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"The Reputable Family" is a Korean TV show that also is available with Engllsh subtitles. It's a soap opera drama dealing with the trials and tribulations of the Choi family. The show runs around 22 minutes for 16 episodes. It's a historical drama set after the second invasion of Korean by the Manchu Dynasty during which Korea's Joseon Dynasty was dislodged.

The Choi family lived in Gyeongju, North Gyeongsang Province. Choi Jin-lip, the Choi family patriarch, dies and Guk-seon, his grandson, takes his place as family clan leader. He pledges to restore the family honor. This leads the Choi family into a series of incidents during which they contend with roadblocks and hardships in their native city of Gyeongju.

The show stars Cha In-pyo as lead character Choi Guk-seon. Han Go-eun plays love interest Han Dan-yi. Kim Sung Min plays Choi's evil, arch-enemy Kim Won-Li.

1 Season, 16 Episodes
January 1, 2010
Cast: Cha In-pyo
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The Reputable Family Full Episode Guide

  • The rebels with Kim Soo Man at their lead hit Gyeongju.

  • Kim Ja Chun is happy to buy lands at a giveaway price in the year of bad harvest.

  • Gook Sun, whose ownership of the cultivated land acknowledged, happily begins to bed out rice plants.

  • Gook Sun is captured and taken by an angry group of nomads.

  • Gook Sun dreams for a fresh start by cultivating a barren land and his parents are relieved to have their son back at home.

  • The peace in the Choi family is due to the issue regarding Gook Sun's marriage.

  • Jang Gil Taek's fortunes are all confiscated by the government and with his stores all shut down, the merchant group is officially out of business.

  • Choi Won Young's scheme to bring down Jang Gil Taek's business steadily proceeds.

  • The aftermath of the murder of Shim Won Gyo increases and as the sole witness to clear Dan Yi of the accusation dies, it becomes impossible to save her.

  • Dan Yi secretly goes to meet Shim Won Gyo in the middle of the night but finds him dead.

  • The river merchants and Chilpae merchants try to sink the ship that is responsible for transportation of the grain taxation.

  • Dan Yi rescues Gook Sun from buying the fake ox bezoar but they are in the streets of the Chilpae market place.

  • Gook Sun becomes the actual breadwinner of the waning Choi family.

  • Gook Sun faces danger as he falls prey to the devious plan Kim Ja Chun has whipped up.

  • 1636 Winter: A crowd of refugees flood into Gyeongju in flight from the Manchu War.

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