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The television series Gloria, starring Sally Struthers, offers a fairly common view of what happens to the traditional nuclear family after the father leaves the family for another woman. Regardless of the circumstances, the newly divorced mother has to pick up the pieces and do what she thinks is best for herself and her son, Joey (Christian Jacobs): begin a new life.

To that end, Gloria Bunker Stivic decides to leave her home to move to upstate New York to be closer to her father. There, in the town of Fox Ridge, Gloria and Joey soon realize that the home she had rented would be shared with her landlord, Dr. Willard Adams (Burgess Meredith), a rough but sweet gentleman, who headed the veterinarian clinic where she would be working as a veterinarian

MBC America
1 Season, 50 Episodes
December 1, 2010
Cast: Bae Doona
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Gloria Full Episode Guide

  • Gloria puts up a 500M won reward for the capture of Ji Suk, while the attraction between Ji Suk's younger brother and Gloria grows stronger. Ji Suk pays a visit to Jin Joo and rekindles old feelings, but when devastating news surrounding Ji Suk emerges, everyone finds themselves heartbroken.

  • The media learns that Jin Jin blames Ji Suk for the death of her parents. Ji Suk's father fears for the fate of the company after the news is reported. Ji Suk vows to fight for his reputation until the end.

  • Kang Suk's father accuses him of using Jin Jin in the drama to get back at his brother. Kang Suk's mother insists he is only doing it to try and knock his brother out of getting the inheritance.

  • Grandmother thinks that Dong Ah should use Ji Suk's injury to his advantage by paying him back for all the pain and suffering he caused in the past. Jin Jin finds out that their drama will be up against big competition once it finally airs.

  • Kang Suk believes that Hyung might have had some part in the stabbing incident. Jin Jin and Grandmother wait at the hospital to see if Ji Suk manages to survive the attack.

  • Kang Suk worries that Gloria is overworking herself and ask the producers to take it easy on her. Gloria's stress levels with work begin to manifest themselves into physical symptoms.

  • Kang Suk continues to wear his wedding ring from Jin Jin, claiming he will never remove it even as they separate. It is revealed that Kang Suk is the brains behind the protestors.

  • Dong Ah and Jin Jin make the news of their marriage public, much to the dismay of Dong Ah's father. Jin Jin's father is so upset at the news that he considers disowning her.

  • Jin Jin contemplates the ups and downs of her chosen career as an entertainer. Her sister creates a unique situation for her to balance between a burgeoning romantic life and an ever-present responsibility toward taking care of her family. Will she find strength in her art to deal with many new responsibilities?

  • Dong Ah attends the memorial for her sister. After the service, the grandmother of Dong Ah tells Lee Kang Suk that she has dreams of her dead granddaughter. She tells him that he is always in the dream with her. The grandmother feels that Lee Kang Suk must have wronged her in some way.

  • Na Jin Jin tells Ha Dong Ah that she has fallen in love with Lee Kang Suk. While this breaks his heart, Dong Ah knows that he must let her go. Jin Jin runs to tell Lee Kang Suk about her feeling for him. The couple share an intimate night of passion.

  • Na Jin Jin finds herself at the apartment of Ha Dong Ah. He tells her that he is afraid that his father will try and hurt her. The couple contemplates breaking up. However, Jin Jin tells Ha Dong Ah that whatever happens that night will stay between the two of them.

  • Na Jin Jin learns about the fight Ha Dong Ah was in, and rushes to find her childhood friend before his enemies can. With Lee Kang Suk firmly on her side, will she discover the whole truth of what's been happening under her nose?

  • Na Jin Jin and Lee Kang Suk are happily engaged, while Jung Yoon Seo and Ha Dong Ah are happily married. Will both couples be able to handle their parents finding out the truth?

  • Gloria's paparazzi scramble to learn as much as they can about Jin Jin's situation. But little do they realize that they are merely puppets for a much more dangerous operation.

  • Lee Kang Suk has finally presented a proper - if slightly out of key - confession to Na Jin Jin. But even if their relationship is finally cemented, Kang Suk's life continues to be a complicated affair.

  • Ha Dong Ah finds an ally in Lee Kang Suk against the gang that threatens his marriage and his life. Soon, the duo is back to back in an intense fight to the finish!

  • Na Jin Jin and Lee Kang Suk try to sort through the chaos their friends have wound up in, while their enemies only work harder to bring their downfall. Will Jung Yoon Seo and Ha Dong Ah be torn apart?

  • 20 years after the accident that left her with the mental capacity of a five year old, Na Jin Joo finally returns to the stage, and she's as radiant as ever. What challenges await her and she readjusts to a normal life?

  • Na Jin Joo lies in a hospital bed after her surgery, comatose despite no physical complications. Just what is going on in Jin Joo's mind as he last 20 years come back to her, and what kind of person will she be when (and if) she wakes up?

  • Its been four days since anyone has heard from Na Jin Joo. With her older but mentally-disabled sister missing, Na Jin Jin makes the ultimate sacrifice to try and find her. Is this the end of her career?

  • After a long struggle between love and obligation, Jung Yoon Seo and Ha Dong Ah have finally been wed. Where will the future lead them, and what of Na Jin Jin and Lee Kang Suk?

  • Na Jin Jin learns that she has a tough opponent in the upcoming singing competition, but support from all sides rallies behind Jin Jin. Will it be enough to make it through even the prelims? Of course, her romantic problems are a much less simple matter for her.

  • Jung Yoon Seo has to make a choice: stand up for her own problems, or let Ha Dong Ah wind up in the middle of them. Will she push Dong Ah away to try and keep him out of trouble, or will she finally accept the help she needs?

  • Ha Man Soo is only making his son Ha Dong Ah's situation worse for him. Can Dong Ah stand up and make his own choices about love? And will the woman he chooses feel the same way?

  • Na Jin Jin's new direction has been working her to the bone, and the budding singer starts to wonder if all the turmoil is worth it. It isn't helping matters that she's still distracted by her feelings for Lee Kang Suk, who is trying to pretend the kiss never happened.

  • Lee Kang Suk and Na Jin Jin struggle to sort through their emotions after the kiss. Will Kang Suk accept love and the openness it requires from him? Meanwhile, Jung Yoon Seo and Ha Dong Ah are having problems of their own.

  • While Jung Yoon Seo tries to jusfity her situation with Lee Kang Suk and Ha Dong Ah to those around her, she realizes she hasn't truly justified it to herself yet either. Meanwhile, Jin Jin is learning both the perks and pratfalls of her new life.

  • Na Jin Jin is shocked by the offer to move into a much nicer home. She still had affairs to put in order, but she's determined to make both the living arrangement and her career work.

  • Na Jin Joo's condition has taken a turn for the worse, and her past trauma leaves her with severe hospital anxiety. Kang Suk tags alone with Jin Jin's through the mess, and is about to learn exactly how different their worlds are.

  • Meanwhile, Ji Suk finds himself falling for somebody he never expected. Meanwhile, JinJu continues to hide the dark secrets she has witnessed, but for what purpose? And will Na Jin Jin ever get through to Lee Kang Suk?

  • As the intensity grows and alliances shift, Jin-Jin may finally be getting through to Kangseok. But romance isn't the only aspect of Jin-Jin's life, and she may be more in love with her new career than any man.

  • Kana-Suk has every intention to turn away from the fight, but a sucker punch from Dong-A manages to draw him right back in. Jin-Jin shows up just in time to see the worst of it and gets the opportunity to get to the bottom of things with Kana-Suk.

  • Yoon-Seo arrives home on Dong-Ah’s back, wishing the night with him would never end. When they get to the house, Kang-Suk gets out of what Dong-Ah believes to be the family car. He mistakes Kang-Suk for the chauffeur. Kang-Suk corrects him by introducing himself as Yoon-Seo’s fiancé.

  • Kang Suk turns away from an opportunity to get out of his wedding. Both Kang Suk and his brother show an interest in Yoon Seo. Ji Young tells Jin Jin her designer bag was a gift from a friend.

  • Kang Suk reminds Jin Jin about her contract and her obligations. Kang Suk seeks to purchase a singing competition series. Jin Jin sees Kang Suk sleeping in his car. She wonders why a rich person like Kang Suk feels unhappy.

  • Ji Young learns the secret past of Jin Joo's and Jin Jin's family relation. Although formerly rejecting Jin Jin, Kang Suk approaches her with a proposal. Will she accept and trust Kang Suk?

  • Jin Jin threatens Kang Suk when he refuses to end her contract. Jin Jin wants to record a song called Gloria. Yoon Bae calls her an amateur because she only performs one song. Jin Joo and Jin Jin are sisters.

  • Jiseok stands up for his brother by standing against his marriage plans. But what does the woman in the equation have to say about the whole ordeal? Could she truly love such a cynical man?

  • Ha Dong-A and Jung Yoon-Seo are from two very different worlds, and Dong-A feels this is too much for them to be together. Meanwhile, Lee Kang-Suk's family continues to disapprove of his choice about marriage.

  • On an unexpected date, Jung Yoon-Seo opens up about her past and the reasons for her attempted suicide. Meanwhile, Lee Kang-Suk reveals to his mother how he really feels about love and relationships.

  • Miss Seo is approached by the man her father wants her to marry and she grudgingly goes over the terms her husband-to-be is offering. Meanwhile, one of Jin Jin’s roommates is swindled by a boyfriend and the singer that Jin Jin admires is scolded by her own mother for still being a performer. Miss Seo chooses someone she would rather marry and her family is alarmed.

  • An incident with Jin Yoo causes her overprotective sister, Jin Jin, to lose her cool. Jin Jin is dragged to the police office where she loses her temper again and accidentally hits an unintended target. Meanwhile, one of the richest man in town has a crisis due to his daughter’s attempt at suicide. Jin Yoo makes a child friend that is appropriate for her mental state but she continues to be too mu

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