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The Goddess of Marriage is a 2013 romantic comedy-drama about independent women who have a career while showing their feminine side and being married women. The show depicts four women at different stages of their lives and marriages. The series episodes show the women in juicy situations. One character is a career women who is torn between two men. Another main character in the show a women who must maintain a certain appearance due to her high powered father in law.The last two women in the show are "something else" too; one controls her husband and the last is being cheated on by her husband.

Saturdays & Sundays 10:00 PM et/pt on Viki
1 Season, 36 Episodes
June 29, 2013
Cast: Kim Ji Hoon
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The Goddess of Marriage Full Episode Guide

  • Jang Soo tries to convince his family so that his wife, Ji Sun, can go to the one-year training in New York that she wanted to go.

  • Ji Hye's father is furious that Ji Hye came back, divorced from Tae Wook. Hye Jung accepts with dignity the fact that her mother-in-law and husband are going to prison,

  • Tae Wook realizes how much Ji Hye has suffered in his household, and how much she still does.

  • Tae Wook makes a visit to Hyun Woo and apologizes for what his brother had done.

  • Man Ho persuades Hye Jung to come back home and to stop with the divorce law suit. He talks about the daughter's future and tells her that she won't want her daughters to live a hard life like herself.

  • Ji Sun decides to go to her in-laws and ask for forgiveness so that they could come back home but she gets more mad at her mother-in-law's attitude and decides to let them stay at the motel.

  • Now that Tae Wook's family is in a big chaos because of Hye Jung, Tae Wook's mother tells him to bring his wife, Ji Hye back as soon as possible so that the press would have no chance to find more dirt in the family.

  • Tae Wook was so mad to see Hyun Woo's text message in Ji Hye's phone, he decides to call up on Hyun Woo and meet him in person.

  • Se Kyung finds a picture in Hyun Woo's book and it's a picture of Hyun Woo with Ji Hye.

  • Ji Hye leaves home after the incident with her mother-in-law and Hye Jung goes see Sang Hoon after hearing about his accident.

  • A pregnant Yeon Soo comes to Seoul and Ji Hye takes her in at home, thinking that her mother-in-law won't see her at her house.

  • Hye Jung's old pictures are all over the internet and her in-laws are furious with her. Her mother-in-law curses and hits her in front of her children.

  • Hye Jung confronts her old boyfriend, Sang Hoon, about the pictures and the blackmailing she's been getting, but Sang Hoon denies having any connection with it.

  • Ji Hye and Tae Wook are preparing to go to the United States and Ji Hye meets with Hyun Woo one last time before she leaves, telling him that she's happy and that he should find happiness too.

  • Hye Jung is doing so well at her new work that her every action pleases his father-in-law, Man Ho.

  • The house Eun Hee put out for sale got sold and now someone else comes into live in the house. Seung Soo now really has no place to go so he goes to a small inn to stay the night.

  • Finally Ji Hye quits her job and comes back home. She cries and cries about the things that had happened to her after she came into this family.

  • Cynthia tells Seung Soo that she has no more intention to divorce her husband and she tells him to leave the house.

  • Jung Sook scolds Ji Hye for using Tae Wook to get what she wants. She says hurtful things to Ji Hye. Ji Hye tries to explain herself but Jung Sook gives her no space for words.

  • Jung Sook keeps on forcing Ji Hye to quit her job at the broadcasting station. Ji Hye is surprised to still hear this from her since Tae Wook had once again promised her that he would take care of everything.

  • Ji Hye has now started living in a separate building from her in law's building. Everything is new and uncomfortable to her in this family.

  • Ji Hye and Tae Wook have their wedding and are off to their honeymoon. Contrary to Tae Wook who is beyond happy, Ji Hye seems rather calm and almost cold.

  • Ji Hye decides to break off the wedding, knowing that Tae Wook knows about what happened between her and Hyun Woo.

  • Tae Wook and Ji Hye run into Hyun Woo by chance when he comes to have dinner at the restaurant they are having dinner.

  • Ji Hye has to leave her father and Hyun Woo. Left alone at the farm, Hyun Woo gets acquainted with Ji Hye's father, who of course doesn't know who Hyun Woo is.

  • Ji Hye goes down to the countryside, to her father's farm, to straighten her thoughts out.

  • Eun Hee sees for her own eyes when her husband Seung Soo and Cynthia goes into the same room in the Busan Hotel.

  • Ji Hye keeps on avoiding Tae Wook's call. She instead decides to end things with Hyun Woo and goes to meet him to tell him that she has a fiance'.

  • Fate brings Ji Hye and Hyun Woo back together when they meet at a bookstore by chance.

  • Ji Hye decides to go on with the marriage with Tae Wook and visits the family, where she gets a very cold and scary vibe.

  • Back in Seoul, Tae Wook confronts Ji Hye on why she doesn't want to marry him. Ji Hye is angry and confused at Tae Wook,

  • Hyun Woo meets Ji Hye on the plane to Jeju, during which trip Ji Hye is fast asleep, while Hyun Woo enjoys the book she was holding.

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