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  • 2004
  • 3 Seasons

American Muscle Car is a television series that aired on the SPEED network. The show is a celebration of American muscle cars and the automotive legends behind them. Each episode of the series explores the history of a specific muscle car, from its inception to its continued popularity with collectors and enthusiasts alike.

The series is hosted by Mike Musto, who is a veteran automotive journalist and enthusiast. Musto brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to the show, providing insightful commentary and analysis of each car that is highlighted.

Throughout the series, viewers are treated to a behind-the-scenes look at the muscle car industry, including interviews with designers, engineers, and other key figures involved in the creation and development of these high-performance machines. The show also features footage of rare and classic muscle cars in action, testing their limits on the open road and the race track.

One of the defining characteristics of American Muscle Car is its commitment to historical accuracy. Every car featured on the show is meticulously researched, with the team behind the series working tirelessly to ensure that every detail is accurate and true to the original design. This attention to detail helps to make the show a must-watch for both casual viewers and serious automotive enthusiasts alike.

Another key aspect of the series is its emphasis on the community of muscle car owners and enthusiasts. Each episode features interviews with owners and collectors who share their own personal stories and experiences with these iconic vehicles. This helps to provide a deeper understanding of the cultural significance of muscle cars in American society, and showcases the enthusiasm and passion that these cars inspire in their owners.

Overall, American Muscle Car is a fascinating and engaging series that explores the history and significance of some of the most iconic vehicles in American automotive history. With its knowledgeable host, stunning visuals, and commitment to historical accuracy, it is a show that will appeal to anyone with an interest in cars and the culture that surrounds them. Whether you're a die-hard muscle car fan or simply someone who appreciates fine engineering and design, this series is sure to deliver hours of informative and entertaining viewing.

American Muscle Car is a series that is currently running and has 3 seasons (45 episodes). The series first aired on January 15, 2004.

American Muscle Car
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Plymouth Roadrunner
14. Plymouth Roadrunner
Experts discuss one of the most unusual American high performance vehicles, a little car named after a cartoon character that packed a big punch.
Dodge Dart GTS
13. Dodge Dart GTS
Experts talk about the Dart and the Hemi Dart, moderately priced muscle cars that competed with some of Detroit's high-priced power vehicles.
The SLP Cars
12. The SLP Cars
Car executives and experts talk about SLP, which makes modifications that turn high performance cars into emissions-compliant, street legal vehicles.
The Hurst Cars
11. The Hurst Cars
Linda Vaughn and car historians talk about colorful visionary George Hurst, whose floor-mounted gear shifters and wheel mounts are still in use today.
The Saleen Mustangs
10. The Saleen Mustangs
The development of the fastest, most expensive Mustangs, developed by passionate builder Steve Saleen, is lovingly described by car aficionados.
Boss 302 & 429 Mustangs
9. Boss 302 & 429 Mustangs
Classic car experts show and explain the transformation of the super popular, stylish 1960s Mustang to the "Boss" muscle models of the late 1970s.
Dodge Viper
8. Dodge Viper
The Dodge Muscle Car Division's iconic Viper is put through its paces as experts discuss its history and show how it has evolved over the years.
Dodge Charger
7. Dodge Charger
Experts talk about the Charger, a completely new concept in marrying high performance to luxury, with a sloping roof that was revolutionary in 1966.
The Ramchargers
6. The Ramchargers
Original members of the 1950s drag racing club, the Ramchargers, recollect how their group of Chrysler engineers changed the company and the sport.
Chrysler 300
5. Chrysler 300
In 1955, Chrysler introduced the 300 "letter cars," heavy vehicles turned stylish and high performance by designer Bob Rogers and remade in the 1990s.
1968-2001 Corvette
4. 1968-2001 Corvette
The later history of the Corvette, America's best sports car, is discussed by experts who admire its high performance standards and updating styling.
The Copo Cars
3. The Copo Cars
The Copo Camaro came equipped with the powerful 427ci engine, enough muscle to take the racetrack and dominate the competition.
Chevrolet El Camino & Ford Ranchero
2. Chevrolet El Camino & Ford Ranchero
Were they cars or were they trucks? It didn't matter because the big blocks inside the popular El Camino and Ranchero cars were nothing but muscle.
Ford Thunderbird
1. Ford Thunderbird
In 1955, the Ford Thunderbird took the automotive world by storm, outselling even the Corvette to become one of the most popular cars ever made.
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American Muscle Car is available for streaming on the SPEED website, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch American Muscle Car on demand at Amazon Prime, Amazon, Google Play, Tubi TV and Pluto TV.
  • Premiere Date
    January 15, 2004