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Iyanla, Fix My Life is a prime time reality television show produced by the Oprah Winfrey Network (OWN). Featuring relationship expert, author and self-help guide, Iyanla Vanzant, the series is designed as a self-help program. The focus of the show is to assist Americans in overcoming various challenges in their lives.

Episodes focus upon specific problems that are posed by each guest or group of guests. Pre-taped production recordings that were shot at guest homes, along with interviews provide the basis of commentary for the show. Host Iyanla provides advice after listening to and analyzing each guest's concerns. She then attempts to bring peace to each specific situation.

Using a decidedly grounded approach, Iyanla speaks in soothing, encouraging tones to make meaningful contact with each guest in the most effective way she can. With a distaste for any lack of authenticity, she insists that her guests be willing to shed all airs. The interventions involve distilling down to core principles through truth-telling presentations.

While most all of Ms. Vanzant's guests are not celebrities, the first show features a perfectly dressed newlywed, Evelyn Lozado. Just days after marrying football star Chad Johnson, she sought out Iyanla to help her with mounting problems in her new marriage. Ms. Lozada had accused her husband of physical abuse after an explosive argument. The second part of the first episode was actually filmed directly after the accusation was made. Mr. Johnson had made a not guilty plea down to a misdemeanor battery charge.

In later episodes, Iyanla attempts to tie family members together with actual string in order to illustrate how familial bonds may work. She then cuts it with scissors to make the point concerning abandonment issues. Later episodes feature Iyanla showing a mother how to hug her child, whom she had abandoned in the past.

Each episode features a different familial or relationship issue to be confronted.

The goal of each show is to reach for the best situation of every guest by focusing upon what makes their life more meaningful. Viewers are invited to learn from participant's mistakes and encouraged to have their own hard conversations in their lives.

At the close of each episode, updates are provided so that viewers may assess how each guest has progressed since the original filming date.

Saturday 10:00 PM et/pt on OWN
6 Seasons, 61 Episodes
June 2, 2012
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Iyanla, Fix My Life Full Episode Guide

  • Conclusion. Terrance chooses whether to stay or bow to his wife's wishes and depart. Also: Louis Gossett Jr. speaks at the graduation event.

  • Part 2 of 3. Fatherhood is the topic with six men who are assisting with issues of the heart.

  • Iyanla summons six men into a House of Healing to help repair the black man’s heart.

  • Iyanla labors with a mom of four whose life is in disarray after winning a the lottery.

  • Iyanla helps to heal the Henry family, who are in crisis.

  • Conclusion: Iyanla works with eight women who've been labeled "angry black women."

  • Part 3 of 4. Iyanla works with eight women who've been labeled "angry black women."

  • Part 2 of 4. Iyanla talks with eight ladies who've been labeled "angry black women."

  • Part 1 of 4. The Season 6 opener features Iyanla helping eight women who've been called "angry black women."

  • Iyanla helps a past Olympic figure skater, Debi Thomas, who is struggling.

  • Many assist a family terrified by domestic violence.

  • Iyanla counsels a lady who must bring up her grandson because of her daughter's immature and thoughtless behavior.

  • Iyanla assists a pair of sisters who are co-dependent. She also helps one of them with her addiction problem.

  • An ex model gets assistance with her habit for dangerous butt injections that are hurting her health and relationships.

  • Gay men must finally confess to their families. Part three.

  • Gay men must finally confess to their families after years of secrets and lies.

  • Iyanla travels to Louisville, Kentucky, to help two pastors whose true identities as gay men have been shrouded by years of lies, secrets and deception. The time has come for both to be true to themselves, while taking the very difficult step of coming out to those closest to them, including their families, a wife in denial and even an entire congregation.

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