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  • 2010
  • 1 Season
  • 6.9  (178)

Kim Soo Ro is a historical drama series that aired on MBC America in 2010. The show is based on the true story of Kim Soo Ro, a legendary figure from Korean history who overcame his humble origins to become a powerful king. The series is set in the ancient kingdom of Geumgwan Gaya, which was located on the southern coast of the Korean peninsula. Kim Soo Ro (played by actor Ji Sung) is born into a family of slaves and grows up working as a laborer in a stone quarry. However, he possesses an extraordinary strength and resilience that sets him apart from his peers.

As a young man, Kim Soo Ro becomes involved in the struggle for power among the various noble families of Geumgwan Gaya. He finds himself in opposition to the ambitious and treacherous Yuri (played by Bae Jong-ok), who will stop at nothing to gain control of the kingdom.

Despite the odds against him, Kim Soo Ro rises to become a powerful leader in his own right. He forms alliances with other noble families and wins the respect of his people through his courage, his intelligence, and his unwavering devotion to the cause of justice.

Throughout the series, viewers are treated to a rich tapestry of historical detail and dramatic intrigue. The show features colorful costumes, detailed sets, and impressive action sequences that bring to life the world of ancient Korea. The acting is uniformly strong, with Ji Sung delivering a standout performance as the charismatic and inspiring Kim Soo Ro.

At its heart, Kim Soo Ro is a story of perseverance, loyalty, and the triumph of the human spirit. It is a tale of a man who faced seemingly insurmountable obstacles with courage and determination, and who ultimately achieved greatness through his unwavering faith in himself and in the people around him.

For fans of historical drama, Kim Soo Ro is a must-watch. The series offers a fascinating glimpse into a little-known chapter of Korean history, and it does so with style, heart, and excitement. Whether you're a fan of action-packed battles, political intrigue, or character-driven storytelling, this show has something to offer.

Kim Soo Ro is a series that is currently running and has 1 seasons (32 episodes). The series first aired on November 16, 2010.

Kim Soo Ro
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E 32
32. E 32
December 13, 2010
Hwang Ok and Soo Ro prepare for the coronation as people gather. Talhae becomes king of his own nation while continuing to challenge Soo Ro after he takes the throne.
E 31
31. E 31
December 13, 2010
Iginashi confesses his true feelings for Soo Ro and Hwang Ok is surprised by the revelation. Hwang Ok leaves by boat to visit her home in India as gossip about the marriage continues.
E 30
30. E 30
December 13, 2010
Soo Ro tells Hwang Ok that fate has brought them together as he proposes marriage. Ah Nee pleads with the king to punish her instead of Talhae after the couple leaves together.
E 29
29. E 29
December 13, 2010
Yeom Sachi asks the king for Ahro’s hand in marriage but he rejects the proposal. Soo Ro tries to make a treaty that will stop further hostilities between nations.
E 28
28. E 28
November 16, 2010
Shin Gui Gan destroys an important artifact that foretold the prophesy of Soo Ro’s birth. Lady Cheon Goon asks Hwang Ok to do anything she can for Soo Ro.
E 27
27. E 27
November 16, 2010
Yong Bi speaks out about his loyalty to Master Cheon Goon. Shin Gui Gan makes an attempt to strengthen his troops as the war continues but his finances are becoming an issue.
E 26
26. E 26
November 16, 2010
Shin Gui Gan is named as the princess' killer but he points to Talhae as the real murderer. Soo Ro visits Hwang Ok as the king of SaaRo makes an important decision.
E 25
25. E 25
November 16, 2010
Princess Ah Hyo is held hostage as her father attempts to complete a treaty that will secure her release. Talhae tells Shin Gui Gan that he has no right to speak about the treaty.
E 24
24. E 24
November 16, 2010
Soo Ro helps Iginashi by bringing supplies and he asks him to return home. An old villager is sent to Shin Gui Gan’s tent in hopes of gaining information.
E 23
23. E 23
November 16, 2010
Soo Ro tells Lady Cheon Goon that Iginashi will not come back as she fears his revenge. Iginashi as well as his army prepare for the fight against Shin Gui Gan and Talhae.
E 22
22. E 22
November 16, 2010
A messenger offers Iginashi's freedom in exchange for the GooYa Forge and swordmaster Ilso. Yoo Cheon finally recovers his memory and attempts to murder a woman who traveled with him.
E 21
21. E 21
November 16, 2010
Shin Gui Gan must deal with his wife's suicide and the reasons for her decision. Chief Yeom wants a reward for his loyalty and he uses Soo Ro to obtain it.
E 20
20. E 20
November 16, 2010
Ah Hyo is worried that Soo Ro will hate her but those fears are put to rest after arriving in SaaRo. Information reaches the king of SaaRo about problems that Shin Gui Gan will face.
E 19
19. E 19
November 16, 2010
An injured Soo Ro wakes to find Lady Cheon Goon and Hwang Ok standing by his bed. Talhae tries to get the SaaRa nation involved in Shin Gui Gan's fight.
E 18
18. E 18
November 16, 2010
Lady Cheon Goon beats the priestess until she confesses that Soo Ro is the rightful king of Goo Ya. Hwang Ok asks Ah Hyo to accompany her on a visit.
E 17
17. E 17
November 16, 2010
Soo Ro allows the doctor's son to live during their important confrontation. Hwang Ok asks Ah Hyo if she has seen Soo Ro since he left to find his mother.
E 16
16. E 16
November 16, 2010
Shin Gui Gan makes plans to marry Soo Ro’s mother as he works on creating an alliance with her son. Ah Hyo is happy that Soo Ro is back in the village.
E 15
15. E 15
November 16, 2010
Shin Gui Gan kills Heo Jan Sang in an effort to lure Soo Ro out of hiding. Chief Seok asks Lady Cheon Goon to return but she does not trust him.
E 14
14. E 14
November 16, 2010
Soo Ro finds out that Hwang Ok turned down Master Cheon Goon’s marriage proposal. Shin Gui Gwan makes plans for a war that will put the country under his control.
E 13
13. E 13
November 16, 2010
Heo Jan Sang asks that an ill Soo Ro be forgiven for his perceived crimes. Soo Ro makes a deal to trade his ironworking skills in exchange for the slaves' freedom.
E 12
12. E 12
November 16, 2010
Lady Cheon Goon is told to leave for a safe place but she wants to take the head swordsman with her. Soo Ro decides he must escape from the island prison.
E 11
11. E 11
November 16, 2010
Deok Seon finds Priestess Hae Rye with an arrow in her back and mysterious men follow a doctor to the cave. Yi Bi Ga is gone and the head priestess is summoned to answer questions.
E 10
10. E 10
November 16, 2010
The sword battle between Soo Ro and Iginashi continues as a participant's sword is damaged. Lady Cheon Goon tells Iginashi that he will never be king if Shin Gui Gan defeats him.
E 9
9. E 9
November 16, 2010
The search for Priestess Hae Rye begins after she disappears from the village. Soo Ro is allowed to join other swordsmen at the contest but Lady Cheon Goon protests the addition.
E 8
8. E 8
November 16, 2010
Heo Jan Sang makes a deal to buy swords from Gaya. Lady Cheon Goon asks Ah Hyo to work for her but the young woman does not answer the proposal.
E 7
7. E 7
November 16, 2010
The Shingui Ghan and Heukpyo are responsible for the attempted kidnapping of Iginashi. Soo Ro looks at a special pendant as thoughts of his father's death continue to haunt him.
E 6
6. E 6
November 16, 2010
Some people in the village are upset as a merchant sells his salt to Chon Goo. Ilso comes to replace Jabang and his appearance helps village merchants with the ironworks.
E 5
5. E 5
November 16, 2010
E 4
4. E 4
November 16, 2010
The Danyajang is asked to give over a drawing that reveals the secret of ironworks. A woman comes forward with information about a baby taken from its mother and suspicion grows that the child might be living in Gaya.
E 3
3. E 3
November 16, 2010
Servants are offered for sacrifices during a funeral but one girl is saved by a young boy in the crowd. Talhee beings to search for the children who ran away.
E 2
2. E 2
November 16, 2010
Visitors come to see Suro
E 1
1. E 1
November 16, 2010
A ceremony summons blessings for a new furnace in Gaya before it is lit. Jabang vows to keep quiet about the baby's real parents as he tries to convince his wife that it is their child.
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Kim Soo Ro is available for streaming on the MBC America website, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Kim Soo Ro on demand at Amazon Prime and Viki.
  • Premiere Date
    November 16, 2010
  • IMDB Rating
    6.9  (178)