Watch TV Shows on Viikii

Viikii is a global television channel based online. Viewers have access to a variety of unique features, such as exclusive videos on Viikii, behind the scenes videos of movie stars, singers, and other stars, in depth interviews with huge names in the music and entertainment industry, and specific shout outs to fans that use Viikii.

There is a Global TV option, which offers shows from all around the world, including hard-to-find series from countries like Korea, Japan, and Taiwan. There are also movies available on the channel in a variety of different genres such as: Action, Cartoons, Comedy, Romance and more. Short films are also available when you don't have time to watch full length titles.

A popular feature is the built in community of users who can chat with each other and share their ideas. This also connects to the store, where you can buy merchandise, donate to causes, or look for volunteer opportunities. You can join an exclusive by purchasing a Viikii pass, which allows you to access premium content and redeem points that you accrue from participating in the community. This aspect, which allows users to engage on a deeper level, is perhaps that sets this television platform apart from the rest the most.