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For over a decade this star-studded extravaganza of sketch comedy, song and dance defined entertainment. Now you can see the best of Burnett and her brilliant troupe of stars in full episodes with the music you remember! The Best Of The Carol Burnett Show is a Comedy series that is currently running and has 4 seasons (60 episodes). The series first aired on January 8, 1968.

The Best Of The Carol Burnett Show is available for streaming on the Proven Entertainment website, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch The Best Of The Carol Burnett Show on demand at Amazon Prime, Amazon, Google Play, iTunes online.

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4 Seasons, 60 Episodes
January 8, 1968
Cast: Carol Burnett, Vikki Lawrence
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The Best Of The Carol Burnett Show Full Episode Guide

  • "As a longtime soap opera fan, Carol loved doing the recurring parody As the Stomach Turns. This sketch pokes fun at the alien visitation classic Close Encounters of the Third Kind. Listen for Steve Martin's delivery of his then popular stand-up catch phrase, "Well, excuse me!" and try to keep as straight a face as Betty White does at the sight of Tim Conway in a silver bodysuit.

  • The presence of entertainers Roddy McDowall and Ken Berry alongside the show's regulars means a big production number is inevitable. Tim Conway and Ken Berry prove otherwise while competing in the 1908 World Championship Match.

  • Ever felt like a prisoner in you own house? Carol knows, after a barrage of pitchmen spring up around her like weeds. Ever felt trapped in an I.R.S. waiting room? Carol again can relate, thanks to polyester blowhard Artie Bragg (Harvey).

  • With guest Shirley MacLaine, Carol takes the opportunity to showcase her enduring love of Musical Theater in an elegant number aptly titled Gorgeous. We also check in on Ed, Eunice, and Mama from "The Family," with a flashback to their happier years.

  • Half of this episode is devoted to two favorite segments--As the Stomach Turns and "The Oldest Man"-telescoped into one long sketch. Marian (Carol) finds herself a pallbearer, a bridesmaid, and the target of a mafia don, all in the same day!

  • In this episode's finale, Carol and Joel Grey perform as puppets in a Punch and Judy routine watched by villagers in Pippin-style regalia. Carol's secret message to her grandmother-pulling on her left ear-becomes her regular show-closing stage move.

  • Vicki Lawrence had recently recorded the pop hit "The Night the Lights Went Out in Georgia," and is startled when Carol calls her out on stage to present her with her first gold record. Lyle Waggoner has a surprise for a fan who requested a kiss.

  • Jack Cassidy plays the dissolute fading star Norman Swain opposite rising star Esther "Vicki" Crotchett, played by Carol. Elsewhere, Carol and Harvey go to an orphanage to adopt a young child. They choose Leon (Tim), aged 35.

  • With a couple of guys like Robert Goulet and Lyle Waggoner by her side, Carol's in Hunk Heaven. Lyle plays a vain actor far too attractive for anyone's good. Ask Carol, his maid. Carol and Imogene Coca go on a European holiday looking for men.

  • Jack Jones and Lyle Waggoner try to subdue a couple of Amazons (Carol and Ruth Buzzi) with kisses. Jack sings "I Can't Get Started With You" and "Cause I Got So Much Lovin' In Me." Tim Conway and Carol play a perfectly matched couple.

  • There were no drummers drumming or maids a-milking on the first Christmas show hosted by Carol Burnett. Instead we get a hard-drinking Santa played by nutty guest Jonathan Winters and a Jeanie Genie-ing, namely Barbara Eden from I Dream of Genie.

  • Carol deftly turns this hour into a short course on TV comedy history. Nanette Fabray plays the office manipulator. Carol and Harvey clumsily attempt to conjure the Sonny & Cher musical chemistry, to the bewilderment of the real duo.

  • Phyllis Diller presides as the ready-for-action judge in the trial of the century. You can bet that Judge Judy wouldn't approve of Diller's benchside manner or her glittery boots. The gang salutes the Beatles' Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band.

  • Carol starts her tenth season here with Nabors at her side, and features classic clips from that original episode. Soap opera fan Carol is having a great deal of fun doing a dead-on Louise Lasser impression in the show's takeoff of the then popular soap parody Mary Hartman, Mary Hartman.

  • Carol particularly happy with her hilarious spoof of swimming film star Esther Williams, shot on location in a Beverly Hills pool. The final appearance of an older, still-leaking "Esther," lowered from the rafters on a swing, got one of the biggest audience laughs in show history. "The Family" sketch also featured one of Carol's favorite actresses, Madeline Kahn, as Eunice's nemesis.

  • The Final Show, billed as A Special Evening with Carol Burnett, takes a two-hour stroll through the show's glory days. Carol, Vicki, and Tim present a video scrapbook of unforgettable moments from their routines and movie spoofs.

  • Steve Martin attempts communication with an alien visitor (Conway) in As The Stomach Turns. Carol and crew send-up the Avallon-Funicello beach party flicks, complete with hilariously lame surf tunes and the funniest surfing effects imaginable.

  • Rock Hudson walks into a bar. Sounds like the start of a joke, right? Anyway, he cozies up to a mysterious woman (Carol), who sends him fleeing for his life. Mama considers moving into an apartment facility for seniors, but has a change of heart.

  • Steve Lawrence was always a welcome addition to the show, both as a singer and an actor. He and Carol trade jobs trotting out the ways men and women aggravate each other. Tim as the world's "Oldest Man" tries to sell a pair of slippers.

  • Carol's version of

  • Helen Reddy teaches Carol how to speak Australian. Later, Andy Griffith is responsible for Carol's visit to prison. Andy's clearly picked up a few tricks from his former TV deputy, Barney Fife. Everyone joins in for the rousing finale with a message.

  • Beloved crooner Bing Crosby and beloved character actor Paul Lynde join the regulars for an unusual evening of song and drama. Paul dominates the As the Stomach Turns installment, portraying town masochist Mel Torment.

  • Cass Elliot performs "The Look of Love" in a "more pop, less rock" style. Bernadette Peters follows up with a medley of her own. Then Cass plays the heavy-fashion model Suzie Shrimpton-in As the Stomach Turns.

  • Ten singin', swingin', bell-ringin' and dancin' Santas get Carol Burnett's 1907 holiday extravaganza off to a roaring start. One of Carol's favorite guests, Steve Lawrence, sings the pro-peace song

  • Harvey interviews the world's oldest sex symbol, Mae East (Carol), who resides in her grand, condemned mansion. Nancy Wilson and Bernadette Peters join the regulars for a nostalgic look at the good old movies.

  • Bobbie Gentry offers "Sweet Peony" from her new album, and she gets the full song-and-dance treatment. She's Southern, sultry and mysterious--the opposite of beloved comedian George Gobel, a midwestern crew-cut square in a long-hair world.

  • With the multi-talented Imogene Coca and Mel Torm