Drama Festival

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Drama Festival is an omnibus of ten unique stories. Each episode of drama festival has a unique cast. This show is full of suspense, sometimes it is full of action, and sometimes it is full of drama. The show is Korean and premieres on the MBC America Network. The show features a variety of characters and plot summaries. The plots in each episode are as varied as the show itself and can contain unique and edgy material. There is a great deal of deception in the show at times from the characters, and there is also a great deal of rebellious and plot twists as well.

The only negative is that each show has its own unique set of characters so there is no chance to endear yourself to one particular character. However, the action and drama will very much make up for that fact.

MBC America
1 Season, 10 Episodes
October 2, 2013
Drama Festival

Drama Festival Full Episode Guide

  • Anna, a stepsister of the wife moves in with a family and has an affair with the wife's husband. The little boy finds out that his mother died because of the affair of his father and Anna.

  • YuNa is in love with Misu's mother since he first met her when he was a little kid with his sister. He ends up marrying Misu to stay with her mother forever.

  • Yi Sang, a very weird poet receives a riddle from his old friend and is asked to solve it. During the process Sang and his friends find out it's about a hidden gold from the last emperor of Cheoseun.

  • Joong-shik, a high school student, is dreaming of becoming a police chief in the future to catch criminals. One day he meets Joey, a bus attendant, and falls in love with her.

  • DoYun is a high school student who is bullied daily by other kids. She is living with her stepmother, but one day her biological mother returns from Africa, and decides to live with her for one month.

  • The son of the Prime Minister, Ho-Yeon Lee, was sold off as a slave by his own servant. He then lives through the hardship of a slave working day and night and getting beat.

  • Himchan is helping Ahmi search for her high school lover after waking up from a 16 year coma. When Ahmi wakes up she meets her high school friends from 16 years ago.

  • A son of Hyeong-ku's first love from college transfers to his class. He meets Shin-na when she comes to pick up her son from school.

  • A young man struggles against the constraints of his social status as he plots to overthrow the country.

  • Seniors gather to make money for a sick friends surgery for cancer. They use a citizen center to try to gather money by faking a funeral of the sick friend.

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