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The story of Birdie Buddy focuses on a young girl named Sung Mi-soo from the Gangwon Province. Even though Sung Mi-soo comes from a poor family, she remains cheerful with a bright personality, as well as determined to accomplish her goals. Her dream is to one day become a professional golf player.

Meanwhile, another young girl named Min Hae-ryung is an accomplished athlete who has been training to become a professional golfer since she was a young child. Even though Min Hae-ryung is a perfectionist when it comes to professional golf, deep down insider, she tends to hide her emotions from her family and friends.

Even though both of these girls are very different from each other, they both strive to become the next top golfer.

Former PGA player John Lee contemplates retiring from golf to become a golf course tester. John notices both of the young girls, Mi-soo and Hae-ryung ,striving to make it as professional golf players. He believes that both of them have potential to become the next queens of golf for the newer generation.

Monday & Tuesday 11:00 PM et/pt on ViKi
1 Season, 24 Episodes
August 8, 2011
Korean Drama
Cast: Il-hwa Choi
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Birdie Buddy Full Episode Guide

  • Mi Soo comes back from her tour and she comes back with great prize because she won her competition.

  • Sung Mi Soo couldn't make it to the honorary ceremony because of her cold. She also thinks she won't be able to get the New Player of the Year prize.

  • It's John Lee's birthday and Mi Soo made a little ball marker for him with his Korean name initial on it.

  • Finally the police find out the truth about the death of Fabian, J Park and Kim Young Min are arrested for the murder of Fabian.

  • Mi Soo competes against Gerry Jung and seems to be falling behind.

  • John Lee, Phil Soo and Mi Soo clean up Fabian's hut and look through the things he owned.

  • Yong Min visits Fabian and tries to find a tape but he can't. He threatens Fabian.

  • J Park tries to dismiss Jun Mo from being Hae Ryung's personal caddy.

  • J Park tries to use the Chung Woon Bank Golf competition as the beginning of his big plan, and he makes Hae Ryung participate in it.

  • Everyone is shocked after Hae Ryung holds her press conference -- especially John Lee.

  • Mi Soo finally wins the long-shot competition with a new record, and she's able to give her prize to her family.

  • Mi Soo has a great time with her family but is sad to see her father in his condition.

  • Mi Soo has finally started training with Gwang Baek, but she finds his methods unusual and difficult to endure.

  • Mi Soo is getting more and more annoyed at Gwang Baek who hasn't even started to teach her golf but rather is making her just work hard.

  • Se Hwa gets more and more anxious to see Woo Jun Mo and Hae Ryung getting closer.

  • Mi Soo is shocked to see her father acting like a child due to his head injury but most of all, she feels very bad when she finds out that her family have been hiding all this from her.

  • Mi Soo, who has now stopped her carrier as a caddy, starts to put all her heart in practicing for golf.

  • Mi Soo starts to care about John Lee more and more by the time.

  • John Lee reunited with his childhood buddy Phil Soo whom he met when they were in the same orphanage.

  • On the second day of the competition, Misoo finds it hard to concentrate and has trouble showing her full potential unlike the first day.

  • After the competition at Woonam Temple with Heryung, Misoo once again feels her passion towards golf and starts to cry.

  • Misoo is surprise to see drunken John Lee sleeping by her side.

  • There was a girl named Misoo Sung who dreamt of becoming a great golfer like Seri Park in the television.

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