The Resistance

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The Resistance is a new television series that fall's into the genre of Sci-Fi, and it has an approximate running time of about 1 hour long per episode not excluding the commercials. This television series is primarily aired on the SyFy channel. The Resistance was directed by Adrian Picardi, and it has been produced by Eric Ro, G. Scott Bayless, Sarah J. Donohue, Ben Kelai, Aaron Lam, Don Le, and Scott Rogers. Furthermore, this television series star's many well known actors and actresses such as Sunny Jain, Heith Andreen, Danny Arroyo, Kendhal Beal, Adam Gray, Katrina Law, Carlos Linares, Paul Statman, Ricardo Vargas, Adrian Zaw, Jo Mani, Kenny Smith II, and Jennipher Black, and this television series was written by Matt Ragghianti and Kevin F. Pietila.

The Resistance is mainly focused around a world called Aurordeca that is quickly dying off. A plaque has stricken this world and already killed off nearly half of the world's population. However, a man by the name of Syrus Primaris who is an outstanding chemist has taken over 10 regions of this world at the beginning of the plaque and created a suppressant called Noxe. This suppressant helps protect all of the remaining survivors of this world from contracting the plaque.

Furthermore, one group called the Aurordecan Resistance Movement also known as ARM is against this particular suppressant because they know how bad Syrus truly is. This group is led by LENA, and they are endlessly searching for a cure to this horrific plaque so that they can cure the people of this plaque and free them from being enslaved by Syrus and his suppressant. All the while, Syrus is trying to bring down Lena and their group in order to keep things under his control.

2 Seasons, 8 Episodes
September 5, 2006
Science Fiction
Cast: David Broncano, Grison Beatbox, Ricardo Castella, Marcos MartÑnez
The Resistance

The Resistance Full Episode Guide

  • Arclite yearns for death and gets his chance when Syrus attacks the A.R.M camp.

  • Syrus's team of scientists discovers a new formula that may lead to the cure for the pl...

  • Syrus and Lana show how far they are willing to go to get what they want at any cost. Syrus' team of scientists discover a new formula that may lead to the cure for the plague. Arclite yearns for death and gets his chance when Syrus attacks the ARM camp.

  • After the mysterious plague infects the nation, citizens of Aurordeca must do whatever it takes to stay alive. ARM fight their latest battle in an ongoing war to free a sleeping nation all while trying to survive. A mysterious drifter steals an ARM member's jacket which contains a memory chip with information that could possibly find a cure for the plague. Lana risks her life for ARM, while Syrus decides to close an account.