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Chuno is a historical drama television series released in South Korea. The series tells the story of a slave hunter who is searching for an escapee while also seeking out his lost romantic companion during the ancient Joseon Dynasty. The series was written by Chun Sung-il and directed by Kwak Jung-hwan.

Lee Dae-gil is a slave hunter descended from a rich family. His family owns a slave named Keun-nom, whose sister, Un-nyun, is romantically involved with Dae-gil. When his parents discover their son's relationship, they attempt to kill Un-nyun by trapping her inside a shed without food or water. Keun-nom saves her sister and burns down the family's home, and the two siblings flee.

While on the run, Keun-nom purchases a family tree belonging to a rich family and changes his and his sister's names to Kim to match the family records. As he seeks vengeance for Keun-nom's actions and searches for his lost love, Un-nyun, Dae-gil lives the next decade making a career for himself as a slave hunter. Throughout his continuing travels, Dae-gil carries a drawing of his love interest as he attempts to locate her.

Crown Prince Sohyeon is held captive after his forces were defeated in the war against the Qing Dynasty. He and his general, Song Tae-ha, are eventually freed, but their kingdom is in a state of chaos. Sohyeon passes away unexpectedly soon after his release, and two of his children are murdered. Tae-ha is found to have stolen military supplies and is forced into slavery as punishment.

Tae-ha discovers that the safety of Sohyeon's third son, who was exiled to the island of Jeju, is in jeopardy. Tae-ha runs away and embarks on a trip to save the child. In his travels, he encounters Un-nyun as she is fleeing from an arranged marriage. Dae-gil is asked to detain the escapee, Tae-ha. Dae-gil pursues Tae-ha and is unaware that he is on the run with his long lost love.

Chuno ran from January 2010 through March 2010 on KBS2 TV in South Korea.

1 Season, 24 Episodes
June 2, 2010
Action & Adventure
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Chuno Full Episode Guide

  • Since both Dae-gil and Tae-ha are both wanted alive in the capital city, they try to find a way to escape and get back to the village to send the Crown Prince to Qing along with the Qing Emperor.

  • The Qing Emperor sends his soldiers to the small village to get the Crown Prince so that they can take him back to Qing for his safety.

  • Dae-gil is now reunited again with his chuno brothers, General Choi and Wang-son. A welcoming festivity is prepared for Dae-gil and the rest of his crew.

  • In order to keep the Crown Prince safe, Dae-gil guides them into the deep mountains, where his slave hunting comrade lives in a village surrounded by other slave hunters.

  • While trying to escape to keep the Crown Prince safe, Hye-won gets caught by officers because they are suspicious that she is carrying the Crown Prince.

  • Execution day. Both Tae-ha and Dae-gil are sentenced to die since they failed to reveal the whereabouts of the Crown Prince and follow orders.

  • Both Tae-ha and Dae-gil get captured by Officer Hwang and get tortured until they disclose the whereabouts of the Crown Prince.

  • Just as it seems they might have to settle in for a long and cold wait, one of the slaves spies the yangban approaching in the distance. The slaves immediately scramble to their positions.

  • Dae-Gil has found his beloved, but she has apparently forgotten about him.

  • King Injo asks his number two man, the Left State Minister Lee Gyeong Shik, about the happenings in Jeju Island, where the last surviving son of the murdered Crown Prince So-Hyeon was supposed to be killed.

  • According to Dae-gil, in this world of slavery co-existing with Neo-Confucian ideals of virtue, Good and Evil don't really have meaning.

  • Dae-gil had begged his father to allow him to marry Un-nyun, saying that he couldn't live without her. Furious, his father had ordered that Un-nyun be locked up in the storage room, where she would be left to die from dehydration.

  • Seol-hwa is jolted awake by the slave hunters demanding to know what she did with their horses and money. Seol-hwa says she sold the horses and spent all of the money on food and drink.

  • Aware that they'd be overtaken easily if they tried to escape on horseback, Tae-ha sends a riderless horse galloping away to misdirect the slave hunters once again.

  • There is only one son of the Crown Prince left alive, and Tae-Ha must save him. Tae-Ha, with his secret message from the Crown Prince himself, must get to and save the last son of the Crown Prince and avenge his master's murder.

  • Seol-hwa blocks Dae-gil's path and refuses to budge until he agrees to bring her along on their mission to catch Tae-ha. Dae-gil is just about to turn his horse the other way, when Eop-bok fires his musket.

  • In the Manchu war, amidst the chaos and fighting, invaders had raided homes and dragged off their inhabitants.

  • Slaves who ran away were rounded up by bounty hunters called chuno-kkun. 'Chuno' itself is a portmanteau word combining 'chase' with 'slave'; hence, slave hunter.

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