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Childrens' Hospital is a live action show airing on the mostly animated Adult Swim block of Cartoon Network since 2009. It is a spoof of the medical drama genre and airs in brief fifteen minute episodes. It was originally a web based series but caught the eye of the network and was brought to television after only a few episodes.

Childrens' Hospital is a series that is currently running and has 7 seasons (92 episodes). The series first aired on July 11, 2010.

Where do I stream Childrens' Hospital online? Childrens' Hospital is available for streaming on Adult Swim, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Childrens' Hospital on demand at Amazon, Hulu, Vudu, Microsoft Movies & TV, Google Play, Apple TV online.

Adult Swim
7 Seasons, 92 Episodes
July 11, 2010
Cast: Rob Corddry, Ken Marino, Megan Mullally, Michael Cera, Erinn Hayes
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Childrens' Hospital Full Episode Guide

  • Part two of two: The doctors think a gas leak in the hospital might be to blame for bizarre behavior. What they discover threatens the entire future of Childrens Hospital....

  • The doctors think a gas leak in the hospital might be to blame for bizarre behavior. What they discover threatens the entire future of Childrens Hospital....

  • After discovering that the fluid in Chief's hump tastes exactly like Coca Cola, Owen attempts to monetize her "hump cola." Blake suspects Glenn has an addiction problem.

  • It's "Bring Your Grandparents to Work Day" at the hospital. The doctors struggle with their grandparents, whether they're overbearing, trying to kill themselves or are just famous actors. BARRY BOSTWICK guest stars.

  • An actor invites the cast to a photography exhibition where their secrets are exposed in a behind-the-scenes episode.

  • Chief keeps a race horse at the hospital a secret; Lola's college barbershop quartet tries to convince her to rejoin; Glenn pranks Blake.

  • After discovering that Childrens Hospital is out of tongue depressors, Owen finds himself embroiled in a dangerous hospital-wide conspiracy. GEORGE WENDT guest stars.

  • When Dr. Cat Black has a crisis of faith, the hospital's resident spiritual leaders fiercely compete against each other to convert her and win a monthly sales prize. Glenn grows frustrated that he isn't getting the respect he deserves for playing second bass in the L.A. punk band X. Guest stars include the band X (DJ BONEBRAKE, EXENE CERVENKA, JOHN DOE and BILLY ZOOM), along with JASON ANTOON, TOM ARNOLD, DICK CAVETT, RANDALL PARK and ALAN SMYTH.

  • Blake, Lola and Glenn are excited to be attending this year's Doctor of the Year Convention (or DOY) in Vegas. Owen tags along to visit his mom, with surprising consequences.

  • A look back at an episode of popular 1950s variety show The Show You Watch, revered for its weekly visit to Childrens Hospital, upon which the present day show is loosely based.

  • Set four years ago, Nurse Beth's (recurring guest star BETH DOVER) origins are uncovered as we explore the world of the Nurses' Quarters in the Childrens Hospital basement. Beth has to navigate the complex social hierarchy of the nurses and avoid losing their friendship when she suddenly gets promoted to doctor. MARLA GIBBS, SAMM LEVINE guest star.

  • Sy finally gets tenure and decides to build the world's first consumer jetpack. Elsewhere, Chief is stranded on a dance pedestal. Owen learns how hard it is to be the hospital DJ.

  • When a rare disease appears, the team heads into the buried remains of the original Childrens Hospital with Val's alter-ego, Derrick Childrens, to find the cure.

  • In the season premiere, the doctors find new jobs and challenges at a crosstown hospital run by the stern Dr. Kids (BETSY BRANDT - Breaking Bad). PAUL SCHEER also guest stars.

  • Part one of two: The doctors think a gas leak in the hospital might be to blame for bizarre behavior. What they discover threatens the entire future of Childrens Hospital....

  • Blake realizes that the cause of his pain is the other doctors and he decides to take revenge on them.

  • Glenn returns to the Lower East Side of São Paolo, Brazil, for his family's weekly Shabbat dinner. Guest stars include Ben Feldman, Mimi Kennedy, Michael Lerner, Lindsey Kraft, David Wain, Seth Morris, Jamie Denbo and Zandy Hartig.

  • Glenn is concerned that he will die on his 27th birthday.

  • Owen and Briggs attempt to solve a murder case that has spanned the last fifteen years.

  • Sy's new girlfriend makes big changes around the hospital and the doctors react with hostility. Michael Showalter, Stephnie Wier, Zandy Hartig guest star.

  • Hoping to get pregnant, Val organizes a crack team to infiltrate Sy's sperm bank vault.

  • Sy runs himself ragged trying to impress an influential blogger before the big hospital fundraiser gala. Guest stars include Zandy Hartig and Beth Dover.

  • The cast who play the characters of the show [within the show] Childrens Hospital appears on the popular morning show Up at 5 to promote an upcoming Childrens Hospital movie. Guest stars include Weird Al and Ravi Patel.

  • Blake asks Glenn to coach him through a new romantic relationship. Chief and Cat prank call Sy. Guest stars include Lindsay Sloane, James Adomian, Paul Scheer, Nick Offerman, Jordan Peele and Brian Huskey.

  • Blake and Dori go to mediation to try and deal with their parenting issues.

  • In this special episode written by fan contest-winner Carol Torton (guest star LIZ CACKOWSKI - Saturday Night Live), Nurse Beth (recurring guest star BETH DOVER) gets entangled in a love triangle with Glenn and Owen while the doctors try to solve a high-stakes medical mystery. DAVID WAIN also guest stars.

  • Shocking DNA test results cause confusion and chaos among the Childrens staff. JOSHUA MALINA (Scandal, The West Wing) guest stars.

  • Lola summons the doctors to the White House to help with a matter of national security. Guest stars include Julie Bowen (Modern Family) and Jordan Peele (Key and Peele).

  • In the season premiere, which takes place five years after last season's climax, Owen has to reintegrate into normal life at the hospital after spending time in prison. KEEGAN-MICHAEL KEY (Key and Peele, MADtv) guest stars.

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