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This reality series follows the adventures of the staff of a black-owned tattoo business. Like all reality shows, the drama presented for the cameras is both professional and personal. The series airs on VH1.

Wednesday 10:00 PM et/pt on VH1
4 Seasons, 56 Episodes
October 26, 2015
Cast: Danielle Jamison
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Black Ink Crew: Chicago Full Episode Guide

  • In the season finale, Ryan makes a shocking move that will have serious consequences for 9Mag and Loyal Ink. Phor struggles to keep both his music career and relationship with Nikki afloat. Van finds the personal and professional sweet spot he's been looking for. Charmaine and Neek are confronted with a potentially life-altering event and a furious Don makes an announcement that will change the direction of Loyal Ink forever.

  • After quitting Loyal Ink, Lily decides to make other moves. Cobra takes on a new hobby of becoming a luchador. After Phor hits a breaking point in LA, he looks to Ryan for some ink therapy. Charmaine and Ryan come face to face.

  • The Loyal Ink crew tries to regain the trust of Lily and Reese by taking them on a team-building trip at an adult campground in the middle of the woods. Tensions ignite at the camp's "Foam Party" and Ashley finally unloads on Don.

  • With construction behind schedule, Ryan hires a manager to get 9MAG back in business. Charmaine makes a catastrophic first impression on Neek's mother, while Junior's girlfriend stirs up trouble at Loyal Ink trying to clear his name.

  • Neek returns from Africa and Charmaine uses her best assets to bind them together forever. Don takes it back to his male stripper days. When Cobra discovers a dirty secret about Reese's past, all hell breaks loose at Loyal Ink.

  • 9Mag and Loyal Ink's trip to Jamaica takes a turn for the worse. Phor's dream of being on stage in Jamaica is deferred. Don has something special planned for Ashley to win her back while Van is shook by an unexpected guest. 9Mag and Loyal Ink finally come face to face.

  • Phor arrives in Jamaica with the 9MAG crew for a performance of a lifetime. Loyal Ink's plan to surprise him fails when they bring too much of their Chicago baggage with them.

  • Phor leaves it all behind in Chicago to finally pursue his music dreams in L.A. Ryan joins him with plans for a pop-up shop and rebuild the 9Mag brand. Cobra and Reese go head to head over Phor's booth and Ryan gets advice from a super celebrity client.

  • Phor gets a second chance to pursue his dream. A family crisis brings Don and Ashley back together. Lily and Charmaine's fight reaches a fiery end. A male stripper bares all during the Loyal Ink Grand Opening.

  • Charmaine establishes the "rules" as she continues as H.B.I.C., causing Lily and Reese to rebel. Ryan reveals a long-awaited Mother's Day surprise for Rachel. And Van has a big blow-up with Jenn.

  • Charmaine makes a power grab for Loyal Ink, dividing the crew even further. Don faces huge repercussions after getting arrested for a DUI. Dani and Terrence's relationship continues to heat up.

  • While the 9MAG crew is at a loss, Lily makes moves to bring the shop back from the dead. Charmaine blind-sides Danielle with details of Terrence's hookup. Van is shook about his baby girl's new boyfriend. Ryan takes a stance with a new shop.

  • Ryan surprises Rachel with his new venture while Van debuts his side hustle for the city of Chicago. Ashley contemplates taking the kids to Texas to clear her head leaving Don behind to fight for his family.

  • Ryan questions his decision to leave 9Mag while Van tries to save the shop. Ashley comes face to face with Don's side piece and Lily has to contend with her past. Danielle returns to Chicago with news. Phor gets the opportunity of a lifetime.

  • The Season 4 premiere: After Kat's banishment, Ryan has disappeared. 9 Mag grapples with the new status quo. Phor plays the biggest show of his rap career. A Snapchat video finally makes Ashley leave Don. Van tries to keep his temper in check.

  • The crew hatch a plan to get Kat to come back to 9Mag; Ashley throws a tantrum at her gender-reveal party; Charmaine's dreams of movie stardom hang in the balance; and Kat confronts Ryan over what happened at the lake house.

  • Ryan tries salvaging his relationship with Rachel; Phor and Nikki take their relationship to new heights; the crew throws Kat a surprise birthday party behind Ryan's back.

  • Cobra is faced with a tough decision when Phor tells her the truth about Velvet. Lily attempts to reunite with the sisters she hasn't seen since her father's murder. Kat decides it’s time Rachel knows the truth.

  • The crew heads to Mexico for some fun, sun, and tequila but tensions rise when Kat arrives at the villa unannounced. Kat reveals a shocking secret about Ryan and he loses his cool when Lily crosses a line.

  • Ryan is devastated when an injury prevents him from tatting his childhood idols. Charmaine tries to persuade Cobra to stay at 9Mag. Jenn’s inadvertent nip slip sends Van over the edge. A photo shoot for a major tattoo magazine nearly gets derailed.

  • Kat questions her life in LA. Lily tries to turn the shop against Cobra. Charmaine's relationship is on rocky ground when her career takes priority over Neek. Nikki's jealousy rears its ugly head again. Don blows up after hearing the crew bully Cobra

  • Ryan triumphantly returns to the shop after a major health scare. JR learns disturbing information about his relationship with Lily. Phor questions his career as a tattoo artist. And Lily takes down Cobra after she meddles in her relationship.

  • Lily jeopardizes her relationship with JR. Cobra confronts Ryan about a rumor on the internet. Van has a questionable plan to win Jenn back. Danielle throws a fashion show to help promote her new fashion blog.

  • Don freaks out after Ashley gives him shocking news. Lily and Cobra come to blows. Van struggles to deal with the fallout from his breakup.

  • Don starts his new career as a piercer at 9Mag. Charmaine's mom gives her devastating news. Phor attempts to reconnect with family. Cobra is attracted to her new roommate. Nikki goes ballistic.

  • Danielle reveals a secret about Kat; JR and Lily take their relationship to the next level; Van freaks out when Jenn mentions the "m" word; and Charmaine questions Ryan about Kat. Also: problems arise at Phor's concert.

  • The crew is smitten when Ryan hires a new female tattoo artist. Phor's peace offering sends Nikki over the edge. Don explodes when Ashley gives him a taste of his own medicine.Things get messy when Lily hooks up with a fellow employee.

  • Kat invites the crew to a lake house. Charmaine's job is in jeopardy after a night of hard partying. Nikki learns that Phor sent Kat roses. Ryan and Van come to blows.

  • Charmaine's birthday party turns sour when Danielle confronts Ryan. While Ryan heads to Philly for a tattoo convention, Van and Danielle take over the shop. Ryan rehires a former employee. Kat shocks the crew when she unexpectedly shows up in Chicago.

  • Ryan makes a move to assert his authority; Ashley wants Don to control his anger; Danielle confronts Kat about being a bad friend; Van gets locked out of the shop.

  • Ryan battles his staff over their growing disrespect; Don and Ashley's marital bliss becomes threatened; Kat leaves Chicago; Van starts a brawl; Ashley starts trouble with Charmaine.

  • Meet the newcomers of Black Ink Crew Chicago Season 3: Lily, Nikki, and Neek.

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