Scandal: A Shocking and Wrongful Incident

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  • 2013
  • 5 Seasons
  • 7.3  (32)

Scandal: A Shocking and Wrongful Incident is a riveting South Korean drama that first aired in 2013. The show revolves around the story of a mother who is falsely accused and imprisoned for a crime she did not commit. The show stars Jin Ju-hyeong, Jae-won Kim, and Jae-Hyun Cho.

At the outset, Scandal may seem like yet another run-of-the-mill courtroom drama. However, it quickly becomes apparent that the show is about so much more than just a legal battle. The central character, Ha Eun-joong (played by Jae-won Kim), is a young lawyer who takes on the seemingly impossible task of clearing the name of his mother, Cha Geum-joo (played by Jin Ju-hyeong). Geum-joo is accused of killing her daughter-in-law and Eun-joong's wife, and she is sentenced to life in prison for the crime. From the outset, Eun-joong believes that his mother is innocent, and he sets out to uncover the truth about what really happened.

The show takes us through the twists and turns of the investigation as Eun-joong delves deeper into the case. He meets a host of complex characters along the way, each of whom has their own reasons for wanting to see Geum-joo convicted. From corrupt policemen to vengeful family members, there are plenty of suspects to go around. However, as Eun-joong continues to dig, he finds that things are not quite as they seem. There is a layer of deception that runs deep throughout the case, and Eun-joong must work hard to unravel the threads of the conspiracy that has engulfed his family.

One of the standout features of Scandal is the way in which the show explores the human emotions behind its characters' actions. There are plenty of legal dramas out there that focus solely on the mechanics of the law, but Scandal is different. The show takes the time to delve into the psyche of its characters, showing us what drives them, what they fear, and what they ultimately hope to achieve. There are moments of intense drama in Scandal, but there are also moments of great poignancy and tenderness, particularly between Eun-joong and his mother.

Jin Ju-hyeong's portrayal of Geum-joo is one of the highlights of the show. Her character is quiet, dignified, and fiercely protective of her family. Despite her dire situation, she refuses to give up hope, even when it seems the whole world is against her. Jae-won Kim, too, gives an excellent performance as Eun-joong. He is both tough and vulnerable, and his determination to uncover the truth is captivating to watch.

The show's direction is also worthy of mention. The pacing of Scandal is superb, with each episode ending on a cliffhanger that leaves you desperate to know what happens next. The cinematography is also top-notch, with beautifully framed shots and clever use of camera angles to heighten tension and mood.

Overall, Scandal: A Shocking and Wrongful Incident is a gripping and emotionally charged drama that will keep you on the edge of your seat from start to finish. Its exploration of family, justice, and the corrupting influence of power is both nuanced and thought-provoking, and its characters are so compelling that you can't help but root for them. If you're a fan of legal dramas, or just looking for a show with a great story and excellent performances, Scandal is not to be missed.

Scandal: A Shocking and Wrongful Incident
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21. That's My Girl
May 12, 2016
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Trump Card
20. Trump Card
May 5, 2016
Olivia and Abby put their differences aside to work together to take Hollis Doyle down. Meanwhile, Edison realizes he may have made a deal with the devil as Rowan and Jake continue to try and pull the strings behind his campaign.
Buckle Up
19. Buckle Up
April 28, 2016
As Mellie, Susan and Hollis prepare to meet with Florida's governor and vie for her influential endorsement, a spin war between Abby and Olivia threatens to keep their candidates grounded. Meanwhile, Cyrus is faced with a decision that could dramatically alter his future.
Till Death Do Us Part
18. Till Death Do Us Part
April 21, 2016
As Olivia deals with the aftermath of what she's done, she finally finds out what exactly Jake and Rowan are plotting. With their plans already in motion, Olivia is forced to try and stop it. Meanwhile, in flashbacks, we learn more about Jake's past and how he first got involved with B6-13.
17. Thwack!
April 7, 2016
The election is in full swing, and when a potential leak threatens several candidates, they have to work together to keep their secrets safe. Boundaries are pushed and lines are crossed as people go to extraordinary lengths to protect themselves.
The Miseducation of Susan Ross
16. The Miseducation of Susan Ross
March 31, 2016
Following the first Republican debate, Olivia is presented with damaging information about an opponent and enlists the Gladiators to verify its authenticity. Meanwhile, David deals with fallout from his dating life, and Cyrus continues to work on his own political agenda.
Scandal - Pencils Down / The Catch - The Pilot
15. Scandal - Pencils Down / The Catch - The Pilot
March 24, 2016
When Mellie makes a public faux pas, Olivia must decide how far she'll go to fix it. Meanwhile, the Gladiators learn valuable intel about Jake's new love interest, and David Rosen seeks advice about his love triangle with Liz North and Susan Ross.
I See You
14. I See You
March 17, 2016
Olivia continues to spy on Jake while the Gladiators have to fend for themselves. Meanwhile, Susan and Mellie feel the pressure as their campaigns heat up, and Abby begins to question Cyrus' motives.
The Fish Rots From the Head
13. The Fish Rots From the Head
March 10, 2016
Olivia and the team take on some embattled Secret Service agents. Meanwhile, Abby has her hands full trying to keep Fitz in line, and Jake begins to reveal a few of his own secrets.
Wild Card
12. Wild Card
February 25, 2016
While Fitz is preoccupied with his own interests, Cyrus begins to orchestrate his next master plan, and Elizabeth North uses David to mastermind a plan of her own. Meanwhile, Olivia continues to question what exactly Jake is planning in his new role as head of the NSA.
The Candidate
11. The Candidate
February 18, 2016
Mellie seeks out Olivia's help but may not be prepared for what it entails, and Liz tries to convince Susan Ross to run for the presidency. Meanwhile, Abby and Cyrus are at odds when a profile piece on Fitz comes into question.
It's Hard out Here for a General
10. It's Hard out Here for a General
February 11, 2016
It's been six months since Olivia and Fitz have broken up, and they are both handling their newfound freedom in different ways. Meanwhile, the Pope and Associates team take on a case that could lead to a national crisis.
Baby, It's Cold Outside
9. Baby, It's Cold Outside
November 19, 2015
Olivia is feeling more and more frustrated as she takes on "First Lady" type responsibilities at the White House. Meanwhile, Mellie proves just how powerful she can be, and Jake and Huck continue the hunt for Rowan on the winter finale.
8. Rasputin
November 12, 2015
In the midst of Fitz negotiating a historic peace deal, Olivia must rely on her instincts when a guest of The White House discloses powerful intel. Meanwhile, Jake uses Huck's help to get closer to his target, and Cyrus takes matters into his own hands when he realizes he's been shut out of the inner circle.
Even the Devil Deserves a Second Chance
7. Even the Devil Deserves a Second Chance
November 5, 2015
While Fitz is focused on winning back the American people, he makes a shocking discovery. Meanwhile, OPA takes on a new client, but Olivia seems preoccupied keeping her own secrets, and Elizabeth North sets her sights on a new agenda.
Get Out of Jail, Free
6. Get Out of Jail, Free
October 29, 2015
Fitz and Olivia are presented with a shocking plan that might just make all of their troubles go away, and Mellie is put through the wringer when confronted about her troubled marriage. Meanwhile, the Gladiators continue to defend Olivia, and Susan Ross turns to David for advice.
You Got Served
5. You Got Served
October 22, 2015
Olivia knows she can't handle this latest storm on her own and calls for help from an unexpected source. Meanwhile, Mellie and Cyrus continue to pull strings from the sidelines and Jake is still occupied by a ghost from his past.
Dog-Whistle Politics
4. Dog-Whistle Politics
October 15, 2015
Eager to get answers, Jake unexpectedly crosses paths with someone he thought he'd never see again. Meanwhile, Huck and Quinn recruit a familiar face to help smooth over the media storm surrounding Olivia, and Fitz quickly finds out the true cost of mercy when he discovers not everyone fully supports his actions.
Paris is Burning
3. Paris is Burning
October 8, 2015
Olivia and Fitz face very big consequences and Mellie brings in an old friend to make sure she gets her way. Meanwhile, Abby shows Olivia she is fully capable of handling working at the White House.
2. Yes
October 1, 2015
The Pope and Associates team dives into a new case that takes Olivia out of Washington and away from the President. Meanwhile, back at the White House, Fitz is determined to find who's responsible for causing the latest turn of events, and Abby receives unexpected guidance from a master of damage control as she struggles to catch a break.
Heavy is the Head
1. Heavy is the Head
September 24, 2015
Olivia and Fitz are back together again and enjoying every scandalous moment together while Cyrus, Mellie and Huck deal with the aftermath of helping Command. Meanwhile, when a visit from the Queen of Caledonia and her family turns into a tragedy, Olivia is hired to make sure the Royal family's private life stays private.
  • Premiere Date
    June 29, 2013
  • IMDB Rating
    7.3  (32)