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Park Kae-in is a design student who lives in the house designed by her father, a reserved yet well-known architect who teaches at the university. She is messy, clumsy, and a little awkward, but pure in heart. As a young adult, Kae-in has a lot of maturing to do. This starts at the wedding of her former roommate and close friend Kim In-hee. When Kae-in arrives there, she sees In-hee's husband to be is her former boyfriend, Han Chang-ryul, who had broken up with Kae-in without a word of explanation. Deceit gets exposed and the wedding explodes when Kae-in finds out the two were seeing each other behind her back for a while.

A heart-broken, distraught Kae-in swears off men and focuses on her studies. She meets Jeon Jin-ho, a gay man seeking a place to live. There's no chance for heartbreak there... at least that is what Kae-in thinks. Jin-ho is actually hiding his true identity to gain the secrets of Kae-in's father and use them for his own struggling design firm. In the middle of his plot, he starts to fall for Kae-in.

1 Season, 16 Episodes
March 31, 2010
Cast: Min-ho Lee
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Personal Taste Full Episode Guide

  • Jin Ho retaliates by telling Kae In's father outright that his flawed design for Sang Go Jae is the reason it all went south, and worse yet, Kae In is bearing the brunt of his mistakes as a father.

  • "Trying to erase You," kicks off as Jin Ho walks in just as Kae In is having a major meltdown over her recovered memories.

  • After a day of shopping at the mart, Kae In and Jin Ho return home with all of their couple-centric purchases

  • "A Special Birthday Present" opens as Kae In falls unconscious from the shock of her Sang Go Jae memory, wherein she crashed down through the glass ceiling onto her mother below, which presumably killed the latter.

  • Do Bin reels from his rejection, and the look on his face speaks volumes.

  • Chang Ryul witnesses Jin Ho and Kae In kissing, and shoves Jin Ho off of Kae In's lips and reminds him that he'd agreed to back off.

  • At the office, Sang Jun worries about Jin Ho, who has been out of touch after running out of the office.

  • Jin Ho continues driving like a madman down the streets of Seoul to let out his anger.

  • Jin Ho is drunk and presumably lost in the moment, but Kae In looks pained even as she's kissing him.

  • After getting a cold splash of bitterness from Hye Mi, Kae In wonders aloud what on earth she could have done to deserve this.

  • Kae In asked Jin Ho to help her make a woman of herself, titling the mission, "Project to Make Her a Woman".

  • After dropping that bomb about Jin Ho's sexual orientation, Kae In sarcastically challenges In Hee to try seducing Jin Ho? with her boundless charms, maybe she can get him to switch sides.

  • Kae In looks more hurt and betrayed by In-hee, who as her friend and a human being, should seem more remorseful than if she had stolen your parking space or taken the last cookie.

  • Kae In jumps up clumsily at the sound of her alarm clock, already late. She's a furniture designer and has worked through the night, sleeping on the floor of her wood shop.

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