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Beneath the facade of utopia that characterizes America's upper-middle-class suburbs lies a more sinister reality- one ripe with pettiness, jealousy, and lust. The truth is no different for creator Tyler Perry's setting in his newest soap, If Loving You Is Wrong. From adultery to theft to vanity and gossip, we find that the most seemingly perfect and democratic of things can often, in reality, be the most twisted and perverse. Such is the folly of man.

Tuesday 9:00 PM et/pt on OWN
2 Seasons, 64 Episodes
September 9, 2014
Cast: Edwina Findley Dickerson, Aiden Turner, Joel Rush, Amanda Clayton
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If Loving You is Wrong Full Episode Guide

  • Kelly learns a new way to protect herself from Travis.

  • Travis acts on his vengeful impulses.

  • Kelly finds herself in an all-too-familiar predicament with a man she just can't get rid of.

  • Louise gives Marcie advice about Brad.

  • Dianne confronts and bullies Kelly with outrageous demands.

  • Randal questions the paternity of Alex's baby.

  • Kelly panics when she learns the crime Travis has committed.

  • The police search for the missing Andrew.

  • Travis loses his sanity and becomes a crazed predator.

  • Pete takes on an alias to keep himself out of Edward's grasp.

  • In the fourth season premiere, Kelly learns details of the location of her neighbor Ramsey.

  • Rusty issues his brand of justice.

  • Marcie learns life-altering news. Her life will never be the same.

  • Edward tries to wake Louise while she is unconscious in an effort to see what she knows about Brad; Lushion scolds an agent who wasn't keeping tabs on Pete's room.

  • The police question Brad as Joey fights for his life.

  • Police interrogate their top suspect in the crime that has shocked the town.

  • A crime shocks the town of Maxine; the police identify a suspect.

  • Edward oversteps his authority in front of Steven and is reminded who the boss really is.

  • Natalie waits for news about Joey while the police try to locate Alex's baby.

  • In a fit of desperation, Alex leaves home and takes matters into her own hands.

  • Alex discovers a grizzly scene. Back at the precinct, Eddie's thirst for power continues to grow, as he openly threatens to cause problems for the rookie cop Andrew unless he stops meddling in Eddie's corrupt business affairs.

  • Lushion confesses a secret.

  • An evil alliance is formed.

  • Julius receives an unexpected disappointment.

  • Lushion vows to fight corruption.

  • Lushion searches for a piece of evidence.

  • Eddie has a dispute with a nurse.

  • Alex realizes the intensity of Randal's evil.

  • Randal seeks out Alex and Brad.

  • Kelly tries to protect Alex.

  • Randal questions his wife about her unfaithfulness.

  • In the fourth season premiere, an ambush has catastrophic results.

  • Edward plans out something vicious.

  • Because of his betrayal, Brad taunts Randal.

  • Brad surprises Alex with something terrible.

  • Eddie and Ben go forward with plans to take down their enemies.

  • Marcie gains an unexpected ally; Faun tries to reconcile with Natalie.

  • Randal's wife and mother deal with their conflicted feelings.

  • Randal finds out that karma does exist.

  • Louise gives up information about Randal's attraction to blonde women with blue eyes.

  • Alex dreams of how her affair with Randal started.

  • The ladies show support for Alex as she deals with giving birth.

  • As Marcie struggles with her and Randal's relationship, a surprise lies ahead.

  • In the aftermath of the Burger Fast shooting, Edward expresses his love to Esperanza, and Natalie tells Lushion that she wants him to quit the force.Elsewhere, Marcie overhears Alex telling Kelly that Randal won't leave her alone, so Marcie taunts Alex by telling her that she is going to sleep with Brad as often as she can.In the dramatic final moments, Alex goes into labor and has her baby early. Kelly, Natalie and Esperanza rush to the hospital to check on their friend

  • Travis makes a play for Kelly after he visits her house and she finds herself feeling tempted. Lushion finds Edward following a shooting.

  • Edward is the target of an act of revenge. Quan finds it hard to pay back the debt he owes.

  • Marcie learns from Randal that he is the father of Alex's unborn baby.

  • Kelly rushes Alex to the hospital when some pain leads her to worry about her baby. The doctor says they're both fine, but Brad causes a stir when he asks for a paternity test.Faun convinces her father to give Joey his job back, but Natalie suspects she may have ulterior motives.Brad sheds his virtue when he agrees to lie to the police for Eddie.Marcie finally comes home to rub her fictitious affair in Randal's face, but Randal returns fire with an admission that's even more hurtful.

  • Eddie realizes he may be in for trouble when Randal shows up at the police station with a lawyer. In response, Eddie steps up his intimidation tactics.Meanwhile, a tough decision looms for Lushion: Will he maintain his integrity and tell the truth about Eddie, or will he cover up his partner's crimes and keep his job?Alex tries to get answers from Brad, but Brad appears to be finished with their marriage and asks his lawyer to draw up divorce papers.Marcie serves up divorce papers of her own to Randal. When he refuses to sign them, however, she works hard to make him regret it.

  • The neighborhood is abuzz after shots are heard from Randal's backyard and police arrive to survey the scene. Eddie and Lushion quickly take over the investigation.Natalie and Esperanza comfort Alex but have little luck in doing the same for Brad.Kelly comes to the rescue when Marcie suffers an emotional breakdown on the job.Meanwhile, Lushion struggles to rein in his partner when Eddie resorts to extreme measures to punish Randal.

  • Alex's affair with Randal is exposed and Kelly, Natalie and Esperanza attempt to comfort her.

  • Marcie has found out the truth about Randal's affair and makes a scene at Brad's birthday party.

  • Kelly helps Marcie figure out Peppa's true identity to distract herself.

  • Natalie ends up pointing the finger at Joey after the Burger Fast is robbed. Marcie discovers that her husband has been sneaking off with a woman named Peppa.

  • Alex finds out she is further along in the pregnancy then what she originally believed.

  • Kelly decides to sell her house after learning about Travis' engagement. Marcie and Brad start to become suspicious of their spouses following game night.

  • Alex and Brad decide to host a game night.

  • Alexa tries to prove the paternity of her baby.

  • Travis returns from Haiti and has a surprise for Kelly. Esperanza learns that Julius' father is the head of a cartel in Colombia.

  • When Alex reveals she is pregnant, Brad's suspicions of her cheating are put on hold. Brad and Alex help Kelly move into her new home.

  • Edward finds out who Esperanza's new man is. Kelly buys a new home.

  • Randal is distracted by his affair with Alex his wife's best friend and their neighbor.

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