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This reality series follows the day-to-day operations of a tattoo parlor in the Harlem neighborhood of New York City. The crew's interactions with colorful customers and their own dysfunctional relationships provide the drama. The series airs on the VH1 cable network.

This reality series follows the adventures of the staff of a black-owned tattoo business. Like all reality shows, the drama presented for the cameras is both professional and personal. The crew works to create amazing designs for its customers, but they also deals with the ups and downs of doing business, which is never without conflict.

Black Ink Crew is a series that is currently running and has 8 seasons (158 episodes). The series first aired on January 7, 2013.

Where do I stream Black Ink Crew online? Black Ink Crew is available for streaming on VH1, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Black Ink Crew on demand at Apple TV+, CBS, Amazon Prime, Philo, Amazon, Hulu, Vudu, FuboTV, Microsoft Movies & TV, The Roku Channel, Google Play, iTunes, VH1 online.

Wednesday 9:00 PM et/pt on VH1
8 Seasons, 158 Episodes
January 7, 2013
Cast: Ashley Nicole Bermudez, Ceaser Emanuel, Dutchess Lattimore, Kevin Laroy
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Black Ink Crew Full Episode Guide

  • Walt and Jess have a destination wedding in Hawaii. The 113th crew surprise the couple on the island but Ceaser gets the biggest surprise of all. Alex plans a big surprise of his own for Donna but Tati's secrets threaten to blow up everything.

  • Walt and Jess decide on a destination wedding but when nobody responds to their invite they reach out to other friends from their past. Ceaser continues to deal with the prospect of losing 113th and the crew discovers Ted might have a wife.

  • Ceaser and the crew are still reeling from the news that the landlord wants them out of 113th in 30 days. Ceaser decides to do everything in his power to save the shop. Meanwhile, Donna has an uncomfortable chat with Tati, and Walt hits rock bottom.

  • Ceaser fires his shot at Ryan and the two confront each other in a showdown. Relationship issues continue to worry Donna and Alex, while Walt has his own tale of woe. Ceaser receives news that could threaten the very existence of Black Ink New York.

  • Ceasar and the crew head to Philly for a convention; Jess is having cold feet about the wedding; Bae meets her father for the last time.

  • Walt and Jess go to a premarital counseling; The crew support Bae in facing her abusive father.

  • Ceaser fumes over the video with Ryan and Kitty and plots revenge. Donna attempts to get her job back. Bae gets set up by a matchmaker and finds an unlikely bond with Rok. Walt and Jess' engagement party goes wheels off.

  • The news of Sky's suspension rocks the crew while Donna can't accept her apprentice demotion. Ceaser gets political and organizes a voter drive while Q faces a reckoning when his mom visits. Ceaser declares war on Ryan from 9MAG.

  • The crew is still reeling from the disastrous prom when Ceaser's most prized possession turns up missing. He launches an investigation into the potential thief which leads to some surprising decisions. Sky's son Des tries to track down his mom.

  • When Sky announces a Black Ink Prom, the competition for who will be King and Queen gets fierce. Q works with Crystal to get Ceaser back. One of Donna’s tattoo clients sends a threatening letter to the shop.

  • Walt headlines his first comedy show tour in Cleveland. Kitty threatens to sue Ceaser while Alex tries to win Donna's dad over.

  • The crew heads to Cleveland for the first stop on Walt's comedy tour and to see Donna's hometown, but there are fireworks right off the bat. Alex finally meets Donna's dad and things don't go as planned.

  • After opening the Brooklyn shop, rumors swirl about the altercation between Crystal and Miss Kitty; Sky struggles with the future of her Miami shop, and news that Tati is dating a new man causes issues for Ted.

  • The Brooklyn shop is finally open and Ceaser throws a block party to celebrate the grand opening; Donna gives Alex an ultimatum, but things don't go as expected.

  • After missing for a couple of weeks, Ted comes clean to Ceaser and Puma about why he’s been so absent. Mike finally receives his long-awaited paternity test results. Jessica brings her son Xavier to meet Walt. Mike has a medical emergency.

  • Donna brings up people in Brooklyn talking trash about the upcoming Black Ink, which sets Ceaser off on a spiral through the past. Walt tries to make amends with Jessica. Sky embarks on a new business adventure. And Bae receives a welcome surprise.

  • Ceaser deals with the fallout of his arrest, and what it means for the Brooklyn shop. Alex and Donna try to get their mojo back in the bedroom. Bae confronts a shocking diagnosis. And Sky embarks a new ventue.

  • An unexpected drug test has Tati freaking out. Sky announces a huge surprise. Quani makes a decision that shocks Puma. Rok airs out his dirty laundry - literally. And problems with the Brooklyn shop puts Ceaser on a collision course with the police.

  • The crew continues their stay in Memphis to pay their respects to Kitty's mom. London decides to throw a house party to promote the brand down south. Walt prepares to take his relationship with Jessica to the next step.

  • Ceaser and the group go to Memphis to support Miss Kitty; Krystal talks to Donna about her attitude.

  • Puma hires London to cover for Kitty which disrupts the precarious balance in the shop. Tati has a run in with the law and Donna faces a major financial setback. Puma tries to bring a little kumbaya to 113 but no good deed goes unpunished.

  • Kit's mom passes away in D.C.; Donna and Walt duke it out over Jessica; and Puma hires a new girl.

  • Walt brings his new girlfriend by the shop, which causes Donna to catch a flashback; Young Bae and Rob face difficulties in their marriage; and Sky is at a crossroads with her relationship with Des.

  • Cease decision to partner with Puma gets questioned; Bae struggles to save her marriage; Sky talks to her son.

  • Ceaser and Alex face off. Tati apologizes to the crew, but Tokie refuses to play nice. Sky tries to get Ceaser to face the demons from his past.

  • Sky hosts her twerk fashion show in LA. Ceaser comes face to face with his biggest enemy: Puma. Krystal confronts her estranged father, and Donna taunts Ceaser from the fashion show stage.

  • The crew heads to sunny LA to help Sky with her groundbreaking twerk fashion show

  • The crew throws a going away party for Mama Bae. Alex snaps at Donna. Ceaser receives devastating news. And Bae attacks Kitty for talking behind her back.

  • Donna joins forces with Ceaser's biggest enemy. The crew risks it all at the casino to help Walt. Sky's son Des meets his biological father for the first time. And Ceaser is in for a surprise when he attempts to square off with Alex.

  • The crew heads to the casino to raise money for Walt; Donna and Alex set out to destroy Ceaser; Tati flips when she discovers shocking news about Ted; and paramedics rush to the scene to aid an unresponsive Ceaser.

  • The crew is concerned about their safety after an act of violence on the shop. Sky comes to the rescue when Bae discovers the extent of her mother’s credit card debt. Tati confronts Ted about his behavior and Alex receives life-altering news.

  • Sky is confronted by a dangerous man from her past. Alex is rushed to the emergency room. Ceaser chaperones his daughter's date. Everyone panics when an unknown assailant commits a shocking act of violence against the shop.

  • Bae’s wedding is in flux after a family emergency. Ceaser melts down over his father-of-the-bride duties. Ted and Tati take a big step in their relationship and Sky’s unexpected arrival throws the wedding into chaos.

  • The crew heads to Westchester for Bae's bougie wedding weekend. Tati attempts to make amends with Ted. Sky opens her boutique in Miami. And Bae’s rehearsal dinner turns into chaos when Donna and Alex show up.

  • Ceaser makes a bold move when he finds out that Sky betrayed him. Donna and her twin sister feud over Alex. Melody makes a shocking announcement. And Bae's mom put pressure on Bae to get married before she leaves in two weeks.

  • Ceaser freaks out when Sky tells him she wants to open a shop in Miami. Jadah gets revenge on Ted after finding out that he's officially dating Tati. And Lalo breaks up with Melody.

  • Sky grows concerned after Des drops a bomb about his life in Texas. Melody and Lalo's relationship is on the rocks. Donna attempts to apologize to Ceaser and Kitty gets fired up when a woman comes for her job.

  • Sky finds out some big news about her son Des. Tokie tries to work through issues from her past, and Donna gives Ceaser an ultimatum. Rob struggles to deal with Bae’s mom living in their home. An unexpected guest pops up to 113th, to Sky’s surprise.

  • The crew heads to New Jersey for a weekend of team-building exercises. Jadah breaks down after a traumatic event. Bae invites her mom to stay with them causing Rob to freak out. And Tokie spirals after receiving a phone call from someone in her past.

  • To get back in Ceaser's good graces, Bae hires a new receptionist. Cheyenne calls Ceaser out for being an absentee parent. Jadah attacks her replacement, and Alex blows up when he hears that Donna reconnected with her ex.

  • Ceaser fumes after learning that an employee was a mole. Bae lets Ceaser's enemies take over the 113th shop. Alex's father faces major surgery. And Ceaser comes face to face with former best friend turned rival, O'S**t.

  • Ceaser loses it when he discovers the New Orleans shop is completely trashed just before opening day. Donna seeks revenge on Ted for Jadah's firing. And a pool party turns into a full out brawl.

  • Tensions blow up when Jadah arrives at the house in New Orleans. Walt confronts Ceaser about calling him a drunk. Black Ink NOLA's grand opening party goes south when Sky lunges at the bartender and the cops are called.

  • Donna catches Alex in a compromising position. Sky's son drops shocking news. Melody's estranged family leaves her heartbroken. And heads roll after a disastrous opening night party.

  • In the Season 7 premiere, Ceaser expands his Black Ink Empire by opening up a shop in New Orleans. Rapper Desiigner stops by the shop for a tattoo. Bae goes into premature labor and Ceaser loses it when the crew decides to party in the Big Easy instead of helping to set up the shop.

  • Whether she's popping off at coworkers or designing her new body, Sky has made a name for herself as one of the fieriest and realest members of Black Ink Crew.

  • For the first time ever, the cast of NY and Chicago team up for a holiday party that only Black Ink can throw. Part musical special, part tattoo battle and part clip show, this is a collective gift from our cast to our audience.

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