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This reality series follows the adventures of the staff of a black-owned tattoo business. Like all reality shows, the drama presented for the cameras is both professional and personal. The crew works to create amazing designs for its customers, but they also deals with the ups and downs of doing business, which is never without conflict. The series airs on VH1.

Black Ink Crew: Chicago is a series that is currently running and has 6 seasons (92 episodes). The series first aired on October 26, 2015.

Where do I stream Black Ink Crew: Chicago online? Black Ink Crew: Chicago is available for streaming on VH1, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Black Ink Crew: Chicago on demand at Apple TV+, BET+, CBS, Amazon Prime, Amazon, Vudu, FuboTV, Microsoft Movies & TV, The Roku Channel, Google Play, iTunes, VH1, Philo online.

Wednesday 10:00 PM et/pt on VH1
6 Seasons, 92 Episodes
October 26, 2015
Cast: Donald Brumfield Jr., Danielle Jamison
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Black Ink Crew: Chicago Full Episode Guide

  • As Ryan tries to keep the morale of 9MAG high, the future of 2nd City lies in the balance as coronavirus makes its rounds in Chicago. Jess and Steven jet back to London. Don & Ashley are forced to make decisions on the future of their marriage.

  • Char finds it hard to balance between maternity and the shop. Kitty is surprised by Jess.

  • A romantic video of Ryan and Rachel vacationing in Mexico shows up on social media. A jilted Kitty bares her claws. Former Chicago Bull Eddy Curry gets a memorial tattoo. 2nd City Ink hosts an open call to expand the team.

  • The future of 2nd City is in jeopardy while Charmaine attempts to secure the proper documents to legalize the shop. Ryan is forced to make some decisions about his love life. 9MAG and Charmaine come face to face again after their falling out.

  • After an incriminating article puts 2nd City on blast, Charmaine and Kitty do damage control with their artists by burying the lede. As news travels quickly, the truth about the article threatens to ruin Charmaine's lavish NYC baby shower.

  • Ashley reveals the real reason she left Don. Jess flies back to London. Fly drops off Prince at the courthouse to turn himself in. Charmaine finds out the gender of her baby. The Chicago Tribune article drops and Van pops up to talk to Charmaine.

  • Kitty lands in Chicago with a splash, making waves with the 2nd City crew. Tensions reach a boiling point when Jess confronts Char about Kitty's role at 2nd City. Ashley finally takes her marital matters into her own hands.

  • The gang turns up on Bourbon Street in the spirit of Glenda. Meanwhile, Kitty considers Charmaine's job offer, but Jess is left in the dark. And Don helps Phor get answers about his potential daughter.

  • As Charmaine prepares for her mother's funeral, concerns grow for her Dad. Meanwhile, the 2nd City crew and Ryan head to New Orleans for the burial, but Don and Phor aren't invited. And Prince brokers a truce with his ex.

  • Phor meets his maybe-teenage-baby for the first time while Ryan realizes he is responsible for the broken relationships with the women around him. Charmaine is devastated by the news of her mother Glenda's passing.

  • After a fight between her artists, Charmaine starts to see the cracks in 2nd City Ink. Meanwhile, Don helps Phor deal with a potential bombshell, and the tension between Charmaine and Ryan comes to a head.

  • Draya calls out Zach over his behavior at the party, Ashley objects to Don playing wingman, Ryan moves into a new place, and Kitty visits from New York.

  • Charmaine announces her pregnancy to the 2nd City crew and tries to appease her mother-in-law. Jess announces a pajama party at her house and gets a dose of reality about Chicago life. Ryan is confronted by Rachel. Zach and Draya go on a sexy date.

  • After 2nd City Ink's Zach brokers a deal with Draya in exchange for a date, they flirt with the idea of starting a shop romance. Ryan opens up about some family issues in therapy.

  • Charmaine bounces back with a shop of her own, with London's hottest black female tattoo artist by her side. Ryan's business excels as his personal life struggles. Don and Ashley get unexpected news.

  • The happiest day of Charmaine's life is overshadowed by a rumor that won't die. Ryan decides it's time for a change at 9MAG and Don is just the one to make it.

  • Neek plans to surprise Charmaine in South Carolina with a marriage proposal and invites the crew along for the event. A few unexpected guests and a powerful history lesson force everyone to revisit the past.

  • Van faces clients who are angry about his artwork and are causing some legal trouble. A person from the past reappears as Dan and Ashley go to open houses.

  • The 9MAG crew--past and present--takes over the Chicago Tattoo Convention, digging up buried conspiracy theories and dragging old rivalries into the ground.

  • Van defends himself and his artwork against a few unhappy clients causing legal trouble for Ryan; while Don and Ashley view houses at the top of their non-existent budget, a familiar face returns for a second chance at life.

  • Mandatory team bonding in Miami pays off as Charmaine and Lily put years of beef behind them. Phor makes his triumphant return to the stage. When Lily lashes out at Neek, Ryan's hard-won 9MAG peace goes left. Charmaine faces a heartbreaking decision.

  • When Ryan decides to treat the new 9Mag and old 9Mag to a team building trip in Miami, Charmaine questions her future with 9Mag and an emotional Ryan releases some pent-up anger towards the OGs.

  • Van's leadership skills are put under the microscope, as the old shop continues to suffer; Lily wonders if she still has a future at 9Mag; Charmaine's parents come to town; and Phor receives a baller opportunity.

  • Ryan's new shop is now open; Van gives out new rules to mark his territory.

  • Ryan toils in secrecy on a new mystery shop while Van scares some sense into his daughter's bae. Rising actor Don ponders a move to NYC. Phor shines in the studio while Charmaine wants answers about her future with 9MAG. Ryan debuts his dope new shop.

  • Ryan gets an ominous call for a meeting from the building management to discuss the future of 9MAG, Lily uses her break from the shop to focus on her art, Charmaine decides to organize a protest, and Van does whatever it takes.

  • All of 9MAG reacts to what happened on Friendsgiving. Junior gets in touch with himself and his past, Don expands his horizons and Charmaine outs Lily as a racist.

  • Junior is officially back at 9MAG and Charmaine hooks Ryan up with a celebrity client, Erica Mena. Bella reconnects with an old flame, and the gang gets together for a 9MAG Friendsgiving.

  • After Jenn and Van's Vegas chapel disaster, Charmaine tries to get the trip back on track with one last Vegas 9MAG pool party. Jenn and Van hash it out and Lily finally confronts Junior and Adriana. Phor spirals into a dark place.

  • Junior arrives in Las Vegas to take the guys out for a spin on the Strip, and Shine contemplates giving up his guest artist spot at 9MAG. Things get awkward for everyone when Van and Jenn decide to head to the altar.

  • Charmaine takes the 9MAG crew to Vegas for a tattoo convention in an attempt to prove her worth to Ryan. When Van's apprentice shows up, everyone speculates on where she's going to be sleeping at night. Meanwhile, Don focuses on his family back home.

  • Don has taken over as manager and tensions are building between him and Brittany. Ryan invites an artist from California to come tattoo at the shop. Van hires an apprentice that rubs everyone the wrong way. Ryan decides to throw a Halloween party.

  • Charmaine uses her newfound celebrity to protect Phor when he becomes a hot topic. Van finally receives the forgiveness he's been pushing for, Don seizes an opportunity to make more money for his family. Ryan lays down the law for his new employees.

  • Ryan returns to run the shop with a new team and a fresh vision. Don, Char and Van try to move on from the hurt Ryan caused them. Phor is caught in the middle of his feuding tattoo family. Tempers flare when Ryan hands out a long overdue apology.

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