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The King 2 Hearts is a very interesting South Korean dramatic television series. It is written by Hong Jin-ah. The series tells the dramatic story of a South Korean crown prince. The plot follows him through the his evolution from simple, fun loving playboy to responsible statesman through unexpectedly falling in love with a tough female North Korean special agent. Lee Seung-gi, one of Korea's most popular actors and Ha Ji-won known from the Secret Garden star in the leading roles in this romantic action comedy.

The setting is South Korea that is still ruled by a constitutional monarchy. Lee Seung-gi plays the main role. He is the very handsome and materialistic heir to the throne of South Korea. The prince is happy that his older brother has been made king. The very intelligent and capable prince is arrogant and irresponsible. He assumes that with his brother having taken the role of king that he is free to live his life a carefree and indulgent playboy. The prince wants a leisurely life and is completely disinterested in politics or statesmanship. He doesn't desire to take on the position of king or to become involved in the military. Those attitudes change as the show progresses.

The change in him begins when he enlists in the World Officer Championship with North Korea. Here he meets the daughter of a North Korean general. She is the only girl on the team and so she draws the prince's interest. The two don't get along at first as she is tough and has no feminine tendencies and the prince's personality makes him quite unpopular with other members of the team. Things become more complicated when the two enter into a politically motivated arranged marriage. As they encounter challenging political problems they eventually fall in love. The prince eventually feels compelled by circumstances to grow up and take on duty and responsibility to come to the aid of his country.

The King 2 Hearts is a series that is currently running and has 1 seasons (20 episodes). The series first aired on March 21, 2012.

The King 2 Hearts is available for streaming on the website, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch The King 2 Hearts on demand atViki online.

Wednesday, Thursday 9:55 PM et/pt on MBC America
1 Season, 20 Episodes
March 21, 2012
Cast: Ha Ji-won, Lee Seung-gi, Jo Jung-suk, Yoon Je-moon, Lee Yoon-ji
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The King 2 Hearts Full Episode Guide

  • With a war between the North and South seemingly imminent, Jae-ha and Hang-ah must do what they can to stay together, stop the war before it starts and finally avenge the losses and pain caused by John Mayer.

  • Jae-ha stares into the barrel of Si-kyeong's gun, and things finally come to a head. He is surrounded by Bong-gu's men, and Hang-ah is racing to save him.

  • As Jae-ha searches for solid proof to charge Bong-gu through the ICC, Si-kyeong comes to a decision as to what he must do on his part.

  • After learning that Hang Ah is okay through the video conference call, Jae Ha tells Hang Ah that they will live safe in the future, while Bong Gu keeps a close eye on the conversation.

  • The engagement party goes off without a hitch, and Hang-ah joins the queen mother in her volunteer work to adjust to life as a royal. Meanwhile, Jae-ha receives a mysterious email from Club M.

  • Up against the formidable US team in the WOC, the Korean united team decides to take drastic measures to win the first round.

  • Si-kyeong detains Bon-bon at the royal palace but finds it hard to pin her down. Meanwhile, Jae-ha and Hang-ah find themselves in trouble with Kang-seok gets into a scuffle with the US team.

  • Infuriated by Jae-ha's provocation, John Mayer decides to step out of the shadows and take the reins himself. Meanwhile, Jae-ha and Hang-ha try to persuade Jae-sin to be regent while Jae-ha is away at the WOC.

  • Manipulated by John Mayer, some North Korean soldiers plot to hold Jae-ha hostage. Hang-ah tries to stay out of the situation until she discovers the special gift that he brought her.

  • News of Hang-ah's miscarriage snaps Jae-ha out of his stupor and into action. Meanwhile, John Mayer has something destructive planned for Jae-ha.

  • Hang-ah is unceremoniously sent back home to North Korea, leaving Jae-ha to wallow in guilt. In order to set things right, he decides that he must first find his brother's murderer.

  • North Korean items are found where Jae-kang was murdered, and in a desperate attempt to cover up his tracks, Chief Secretary Eun begins to manipulate both Jae-ha and Hang-ah.

  • Hang-ah enters the palace to be trained for life as the crown princess and clashes with the queen mother. Meanwhile, King Jae-kang and his wife go on vacation to a remote location in Anmyondo.

  • Publicly shamed by Hang-ah, Jae-ha vows to do much worse to her. Meanwhile, left back in Seoul, Si-kyeong is given the task of picking up Princess Jae-sin, who has managed to slip away.

  • After the training has ended, everyone returns to their respective sides to wait until the championship. Jae-ha is glad to return home, only to find out that his brother wants him to marry a North Korean woman.

  • Tensions run high at the training center when Jae-ha decides to play a prank on North Korean Rhee Kang-seok that ends up threatening the entire collaboration.

  • Ever bickering back and forth, Hang-ah and Jae-ha decide to settle matters with a treadmill competition. Meanwhile, a bomb explodes in the training area and sends the center into high alert.

  • Somewhere in Frankfurt, Kim Bong-gu (English name John Mayer) quietly and secretly murders his father to become the owner of Club M. Meanwhile, the unified team heads to North Korea to continue training.

  • The North and the South agree to enter the upcoming World Officer Championship as one team. North Korean officer Kim Hang-ah is lured with the prospect of marriage, and South Korean crown prince Lee Jae-ha is tricked into participating.