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Flipping out is a television show aired on Bravo that revolves around the life of Jeff Lewis in Los Angeles, CA. Jeff Lewis is an interior designer and works with many of the extremely wealthy in the area. The supporting characters are Jenny, who is his assistant, and Zoila who is his house maid. There is also a few other characters that come and go through the show and also some that help Jeff with his projects.

The show is based upon Jeff and his relationships with his employees and the clients. Whether it is lazy contractors that do not want to work or if its a client that demands a ton from his team there are a lot of stressful situations and emotions flowing. Also this show deals with Jeff's personal life for a side story but it never gets to be a big part of the story line.

A good portion of this show is shot inside Jeff Lewis's house where he works with his employees. There is always a confrontation between him and his maid Zoila who he thinks is very lazy. Also, there is a great dynamic between Jeff and his assistant Jenny who has been working for him for over 6 years. They have a very playful relationship unless things go wrong. Jeff does not like for his employees to mess up and this is a big part of the show.

Flipping Out is an interesting look into the life of an interior designer and his ultra wealthy clients. The playful supporting cast is fun to watch as they always have something funny to say. This show that airs on Bravo puts the real in reality TV.

Wednesday 9:30 PM et/pt on Bravo
9 Seasons, 88 Episodes
July 31, 2007
Game Show, Reality
Cast: Jenni Pulos, Jeff Lewis, Zoila Chavez, Gage Edward
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Flipping Out Full Episode Guide

  • Determined to make progress on his house, Jeff decides to cram the entire kitchen into his office. But as tension increases, Jeff and Gage find themselves at an impasse before leaving town.

  • Zoila is put on a leave of absence after a numerous mistakes. He turns to the only person he knows who can help pick up the pieces -- his therapist Dr. Donna.

  • Jeff returns from Chicago with an increase in clients. Also, Jeff suspects that Gage's assistant might be departing, and the pressure of living in a house under construction takes its toll on Jeff and his relationship.

  • Jeff heads to Chicago hoping for redemption and a potential partnership with a furniture company. Elsewhere, fertility issues torment Jenni while Jeff and Gage are thrilled about the upcoming arrival of their baby.

  • Jeff is faced with a difficult decision when dealing with his most prominent client. Meanwhile, a bickering Jeff and Gage at last connect during Alexandra's first ultrasound, and Jenni decides to shoot a toilet-bowl commercial.

  • Jeff heads to San Diego to meet with a new client with million dollar condos. Meanwhile, Jenni reveals that she and her husband have decided to try for a second baby. Problems with Jeff's contractor surface.

  • Jeff and Gage head to the doctor's office with their surrogate, Alexandra, for the implantation of their embryos. Meanwhile, Jenni is struggling to balance the demands of motherhood and her career. With Jeff and Jenni away, Zoila takes over as House Manager.

  • In the ninth season premiere, Jeff is faced with multiple challenges, including a new search for clients after lucrative jobs take an unexpected turn; and a current flip is still under construction.

  • After years of trying to start a family, Jeff and Gage are finally introduced to the woman that will carry their baby.

  • Jeff and Gage have had a successful, happy year but it all seems to come crashing down and stress is mounting.

  • Jeff Lewis and his team are settling into their new Hollywood office, but human resources issues slowly resurface.

  • While the finishing touches are finally put in place at George Eads' residence, they find that George has a sensitive side...and an opinion.

  • Jeff organizes a catalog shoot. He and Gage decide to put their home on the market.

  • Jeff and Gage come closer to realizing their dream of having a baby.

  • After Gage decides to hire an assistant, Jeff tries to help him out.

  • After Jeff cleaned house and fired those employees who only made his life and job harder, he is now hyper-focused on expanding his brand.

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