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The Greatest Love is a romantic comedy television series released in South Korea. The show focuses on celebrities searching for true love in the complicated world of entertainment. The first season ran for sixteen episodes in 2011 on MBC. The show stars Gong Hyo-jin, Yoo In-na, Yoon Kye-sang and Cha Seung-won. The Greatest Love is produced by Kim Jin-man.

In the series, Gu Ae-jung, played by Gong Hyo-jin, was the leader of a well-known female singing group called Kukbo Sonyeo a decade earlier, but faded from the spotlight after a series of public embarrassments. Gu Ae-jung appears on several different television shows to earn money for her family. Meanwhile, Dokko Jin, played by Cha Seung-won, is a current national celebrity, but is not as perfect as he appears. The two stars eventually become romantically involved.

Kang Se-ri, played by Yoo In-na, is also a former member of Kukbo Sonyeo and currently hosts a television dating show. Despite not being the star of the group, she is now more popular than Gu Ae-jung. She and Dokko Jin had a relationship in the past but pretend to still be together in order to avoid public backlash.

Yoon Pil-joo, played by Yoon Kye-sang, is a polite and compassionate medical doctor. He has no desire to enter the entertainment world, but his mother convinces him to be a contestant on the television dating show hosted by Kang Se-ri.

Gu Ae-jung's show is called Couple Making Season 3. The purpose of the show is to match people with blind dates with the goal of finding them spouses. On the show, female celebrities compete for the affections of ordinary men.

The Greatest Love brings together an assortment of flawed individuals with incompatible personalities for the purpose of maintaining or regaining good publicity, focusing on the importance of image and public perception in the world of entertainment.

The Greatest Love won several awards at the MBC Drama Awards in 2011 and maintained high ratings throughout its first season.

The Greatest Love is a series that is currently running and has 1 seasons (18 episodes). The series first aired on May 4, 2011.

The Greatest Love is available for streaming on the website, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch The Greatest Love on demand atViki online.

MBC America
1 Season, 18 Episodes
May 4, 2011
Cast: Cha Seung-won
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The Greatest Love Full Episode Guide

  • Después de la declaración de Jin, todos se reúnen para su inminente boda. ¿Ser'á que todo marchar'á bien y todos acabar'án felices?

  • When the truth comes out about Aejong and Doko, it throws the entire nation into a panic. Will Aejong finally be able to overcome her bad image and become a loved star?

  • Doko goes abroad to convalesce, and Aejong wonders whether it is finally time to let Doko go. And so some time passes...

  • Mina finalmente sale y le dice la verdad a los dem'ás miembros del grupo. AeJung se convierte en "rehén" en la casa de Jin.

  • When Aejong is swept up in rumors and attacked by the media and the public, Doko releases information about his heart surgery to turn attention away from her and onto him.

  • Aejong finds herself at a loss when Mina asks for her help one more time. Meanwhile reporters begin to dig into the reason why the Pilju-Aejong segment on Couple Making ended.

  • Pilju coincidentally runs into Doko's main physician and finds out about Doko's condition. And Aejong almost finds out when Jaesuk shows up drunk and babbling at Doko's house.

  • When reporters crowd Doko's gate for punching Manager Jang, Aejong finds herself stuck inside. What makes things worse is that Doko challenges her to try and escape from him.

  • While the unofficial relationship between Aejong and Pilju creates high ratings for Couple Making, Doko and Seri find themselves unsettled by the support for the Pil-line.

  • Convinced that his feelings for Aejong were caused by a temporary spell, Doko cuts Aejong out of her life. His life is finally back to normal, so why does he feel so empty inside?

  • While Doko whips the situation around in front of the reporters and makes himself out to be a charitable angel, Pilju is asked by the Couple Making staff to reject Aejong for the sake of the show.

  • Doko witnesses a sweet moment between Aejong and Pilju and takes his frustration out on the potatoes she bought to make him curry. Meanwhile, the Couple Making staff decides to hold an auction of the casts' personal belongings.

  • Dokko and Aejong barely manage to sneak away from the Couple Making team, and Pilju begins to worry that Aejong will become the "other woman" in Doko and Seri's fake relationship.

  • When Doko Jin confesses his feelings, Aejong shoots him down without hesitation. Furious, Doko declares that he will make Aejong fall for him.

  • Pilju's unexpected choice for his last rose throws the entire set into an uproar. And Doko Jin doesn't want to come to terms as to why he feels so unsettled and upset by the whole thing.

  • When Aejong and Jenny visit an acupuncture and herbal clinic, they find out that the clinic's director is the eligible bachelor for the TV show "Couple Making" and decide to sneak a peek.

  • Desperate to cover up news of the bribery and his dashed Hollywood debut, Doko fakes a serious injury after ramming into Aejong's car. Meanwhile, a slight misunderstanding arises between Aejong and Pilju when they first meet.

  • Ten years ago, Aejong was in the popular idol girl group "Treasure Girls"; now she's the most hated celebrity in Korea. Her hopes to lead a low-profile life are dashed when she crosses paths with Doko Jin, Korea's resident heartthrob and closet jerk.

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