from rundown fixer-uppers to stunning dream homes, we were also able to keep up with the most current real estate trends and pricing.

Overall, Flipping Out was a thrilling and entertaining reality television show that offered a unique look into the world of real estate and interior design. With its sharp wit, engaging cast of characters, and beautiful properties, it captured the hearts of viewers across the world. After more than a decade on the air, it may be gone, but the legacy of Flipping Out lives on.

Flipping Out is a series that is currently running and has 11 seasons (108 episodes). The series first aired on July 31, 2007.

Flipping Out
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The Final Flip
10. The Final Flip
November 20, 2018
Lea Black leads a productivity seminar at Jeff Lewis Design, which brings a lot of issues to the surface and sparks a mass exodus. Jeff and Jenni have it out in what may be the biggest fight of their friendship. Can their relationship survive and will Jeff have any employees left?
Destructive Criticism
9. Destructive Criticism
November 13, 2018
Jeff meets with new client Randall, but is more concerned with pleasing his girlfriend Lala Kent, who will be making most of the design decisions. Lea Black is in town to finally get started on her kitchen demolition. Jeff realizes that his employees seem to lack motivation at the office, which pushes long-time employee Megan to make a difficult decision.
Trimming The Fat
8. Trimming The Fat
November 6, 2018
Jeff turns to friend Teddi Mellencamp's accountability program. JLD finds out clients Liat and Trevor are headed for divorce, which means the team is left in the middle. Meanwhile, Jenni finds her dream home and hopes to quickly sell her house while the other is still on the market.
Diamonds Aren't Forever
7. Diamonds Aren't Forever
October 30, 2018
Jeff's business partner, Julie, is asking the hard questions and her overly-involved approach to the flipping process clashes with Jeff's working-style. With construction at long-time client Heather's home completed, the group sets out to help furnish her place. Valley Vista sees more personnel changes when Frankie is demoted to cleaning job sites.
The Straw(berry) That Broke the Camel's Back
6. The Straw(berry) That Broke the Camel's Back
October 16, 2018
Jeff's grandma is rushed to the hospital.
Edward vs. Lewis
5. Edward vs. Lewis
October 9, 2018
Jeff and Gage are at it again. Not only are they competing over who does what around the house, but whose flip is moving along fastest. Meanwhile, new troubles pop up at Valley Vista and Old Hollywood. Not to mention, team JLD has been rehired by Calabasas clients Liat and Trevor. Will the competition between Jeff and Gage break them or make them work harder?
All That Glitters
4. All That Glitters
October 2, 2018
Jeff's project managers clash, only adding to the chaos he was hoping to alleviate. Meanwhile, neighbor Lea Black is back in town and ready to get to work on renovating her kitchen; and as if he weren't busy enough, Jeff runs into trouble with another neighbor.
A Very Lewis Christmas
3. A Very Lewis Christmas
September 25, 2018
The team looks for real estate in New York for Julie Grossi.
Furniture Porn
2. Furniture Porn
September 18, 2018
Gage lands a photo shoot for Jeff with furniture company Alder & Tweed. While the JLD crew scrambles to get everything in place, Jeff's focus is on Valley Vista. Between dealing with a forgetful inspector and his need to micromanage two project managers, Jeff is not endearing himself to his new clients.
A Series of Unfortunate Flips
1. A Series of Unfortunate Flips
September 11, 2018
Life at the Jeff Lewis Design office is constantly in motion. Jeff is now focusing on flipping properties and has fewer clients to answer to. There have been multiple additions to the team, with Jeff relying heavily on his new full-time assistant Tyler. When Jenni returns from maternity leave, Jeff is not exactly sure where she fits in. Despite the added manpower, Valley Vista is still under construction with no completion date in sight.
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  • Premiere Date
    July 31, 2007
  • IMDB Rating
    7.0  (1,303)