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The television show Hooray for Love is a Korean series. . The show stars Lee Tae Sung and Lee BO Yeong. This show follows a woman who is in her thirties who is going through a divorce. The show follows this woman in her varying levels of success in life. The main character of the show is named Jae Mi. Her husband wanted a divorce and tricked up into signing the papers. After the divorce she experiences a rough time. The show picks up on her trying to get her life in order and the steps she is taking to move on.

Jae Mi had a rough childhood and is also dealing with these issues from her past. She wants everything in her life to be perfect and is disapoited that it is not. She also has memories of an affair her father had during her childhood. His actions resulted in her parents divorcing. This has made her wary of men from that time on.

When Jae Mi got married to her now ex-husband named Jung Soo he was struggling with his restaurant business. Jae Mi had the smarts to run the business and got all their finances in order. Once the business become profitable her husband sent her on a trip to an island as a wedding present. She did not know at the time that the trip was really to get her out of the way. Her husband also feels for another woman and got her pregnant with his child. He knew she still had painful childhood memories about relationships breaking up. He does not want to tell his wife this so he comes up with a plan to get a divorce. A little bit more of this plot and this story is prevailed in each episode.

Saturday & Sunday 9:45 PM et/pt on MBC America
1 Season, 57 Episodes
July 16, 2011
Cast: Bae Jong-ok
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Hooray for Love Full Episode Guide

  • When Juri steps onto the street and ends up in danger, Hyeongdo pushes her out of the way and gets hurt instead.

  • Hyeongdo and Junghee are glad that Jaemi and Dongwoo are happy together. Meanwhile, Hyeongdo calls Juri to tell her when his plane leaves.

  • Crystal tells Jaemi and Dongwoo to break up in order to keep the peace. Meanwhile, Sunny reveals to Dongwoo that she is Juri's daughter.

  • Hyeongdo promises Crystal that he will never show up again if she allows Jaemi and Dongwoo to get married. Meanwhile, Juri tells Jaemi that she is Hyeongdo's ex-wife.

  • Crystal finds out that Hyeongdo and Junghee are Jaemi's parents and vehemently opposes the marriage between Hyeongdo and Jaemi.

  • Dongwoo tells Junghee that Dongwoo is his brother-in-law, and Junghee urges him to hurry up and tell Jaemi.

  • Hyeongdo finds out that Dongwoo is the man that Jaemi plans to marry, and he sets up a meeting with them and Junghee.

  • Heesu finds herself in danger during childbirth, and Jeongsu is scammed in China. Meanwhile, Sunny goes to Crystal and demands to know where her child is.

  • Jeongsu leaves Heesu and tries to have a fresh start in China. Meanwhile, Sunny hears that her child ended up going to Crystal.

  • Crystal agrees to allow Jaemi and Dongwoo to marry in order to stop Dongwoo from leaving for Seattle.

  • Dongwoo declares that he is leaving for Seattle, and he asks Jaemi out for one last dinner.

  • Dongwoo searches out the hospital where he was born and finds out the truth. He approaches Crystal and demands to know why she lied to him.

  • Jaemi manages to trick Jeongsu and places first in the second round of the cooking competition.

  • Dongwoo and Crystal meet at the temple, where she confesses that she decided to adopt a child when her own child passed away.

  • Sunny searches for the child she once deserted. She and Dongwoo find it suspicious that Crystal is always going to the temple and decide to find out why.

  • Hyeongdo applies for a job at a new hospital, and the head doctor happens to be someone who volunteers with Juri.

  • Dongwoo spots the manila envelope with the information on Jaemi's parents and opens it before it is handed over to Crystal.

  • Junghee tells Jaemi that she plans to get back together with Hyeongdo. Meanwhile, Crystal hires someone to dig into Jaemi's family history.

  • While dropping Seri off at Hyeongdo's house, Juri spots Hyeongdo with Junghee and explodes in anger.

  • Crystal finds out that Jaemi and Jeongsu were once married and immediately tells Dongwoo to break up with Jaemi.

  • Junghee searches for the missing Hyeongdo. Meanwhile, Sunny finds out that Jaemi is Jeongsu's ex-wife and sets out to tell Crystal.

  • Dongwoo and Jaemi head over to Crystal's for dinner, and Jaemi asks that he tell her the truth about her being a divorcee.

  • Sunny witnesses a furious fight between Huisu and Jaemi. Meanwhile, Dongwoo lies about their relationship in order to placate Sunny.

  • Juri informs Junghee that she and Hyeongdo are divorced. Meanwhile, Hyeongdo collapses in pain.

  • Junghee throws away her pride and goes to see Crystal in order to help Hyeongdo.

  • Juri finds out that Hyeongdo came to the fashion show. Meanwhile, Crystal is furious when she remembers that Junghee came to the hospital to see Hyeongdo.

  • Jeongsu takes the porridge shop's deed back to Jaemi and asks for forgiveness, which causes much distress for Dongwoo.

  • Jeongsu asks Jaemi if she'll forgive him and if he can come back to her.

  • Dongwoo proposes to Jaemi, and Jaemi says she'll accept when she's ready to stand on her own.

  • Jeonghee and Hyeongdo decide it's for the better if they stop meeting.

  • Juri visits Jeonghee's shop and asks if she's still in love with Hyeongdo.

  • Juri is upset at the fashion show when she sees how beautiful Jeonghee is and becomes even more so when Hyeongdo shows up with flowers.

  • Heesu tries to find out who the baby's father is, and Jeongsu starts asking about Heesu's past.

  • Sunny finds out that Heesu is the child she was looking for and goes to see her.

  • Jaemi finds out that Dongwoo is behind the overwhelming orders and scolds him.

  • Dongwoo takes the changed Jaemi to meet Crystal Park and introduces Jaemi as his girlfriend.

  • Dongwoo finds out that Jaemi dropped the charges, and he takes her out to help her feel better.s

  • Jaemi decides to settle with Jeongsu for the sake of her father, and she hands over the rights to the porridge restaurant.

  • Jaemi finds out that Jeongsu is in the hospital because Hyeongdo hit him.

  • Dongwoo and Jaemi struggle to recover the trademark rights to the porridge restaurant.

  • Dongwoo ditches his blind date when he hears that Jaemi is in trouble.

  • Juri finds out that Hyeongdo's been sneaking looks at Jeonghee and Jaemi's photo for all these years.

  • Having convinced Jeonghee to retake the exam, Hyeongdo treats her for her illness.

  • Heesu shamelessly demands that Jaemi drop the suit against Jeongsu.

  • Dongwoo and Jaemi chase Jeongsu and Heesu in order to catch them in the act.

  • Dongwoo and Jaemi reunite when she visits his office to hire his services for her divorce mix-up, and they clear all misunderstandings.

  • Upon returning from Guam, Jaemi searches for Jeongsu, who has gone missing, and discovers that she's been divorced.

  • After Dongwoo mistakes Jaemi for his girlfriend and kisses her on the plane to Guam, they keep running into each other.

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