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The 2011 South Korean Drama television series A Thousand Kisses is one of Korea's best drama series, as it has such a relatable plot. Relationships are never easy to keep, and this film shows exactly that. This show was watched all over Asia, and was translated in those countries national language. The reason to this is that the show is so entertaining to people in all nationalities, as no matter where you may be, the things in this show can happen.

This tv series explores the question of whether age matters in relationships and how age can make or break a relationship. When jealously, betrayal, and hatred is something one can sacrifice for their love, bad things are bound to happen. The show follows a woman named Woo Joo-young who is the eldest in her family. She has passed through various hardships in life because of her fun and lively personality. Although she is a divorced single mom, she still manages to catch the attention of her son's soccer coach, Jang Woo-bin. Due to their social and age differences, there relationship is put to the test.

Aside from their relationship problems, there is another couple that the show follows, which are Jang Byung-doo and Yoo Ji-sun. Yoo is Jang's caregiver, and they have quite a big age difference. However, that fact doesn't stop them from loving each other.

Meanwhile Jang Woo-jin, Jang Byung-doo's son is the haughty and cold manager at his Dad's resort, but the two don't have a good relationship. This bitter relationship from the two is due to Woo-jin feeling like his Dad wasn't really kind to his mother who passed from a hereditary illness.

Jang Woo-jin then falls in love with a reporter named Woo Joo-mi, a girl who is being raised by her grandmother and sister, because she doesn't know who her mom is and has forgotten her image.

The show will make you laugh, cry, and smile all at the same time, and this is why it is considered to be one of Korea's best tv series.

A Thousand Kisses is a series that is currently running and has 1 seasons (50 episodes). The series first aired on July 25, 2011.

A Thousand Kisses is available for streaming on the website, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch A Thousand Kisses on demand at, Viki online.

Saturday & Sunday 8:40 PM et/pt on MBC America
1 Season, 50 Episodes
July 25, 2011
Cast: Ryu Jin, Kim So Eun
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A Thousand Kisses Full Episode Guide

  • With Jisun's impending death, conflicts are put to rest, misunderstandings are cleared and loose ends are tied.

  • The bone marrow transplant appears to be a success at first, but it turns out that Jisun's illness has already progressed into acute leukemia.

  • A matching bone marrow donor is found for Jisun, and she is prepped for the transplant.

  • With Jinho's mother opposing the marriage, Jinho and Hyebin set out to change her mind. Meanwhile, the family gets blood tests to see if they're a bone marrow match for Jisun.

  • Chairman Jang shows up himself to bring Jisun home. She is moved by his actions and returns home with him.

  • Juyoung runs into her mother at the orphanage where they both volunteer. And when Chairman Jang finds out about Jisun's health, he orders Wujin to bring Jisun home.

  • Wujin receives a call from the hospital and finds out that Jisun is incredibly sick. Meanwhile, Yukyung's mother brings up the idea of marriage with Wubin.

  • Juyoung takes Chano to an ice skating rink and runs into Wubin and his soccer camp kids. Meanwhile, Chairman Jang moves forward with the divorce.

  • Jisun confesses the truth to Chairman Jang, and he recovers part of his memory. He is furious that the entire family hid the truth from him.

  • Chairman Jang leaves the hospital without having recovered his memory. Meanwhile, Wubin's family goes on a trip to the resort and runs into Hyebin's short blind date.

  • Wujin finds Jisun at the inn and asks her to return home. Meanwhile, it is found out that Chairman Jang is suffering from dissociative amnesia.

  • Jisun wakes up in the hospital, saved from her suicide attempt. However, she quickly runs away before Wujin and Jumi arrive.

  • Jumi tries to do everything she can to win over the chairman, but he remains aloof. Meanwhile, Wubin runs into Juyoung while on a visit to Luni.

  • Jumi falls down the stairs while trying to stop Sua from leaving, and she ends up losing the baby.

  • Wujin tries to convince his father to accept Jisun, but Chairman Jang doesn't budge. Inevitably, Jisun ends up leaving the house.

  • Chairman Jang orders his secretary to find out about Jisun's past and receives her past family register.

  • Juyoung trudges forward one day at a time while Wubin struggles to forget her by occupying himself in opening a soccer camp.

  • Finding himself strapped for money, Taekyung borrows twenty grand from Junhee. Meanwhile, Chairman Jang discovers the picture of Juyoung and Jumi when they were young.

  • Wubin asks his mother the real reason why he and Juyoung can't get married, but Aeja only tells him that the truth will prove a deeper scar for everyone involved.

  • Aeja finds out that Jisun is Juyoung and Jumi's birthmother. While rushing to see Wubin, she gets into a car accident.

  • Jisun finds out that Wujin paid the remainder of the blackmail money. Meanwhile, Juyoung gifts shoes that she designed to Aeja.

  • Jisun receives a blackmail envelope in the mail with a copy of her old family register. Meanwhile, Aeja is nervous that her friends will find out that her son is marrying a divorcee.

  • Wujin finds out that Jisun is Jumi's birthmother, and he falls into despair.

  • Wujin hires a private investigator to look for Jumi's birthmother. Meanwhile, at the lunch where both families are meeting, Jisun collapses in pain when the topic of the girls' father comes up.

  • Aeja spots Wubin dropping Juyoung off early in the morning, and she throws him out of the house.

  • Jisun meets with Juyoung and advises her to break up with Wubin. But while they're together, they run into Aeja who shows up with Yukyung.

  • Wubin brings Juyoung home to introduce her to his mother, and Aeja declares that she will never allow it before collapsing.

  • Jumi experiences intense stomach pain on the way to the airport and ends up in the hospital. Meanwhile, Hyebin finds out that Jumi and Juyoung are sisters.

  • Juyoung and Wubin find out that they're going to be related by marriage soon. Frustrated, Wubin drives them to the beach. Meanwhile, Aeja meets with Yukyung to ask about the woman Wubin is seeing.

  • Aunt Bokju runs into Jisun in the market and confronts her. Meanwhile, Wubin asks his sister Hyebin for help, but she refuses.

  • When Hyebin finds out about Wubin and Juyoung, she decides to take matters into her own hands and meet with Juyoung.

  • When Wubin sincerely asks Juyoung to accept his feelings, she is no longer able to reject him.

  • Wujin goes to the airport and is relieved to find out that Jumi is going on the business trip with a female photographer.

  • After burying her brother in the States, Aeja comes back to vent her fury and despair on Jisun. Strained and stressed out, Jisun loses consciousness in her kitchen.

  • Wubin rushes to the ceremony to congratulate Juyoung as she receives the grand prize. He takes her away as both Yukyung and Taekyung watch on in disbelief.

  • Jisun meets with Jumi's grandmother and confesses that she is Wujin's stepmother. Jumi's grandmother begins to adamantly fight against the marriage.

  • Wubin finds out Juyoung was in an accident and races to the hospital. Meanwhile, Jumi answers questions about her family, and Jisun is shocked to hear that her father was a college professor.

  • With the fake girlfriend lie out in the open, Wujin declares to his father that he wants to marry Jumi. Meanwhile, Juyoung works hard on her entry for the design contest with Wubin's help.

  • Jumi goes to KJ Resort for her new column on resorts and runs into Wujin, who was promoted to manage the resort.

  • Juyoung and Wubin enjoy a night walk around the resort until Juyoung hurts her ankle.

  • Chairman Jang and Wujin's family are won over by Jumi's charm. Meanwhile, Wujin is discovered by Bokju when he drops Jumi off and is dragged into the house.

  • Chairman Jang tells Wujin to bring his girlfriend home, and Wujin finds himself with no choice but to ask Jumi for her help.

  • Juyoung finds out that Taekyung lied about his business trip and went on a trip with Junhee, and she decides to get a divorce.

  • After being humiliated by Wujin, Jumi goes to an outside food stall to vent with a friend. Only she sees Wujin getting drunk at the same food stall.

  • With his affair out in the open, Taekyung buys flowers and tries to get back on Juyoung's good side.

  • Juyoung walks into Taekyung and Junhee kissing in front of the house. Meanwhile, Jumi daydreams about the handsome Wujin she ran into by the river.

  • Juyoung is a housewife with a relatively simple life when her life is turned upside down by her cheating husband and the man she accidentally crashes into outside an elevator.

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