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The television series is about a Korean family that moved to Australia when Han Sang Eun and her sister were very young. In episode one of season one, Han Sang Eun is in trouble with her father because she speaks English instead of Korean, and her father does not like the idea of her speaking English because he believes that it goes against their Korean heritage.

However, Han Sang Eun tells her father that since they live in Australia all her teachers speak English and ask her questions in English. Her father tells her that the reason for her teachers speaking English is because they are native to Australia, but she should continue to speak Korean since that is where she is from.

The episode moves ahead to when Han Sang Eun has returned from America, where she studied to become a lawyer. She informs her father and grandfather that her American boyfriend will be arriving shortly and that she and her boyfriend Alex would like to have the blessings of her father and grandfather for them to get married. However, her father is completely against his daughter marrying a foreigner.

In another part of the episode, a doctor in his thirties is being photographed with some of his patients, and the photographer implies that he is in love with the doctor when Han Sang Eun approaches them at the hospital. As a result of the photographer Jung Gyer Han inferring that he is in love with Doctor Kim Yeo Joon, some members of the hospital staff start a rumor about the doctor.

Kim Yeo Join's family learns about the rumor from a woman who overheard a couple members of the hospital staff talking about it. The woman had been a classmate of Kim Yeo Join's mother, however, the two women do not get along with one another. Kim Yeo Join's mother is worried that her son will not get married.

1 Season, 31 Episodes
October 10, 2009
Cast: Kim Tae-young, Jung Suk-won, Kim Yoon-jin, Kang Byul, Kim Jung
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Creating Destiny Full Episode Guide

  • Sang Eun is told about her biological mother's health condition and goes to the hospital to see her.

  • Yeo Joon's grandmother has finally caved into the idea and accepted Sang Eun, but Yeo Joon's mother still stands firm on her position.

  • As both elders of each household is against the idea of their grandchildren seeing each other, Yeo Joon's father decides to apologize and help his son.

  • Even after getting turned down, Gyu Han continues to insist that Yoon Hee comes to her.

  • Yeo Joon takes care of Sang Eun after she fainted from getting ill from all the trauma that is going on.

  • As soon as Sang Eun's father tells Sang Eun that her biological mother is looking for her, she tries to grasp the meaning of her father's words.

  • Yeo Joon goes all the way to Australia to apologize to Sang Eun and patch things up with her.

  • Back in Australia, Sang Eun seems to be doing pretty well, but can't help be bothered by how she left things with Yeo Joon.

  • As Seo Yeon is in the hospital under Yeo Joon's care, she starts to realize that Yeo Joon's feelings towards her weren't as honest as they are for Sang Eun.

  • The two families gather together for Sang Eun and Yeo Joon's engagement party, but the only problem is, Yeo Joon is no where to be seen.

  • After Hye Rim finds the dating contract that Sang Eun and Yeo Joon had signed, she decides that it's the only thing she has to her favor to finally break them up.

  • Yeo Joon cancels his plans with Sang Eun due to Hye Rim's "emergency".

  • Kang Hye Sung, the director of Sung Hyun Group, officially announces that he will be getting married to the defendant of the law suit, Yoon Hee.

  • Yeo Joon realizes what his true feelings are for Sang Eun and decides to run to the airport and stop her from leaving with Alex.

  • Yeo Joon has become all smiles these days as his affections for Sang Eun grows.

  • Yeo Joon and Sang Eun get summoned to the doughnut shop after Grandpa gets a whiff of Yeo Joon's "indiscretion" of staying with Hye Rim at her house.

  • Yeo Joon heads to Sang Eun's place after finding out that Se Won is Hae Sung's brother.

  • Sang Eun's family arrives and they immediately start pushing marriage.

  • On their way back from the airport, Sang Eun shocks Yeo Joon with her idea of moving in together.

  • Sang Eun tells Sae Won that the reason she went to Yeong-ju was because she wanted to visit her mother's hometown.

  • As Grandmother tells them to move out together, Sang Eun and Yeo Joon both balk at her suggestion.

  • Yeo Joon comes home to hysteria with his family is wondering why he kept Hye Rim a secret. With all that's going on, Sang Eun expresses her desire to go back to Australia.

  • Yeo Joon runs home to find Sang Eun at the upstairs rice cake cafe and sits her down to get the scoop on her day. She doesn't understand why they have to lie to his Grandmother.

  • Sang Eun and Yeo Joon finally get home to greet the adults of the family. Sang Eun proves to be a good little daughter and gives a big bow to Yeo Joon's parents and grandmother, except that she stumbles a bit with her short skirt.

  • Yeo Joon is unequivocally told that he has to get married, while Sang Eun is told to go to Korea for a year before making her final decision to marry Alex.

  • Sang Eun has just come back from the States and bringing her American fiance, to get her old school dad and grandpa's permission to marry.

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