Golden Time

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Golden time is a TV show that is presented at the Oprah Winfrey Network (OWN). The golden time show comes up every Thursday night at 10 - 11 p.m. The channel runs 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The presenter is a young man who has a passion for young people. The golden time show target young people who have just come out of college. His purpose is to help them manage their time well. Reasons being that, this young man lost his job because he went late to work.

During one of his shows, the presenter talked on the topic time management. He said the importance of management in our lives can not be over emphasized. That time management can make or mare our lives.

He went ahead to say that become of lack of time management, his lost his first job as an engineer in an oil company. That, that was the best paying job he had ever had since he left college. But lost it because he was not serious and could not manage his time well. And ever since he lost that job, he has not been able to pick up another one.

That is the reason why he is focusing on young people. He wants them not to make the same mistakes he made. He wants them to know that time is of the essence and should be taken very seriously. That you need to plan your schedule very well. Work time is very important and should not be played with. In fact, time that you have put aside for any program should be respected and followed accordingly.

He also says that punctuality is a good work ethic and should be practiced. You should not make it a habit of going to work late. Even if you have to, please place a call to your supervisor to explain that you will be late.

Monday & Tuesday 9:55 PM et/pt on MBC America
1 Season, 24 Episodes
July 9, 2012
Cast: Lee Sun-kyun
Golden Time

Golden Time Full Episode Guide

  • As his memories begin to change, Banri makes his way home to try to piece his life back together. Old emails may hold the secret to regaining his memories in the series finale of Golden Time!

  • Banri, devastated after suddenly being dumped by Koko, is at a loss: with the last remaining reason to stick around now gone, will he cease to exist?

  • Banri is stunned by Koko's sudden request. Koko's father gives Banri a ride home in his car, but unable to bounce back, Banri sits in front of his house. When Nana-senpai comes along, she urges Banri to talk to Koko again. The next morning, Koko interacts with a motivated Banri with her usual cheerful demeanor.

  • Banri is finding it harder and harder to stay himself. An unfortunate turn of events leads him down a path that may impact his entire life.

  • Yana's quest to win Linda over is failing miserably, and his film project is ending soon. Oka has become cold toward Banri after seeing him and Linda together.

  • Yana starts filming the Festival Club as an excuse to get closer to Linda, who he's recently angered. Koko decides that their night in Paris wont come soon enough, and takes matters into her own hands.

  • Banri and Linda make it back home for their reunion, where their friends have set up a dodgeball game to welcome them.

  • Koko convinces Banri to go to his high school reunion. Later Yana begins to unravel the secret between Linda and Banri that they've been keeping since the beginning.

  • The aftermath of the car crash causes Koko to break down in shame. Banri visits her at home with hopes of helping her get back to normal.

  • Banri, Koko and the gang plan to head to the beach, but a strange run of bad luck seems to be stopping them at every turn.

  • While on a mission to stalk Yana, Koko, Banri and 2d-kun run into Oka, and later finally find out why Yana has been so distant lately.

  • Koko catches Banri and Linda in a compromising position. As things begin to fall apart, Banri makes a bold decision.

  • Banri finds out from some upperclassmen that he needs money to take a girl like Koko to the beach, so he goes in search for a part time job.

  • After a startling episode, Banri regains control of his body, but at the cost of his health. Later, Linda takes care of him while a jealous Kaga makes her way to Banri's apartment.

  • Kaga falls ill, and even after returning to school, Banri senses that something is amiss. Ghost Banri recalls the moment he fell deeply in love with Linda.

  • Banri, 2D-Kun, and Kaga take Yana out to cheer him up. Later, Banri and Linda have a talk late at night.

  • Banri and Koko are now officially dating, and she wants to shout it out to the world. Later, Nana forces Banri to talk to Linda, who he's been ignoring for days.

  • Chinami invited the group to a party she's hosting. Banri and Linda's past comes to a head.

  • Koko and Banri officially join the Festival club. A mysterious photo of his previous life causes Banri to question Linda.

  • Banri and Kaga join the festival club. Later, Mitsuo rejects Kaga, and Banri is left to pick up the pieces.

  • Somehow Banri and Koko get abducted by a cult, and as they make their escape, Banri reveals his past.

  • Kaga continues her neverending quest to be with Mitsuo. Meanwhile, Tada is recruited by clubs left and right, and gets to know Kaga a bit more.

  • Tada Banri's first day in law school is spent lost trying to actually get there. On his way he meets some new friends, and his life in Tokyo begins.

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