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  • 1991
  • 1 Season

Dear Brother is a Japanese anime television series that aired in 1991, based on the manga of the same name. The show was popular in Japan, but was not widely distributed outside of the country until recently, when it was uploaded to streaming services like ViKi for international audiences to enjoy.

The show, set in a prestigious all-girls school called Seiran Academy, centers around the character of Nanako Misonoo, a first-year student who is thrust into the complex social dynamics of the school's upper class. Nanako is initially intimidated by the wealthy and powerful girls who dominate the school's social scene, but she soon finds herself drawn into their world and becomes involved in their dramas and intrigues.

The show is a compelling exploration of teenage girlhood, with themes of friendship, love, jealousy, and betrayal playing out against the backdrop of Seiran's elegant halls and gardens. It is notable for its nuanced and complex portrayal of its female characters, each of whom has her own ambitions, fears, and secrets.

Nanako is a sensitive and intelligent protagonist, who navigates the choppy waters of Seiran with a mix of kindness, determination, and naivete. Her primary antagonist is Saint-Juste, a beautiful and enigmatic upperclassman who seems to hold the entire school in thrall. Saint-Juste is manipulative, cruel, and utterly fascinating, and her relationship with Nanako is one of the key sources of tension and drama in the show.

Other major characters include Fukiko Ichinomiya, the brilliant and manipulative president of the student council; Kaoru Orihara, a rebellious rebel with a heart of gold; and Mariko Shinobu, a popular girl who is secretly in love with Saint-Juste. Each of these characters, and many more, have their own complex relationships and story arcs, which interweave throughout the show's 39-episode run.

One of the show's major strengths is its gorgeous animation, which perfectly captures the lush beauty of Seiran Academy and the delicate emotions of its characters. The music, too, is a highlight, with its haunting piano melodies and nostalgic orchestral themes underscoring the show's bittersweet tone.

Overall, Dear Brother is a must-watch for anyone interested in classic anime, and for fans of coming-of-age stories in general. Its themes and characters are timeless, and its exploration of the complex world of teenage girlhood remains as relevant today as it did in 1991. Whether you're a longtime fan or a newcomer to the show, you're sure to be drawn in by its richly detailed world and unforgettable characters.

Dear Brother is a series that is currently running and has 1 seasons (40 episodes). The series first aired on July 14, 1991.

Dear Brother
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A Lingering Fragrance
39. A Lingering Fragrance
May 16, 1992
Takehiko and Kaoru decide to marry at last. Mariko and her mother rent an apartment. And Fukiko talks about Saint-Just and love....
38. Yes
May 9, 1992
Takehiko is to study abroad in Germany, and he tries to persuade Kaoru to come along. But Kaoru is unable accept his love, considering his future and that she may only have five more years to live.
37. Carousel
May 2, 1992
Kaoru discloses her illness to Nanako, and tells her that is the reason why she can't continue the relationship with Takehiko. She also reveals that Takehiko is actually Nanako's real brother.
Glowing Fireflies, Blazing Passion
36. Glowing Fireflies, Blazing Passion
April 25, 1992
Sorority is dissolved by Fukiko's decision. On her way back from the movies with Tomoko, Nanako sees Kaoru, who is breaking down crying at the spot where Saint-Just departed from this world.
The Beach of Dreams
35. The Beach of Dreams
April 18, 1992
The somber funeral of Saint-Just is being held. Fukiko, holding back her sadness, tries to hold her head up high during the service.
34. Ablution
April 11, 1992
Nanako gives up and starts heading home. At the entrance to the train station, she sees Tomoko in a deep fit of worry.
Fly High
33. Fly High
April 4, 1992
The petition moved the student board at last, and it is decided to call an emergency meeting within a week. Saint-Just is relieved to finally see a dignified Fukiko, just as she was in her childhood.
Pride, and the Final Meeting
32. Pride, and the Final Meeting
March 28, 1992
The major members including Borgia quit the Sorority and sign the signature book of the petition drive. Fukiko, entirely isolated, visits Saint-Just and recalls the snowy beach where they once walked together.
The Bad Apple
31. The Bad Apple
March 21, 1992
Fukiko stands by calmly, while other members are busy with the petition drive. Despite the dignified appearance, the members are increasingly worried.
The Petition
30. The Petition
March 14, 1992
Kaoru begins a petition drive to abolish Sorority. Nanako brings in Tomoko and actively collects signatures. Even Saint-Just joins the campaign in order to protect Fukiko's pride in a real sense.
The Assembly
29. The Assembly
March 7, 1992
Triggered by the Mariko incident, Nanako also leaves Sorority. Kaoru becomes acutely aware of the necessity of abolishing Sorority and consults with Saint-Just.
The Christmas Candles
28. The Christmas Candles
February 29, 1992
Mariko disappears after the incident. Believing that Mariko's indiscretion had been caused by the divorce, her mother blames herself. Mariko returns home escorted by Takashi Ichinomiya.
An Incident of Bloodshed
27. An Incident of Bloodshed
February 22, 1992
Mariko reveals to Nanako and Tomoko that her parents are going to get divorced. Despite her calm and cool facade, Nanako detects the deep sorrow behind her demeanor.
The Promise in the Snow
26. The Promise in the Snow
February 1, 1992
Saint-Just feels both sad and angry at Fukiko, who had lost her pride because of love. Nanako heads off to her home in order to comfort her, but it is Fukiko who stands in her way.
The Scarlet Lipstick
25. The Scarlet Lipstick
January 25, 1992
Saint-Just finds out that Fukiko lost her pride because of Takehiko Henmi. She heads to Takehiko's home and confronts him.
24. Encore
January 18, 1992
Saint-Just cannot understand what made Fukiko so angry. Then she is told a shocking story by Takashi.
The Forbidden Gift
23. The Forbidden Gift
January 11, 1992
It is the 18th birthday of Miya-sama. One after another, gorgeous gifts are presented by Sorority members, and Nanako, who brought home-made cookies, is overwhelmed at the sight.
A Summer's Serenade
22. A Summer's Serenade
December 28, 1991
Fukiko invites Nanako and Mariko to her villa for the preparation of her birthday party. Late at night, Nanako happens to hear Miya-sama sobbing.
The University Fair
21. The University Fair
December 21, 1991
Nanako, Tomoko, and Mariko visit the university festival and are greeted by Takehiko and Takashi. Mariko is eager to protect Nanako and Tomoko from the immoral hands of men.
The Gardening Shears
20. The Gardening Shears
December 14, 1991
Nanako is invited by Takehiko to his university's festival and is delighted. On the other hand, Miya-sama is beside herself after finding out and summons Nanako to have tea with her the morning of the festival.
The Transient Game
19. The Transient Game
December 7, 1991
Wondering how Saint-Just had interpreted her words, Nanako is uneasy. She becomes emotionally unstable, bursting into tears during class.
Into the Dream
18. Into the Dream
November 23, 1991
Nanako happens to miss the bus stop for the school and ends up playing hooky with Saint-Just. Walking in a park, they run into Takehiko Henmi and his friend Takashi Ichinomiya.
Post Scriptum
17. Post Scriptum
November 16, 1991
Kaoru leaves the hospital in just one day, and Mariko greets her with rapturous delight. Nanako is impressed by Mariko's honest display of love and envies her innocence.
16. Comeback
November 9, 1991
Kaoru participates in the first practice game since her comeback. Mariko, with a newfound adoration for Kaoru, tries to bring Tomoko and other students with no interest in basketball to cheer her on.
Fukiko, the Sea Rumbles
15. Fukiko, the Sea Rumbles
November 2, 1991
Junko Nakaya, a first-year student in Class C, fails to rank in the top 50 in the mid-term exam, due to a fever. She is ordered by Miya-sama to voluntarily quit Sorority.
The Secret Door
14. The Secret Door
October 26, 1991
Saint-Just's words imply that she and Fukiko once tried to commit suicide together. Although the mid-term exam is near at hand, Nanako cannot stop thinking of Saint-Just.
A Tale of Double Suicide
13. A Tale of Double Suicide
October 5, 1991
Although it is already past midnight, Nanako cares for Saint-Just, together with Kaoru. Nanako envies Kaoru and Saint-Just since she has never experienced such sympathy and friendship as exhibited by the two.
The Scar
12. The Scar
September 28, 1991
Kaoru visits Rei's home. Irritated at Saint-Just who is unable to shake her longing for Fukiko, Kaoru snatches from her arm a bracelet which symbolizes her obsession with Fukiko.
Under the Elm Tree
11. Under the Elm Tree
September 21, 1991
Sorority members are attending the customary study meeting for the mid-term exam. Fukiko unusually invites Saint-Just and makes an appointment to meet under the elm tree in the courtyard at 5:00.
10. Mariko
September 14, 1991
Kaoru worries about Mariko, who is growing more gaunt by the day. But Mariko is unable to accept her kindness, thinking that popular people like Kaoru cannot understand her loneliness.
Relapse, Broken Heart
9. Relapse, Broken Heart
September 7, 1991
Nanako, who witnessed snippets of Mariko's insanity, realizes she cannot be open with her. One day, Kaoru suddenly collapses.
I Want You
8. I Want You
August 31, 1991
Mariko feels uneasy about the restored friendship between Nanako and Tomoko. She invites Nanako to her birthday party. Although afraid of Mariko's eccentricity, she can't decline the invitatio
The Darkness in the Clock Tower
7. The Darkness in the Clock Tower
August 24, 1991
Persuaded by Miya-sama, Nanako decides to stay in Sorority. However, the unable to bear the continued harassment, she escapes to the clock tower.
Lost and Alone
6. Lost and Alone
August 17, 1991
After Nanaoko is accepted in to Sorority, everyone at school is hostile to her, even Tomoko, her best friend. One day Nanako is unable to find her sports bag which she had brought for sure.
Thorns of Suspicion and Doubt
5. Thorns of Suspicion and Doubt
August 10, 1991
On the day of the entrance ceremony to Sorority, Nanako and fellow students are summoned for the preparation.
The Music Box
4. The Music Box
August 3, 1991
The day after the party, the finalized list of the new members is announced. Both Mariko and Nanako are listed. Nanako is surprised that she had been accepted even though she had not attended the party.
Nanako Is Disqualified
3. Nanako Is Disqualified
July 28, 1991
Nanako suffers from nasty harassment after being nominated to Sorority. On the verge of collapse because of the cruel bullying, Nanako thinks of declining the invitation to the party, which is to select the official members.
Nanako Is Disqualified?
3. Nanako Is Disqualified?
July 27, 1991
Nanako suffers from nasty harassment after being nominated to Sorority. On the verge of collapse because of the cruel bullying, Nanako thinks of declining the invitation to the party, which is to select the official members.
The Glass Slippers
2. The Glass Slippers
July 20, 1991
The nomination day has come. The nominees from Class B are Mariko Shinobu, Kaoru Orihara, and Nanako.
The Magnificent Ones
1. The Magnificent Ones
July 14, 1991
Nanako Misonoo enters Seiran Gakuen Girls High School and is assigned to Class B.
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    July 14, 1991